Skyward Sword’s Japanese website has gotten a minor update today. The screen capture as seen above, shows Nintendo’s focus on the new motion controls for Skyward Sword.

Nintendo has put together a great collection of video clips and animations to show how you must swing your sword in a variety of situations. This tutorial and example will be of great help for newcomers to the series and anybody who may have trouble adjusting to the motion controls.

However, I do not think this should be a problem for most people. So far reviews have been stating that Skyward Sword’s controls are very easy to adjust to.

Source: Japanese Skyward Sword Site
  • Merq

    I got to play the demo yesterday, and it was NOT easy! xD (at DigiExpo, Finland)

    I had only like ten minutes with the game so obviously I'm not going to learn the controls in that time. I was also way too exited about finally playing it to pay any attention to what I should be doing. It wasn't the motion controls giving me trouble though, it was the different way the items are used and swapped. Waving the sword around was pretty simple, but after a decade of doign the same thing to use items and menus, I was repeatedly doing it wrong with the demo 😀

    It was awesome anyway! And it's almost here!!

  • Just think about yourself actually swinging a sword to deflect or strike whatever's before you and that'll be attuned in your mind soon enough. Same with the other items, such as aiming the bow or guiding the Beetle.

    • Merq

      If you meant that at me: Swinging the sword or aiming and stuff wasn't the problem, the buttons were. Opening the item menus and using the selected items, I can't remember which button did what anymore, but I messed up all the time. It was confusing, being used to the old games and how they work. But yeah the motion controls are pretty easy to grasp.

  • Stef

    Why cant i see videos on my ipad ? Its annoying.. Nice website and all but it aint working right