Skyward Sword reviews have been rolling in regularly over the past few days, and out of 26 professional reviews, Metacritic is so far reporting an average review score of 95 (to put that in context, even in Metacritic’s full records which span multiple generations and game systems there are only about 20 games that are currently higher). There are still a lot of reviews left to go but still, Skyward Sword looks well on track to being one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time.

There are too many reviews to fully cover here (26 so far and going up by the day), but if you’d like to take a look at them, the full list of professional reviews is available here. There are a fair few 10’s, some 9’s and some 8’s, with no reviews giving the game below an 8 so far.

Unfortunately, drama over review scores seems to be inevitable for any and every game with a fanbase (those who have been around in the fan community for a while may remember The Great Twilight Princess 8.8 Gamespot Review Apocalypse), so let me tackle this in advance: while you may disagree with some of these scores, for a review to actually be a review it has to be, to an extent, based on the personal opinion of the reviewer. A perfectly objective review would just read “Skyward Sword is a game” – the subjective thoughts and impressions of the reviewer are neccessary to create a review.

As such, in every batch of reviews there is a varying range of opinions, which may lead to some of the scores being lower than fans would like, but also helps to create a good balance of praise and critique, which come together to create a thorough overall look at the game. In this case, the signs are looking very good that Skyward Sword will be one of the best games we have seen in a long time.

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