Gamers worldwide can purchase the special limited edition set of Skyward Sword, which contains a golden, Zelda-themed Wii remote and a soundtrack CD containing tracks from Zelda’s 25th anniversary concert series.  However, European players get a special treat that the rest of the world won’t see.  While everyone else’s CD is packaged in the same case as the actual game, this version holds it in a special casing, seen above.  A small but nice touch – international Zelda fans are sure to be jealous of their European counterparts.  Check out the video after the jump, which also showcases the other items from the limited edition box set.

Something else mentioned in the video was that, although the CD only contains eight tracks from the concert, some of the medleys are over ten minutes long.  This is a great reassurance to anyone worried that the CD wouldn’t do the series justice.  European gamers, be on the lookout for the release of Skyward Sword next week!  For the rest of us, what do you think–do you wish that the rest of the world had this special CD casing?

Source:  GoNintendo.