Gamers worldwide can purchase the special limited edition set of Skyward Sword, which contains a golden, Zelda-themed Wii remote and a soundtrack CD containing tracks from Zelda’s 25th anniversary concert series.  However, European players get a special treat that the rest of the world won’t see.  While everyone else’s CD is packaged in the same case as the actual game, this version holds it in a special casing, seen above.  A small but nice touch – international Zelda fans are sure to be jealous of their European counterparts.  Check out the video after the jump, which also showcases the other items from the limited edition box set.

Something else mentioned in the video was that, although the CD only contains eight tracks from the concert, some of the medleys are over ten minutes long.  This is a great reassurance to anyone worried that the CD wouldn’t do the series justice.  European gamers, be on the lookout for the release of Skyward Sword next week!  For the rest of us, what do you think–do you wish that the rest of the world had this special CD casing?

Source:  GoNintendo.
  • I'm going to be so excited unboxing my bundle!

  • Gerudude

    Haha. Glad to be European. And more than glad that I went for the limited edition. But when I first read the headline, I thought we would get a golden nunchuk aswell.
    Nevertheless, this is very nice.
    Only 4 more days to go.

  • falconfetus8

    So what? It's just a little more cardboard. Not jealous at all, really :/

  • Baker1000

    Damn, I was hoping the game box itself was sealed as if you bought it separately. You see, I accidentally ordered both versions but I don't know which one will arrive first. If it's the bundle, great! I can send the other copy back unopened and get a refund. If the single copy comes first it means I can either open it and play it, but lose a refund, or wait an agonising extra day to play it whilst a brand new unopened copy sits taunting me.

  • theguy

    i prefer the cd in the game box!

  • jimmed

    some good parts of being European…4 days left!

    I am from L to the I to the NK

    i am navi and i am navigate!

    I m sheik to the beat and i am a dude from this route…;/

    • Gerudude


  • Zachattack8888

    But…. but…. but….. I want tooooooo. :c

  • Jacopo

    I'm european and this package is good because is reserved to us. How ever I think I'll keep the CD casing in the game box, which in turn will probably be in the limited edition packaging.

    So, cool, but nothing compared to the actual game.
    ohhhh god :Q_____________________

  • Merq

    My first thought when he started talking: Is this guy Finnish? And yes, his YouTube username is Finngamer (and it says he's from Finland on his channel). Haha, I know what we sound like when we speak English ^^

    This is nice. I can keep the CD where CD's go, instead of with the game.

  • ChuChu8


  • AwesomeTingle

    Only eight songs did make me a little upset at first. But I'm guessing the symphonic movements are 10 min + , so all is well!

  • HeroofTime

    Damn you Europe T_______T


    cool i can't wait to play i have to finish off my preorder i have 20 dollars left and i have it in the form of a 10 dollar bill and a 10 dollar coupon thing i got from using my edge card rewards points

  • TheMaverickk

    I know I would've liked something more special done for the Special Edition.

    For example the premium casing used for the Metroid Prime collection. That nice hard collectible disc case is beautiful. To me this would've been a no brainer for the limited Edition Skyward Sword release.

    Sadly we just get a regular Wii box… I mean it's wonderful to get the golden wii remote… but then again no gold nunchuck to match? it will look fugly to use it. Even if I could buy a gold nunchuck it would be awesome.

    Otherwise I can be happy just to play the game 🙂

    • Soulless Creature

      Yeah they should have made a golden nunchuck.

  • brad

    looks like europe doesn't get the shiny cover on the actual game case.