Nintendo has released two more commercials in anticipation for the release of Skyward Sword next week.  One of them features a return appearance by long-time Zelda fan and now Zelda commercial veteran, Robin Williams.  The second is currently airing in the UK, and shows more gameplay, but no Robin.  Check both of them out after the jump!

Regardless of where you live, Skyward Sword is only about a week away from release (Europe gets it the earliest, on November 18, and Australia gets it on the 24th–everyone else is in the middle).  Are your hype levels reaching dangerous proportions, yet?

Source:  YouTube (via Zelda Dungeon).
  • the first dude


  • dar-triforce


    • dark-triforce

      name flub

  • Hyped

    I watched finngamer's unboxing of the European Special Edition along with these commercials and I can safely say my body is ready for Friday.

    • mcdude910

      God, I hope people got reference!

  • Ashmic

    robin williams please go away lol

    • prada

      I agree, why are people so caught up with him?

      • mcdude910

        People are so caught up with him because he is a famous actor that is great at getting publicity. He is a huge fan of the Zelda series, enough to name his daughter after the princess. He loves doing it and it raises sales. What more do you want?

        • rookie

          Alright, I guess we're the only ones who care for Robin Williams, mcdude910.
          Very unfortunate…

    • Dark Link

      I agree. You got the Zelda fans that get annoyed with him and his 1000 times more annoying daughter, and the Zelda fans that kiss his ass because he's famous and named his daughter Zelda.

      • mcdude910

        Well, notice my six pluses and your four minuses and tell me who's the minority.

        • Nelo

          We catching pokemon, now?
          I kid, I kid.

          Well, I got nothing against the guy, but I liked the beard better — made him kinda look like santa but with the face of the guy who was trapped in the Jumanji jungle.

          Either way you look at it, it's a publicity stunt, yes, but it's also made through a fan… Could've been any other actor, but he's a fan. Kindly remember that if any of you ever reaches fame in a sector Nintendo might feel close to.

  • Kodaiaku

    Oh my gods. Yes. Robin Williams is pure win. Also, this doesn’t help my year+ anticipation. Gaaaah, do want now!

  • eklfjklajl

    Robin is coolest, but that's not the best commercial.

  • This is my favorite SS Robin Williams commercial so far.

  • mariah

    He got rid of the super awesome beard! I loved that beard!

    • Same here! In one of the other commercials, he shaves it because he lost a Zelda "bet" with his daughter, Zelda.

    • Zelda3607


      • rookie

        I never did like that beard, but I cannot deny that it was awesome.

  • Xanox

    6 more days America! 🙂

  • Blizzeta93

    . . . i think my mind just exploded. ITS TOO AWESOME!!

  • The Cozmologist

    Where's Australia's TV commercial? I mean, I thought they'd have one on now, since over here it's 8 days away now…

  • Zachattack8888

    I love Robin Williams!! I love that Nintendo is having Robin and Zelda "sponsor" SS too!! This is fantastic!! So excited!!

  • Vic George

    Darn, Robin Williams, now you have to get serious?

  • Gerudude

    I've got two daughters. I'm gona rename them both Skyward and Sword.

    • Zachattack8888

      If you do that I'll give you 5 cents!!! I'd give you more but…. I don't have a job…
      I'll get back to you on that. xD

      • Gerudude


    • rookie

      HAHAHAHA! Very productive conversation you guys…and awesome poke`mon, LOZ crossover name, Gerudude!

  • Anon

    He… sure got a lot older .__.

  • miforever29

    Commercials are getting me excited! Wait has me squirming though… the 24th is soooooo far away!

  • Rem

    Almost Friday, Almost Friday, Almost Friday, ALMOST FRIDAY! CAN'T WAIT WOOOOO!

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