Gaming website Kotaku recently captured the Story Opening for Skyward Sword on video. Warning, this article contains major spoilers!

Ah, the famous Story Opening, the first encounter in every Legend of Zelda game. This video opens with the new menu, and starting a new game. After a new game is selected and your character name is entered, the Story Opening takes place.

We open with a forest, the screen is dark, and suddenly a giant black monster can be seen stomping through. The monster lets out a scream and the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary logo Appears, cutting to another scene.

Suddenly, we are soaring through the skies with two Skyloft birds. Princess Zelda can be seen in her courtyard, playing her harp, and singing a tune, when one of the birds swoop down, and she places a sealed envelope in its beak, and the bird takes off to deliver the envelope.

The screen blacks out once more and Link appears. Ominous music is heard, and the monster screams. Suddenly, there is a purple light, and a voice calling to Link “…The time has come for you to awaken…” The monster screams once more, Link gasps again, and a Skyloft bird startles him out of his dream.

Link opens his eyes, looks around the room, and the bird spits a letter at him. It is a letter from Princess Zelda, asking Link to meet her before the Wing Ceremony that morning. Finally the player is put in control of Link.

Here is the video:

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Source: Kotaku
Via: Skyward Sword Youtube Channel
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