Gaming website Kotaku recently captured the Story Opening for Skyward Sword on video. Warning, this article contains major spoilers!

Ah, the famous Story Opening, the first encounter in every Legend of Zelda game. This video opens with the new menu, and starting a new game. After a new game is selected and your character name is entered, the Story Opening takes place.

We open with a forest, the screen is dark, and suddenly a giant black monster can be seen stomping through. The monster lets out a scream and the Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary logo Appears, cutting to another scene.

Suddenly, we are soaring through the skies with two Skyloft birds. Princess Zelda can be seen in her courtyard, playing her harp, and singing a tune, when one of the birds swoop down, and she places a sealed envelope in its beak, and the bird takes off to deliver the envelope.

The screen blacks out once more and Link appears. Ominous music is heard, and the monster screams. Suddenly, there is a purple light, and a voice calling to Link “…The time has come for you to awaken…” The monster screams once more, Link gasps again, and a Skyloft bird startles him out of his dream.

Link opens his eyes, looks around the room, and the bird spits a letter at him. It is a letter from Princess Zelda, asking Link to meet her before the Wing Ceremony that morning. Finally the player is put in control of Link.

Here is the video:

What did you think of the Story Opening? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Kotaku
Via: Skyward Sword Youtube Channel
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  • Aikun2012

    Awesome post btw… haha

    • EraZ3712

      (Sorry, I'm having some trouble posting comments on ZU. The "Post" button doesn't work, so I replied to a comment. is it cause I'm using Chrome?")

      Wow….. now that I've listened to some CLEAR and direct music from the game itself….
      My expectations/excitement/etc. just weint <Infinite 1UP Glitch>.

      I'm pretty sure people are going to start a fuss about what Zelda was singing (I don't recall Nintendo saying Zelda had the same "random speech" as Fi does, but why not? ^^

      The harp sounds amazing. Period.
      I love how you instantly get the feeling that Zelda and LInk have a close relationship already simply from the letter. "Alarm Clock"? In those days? Hehe~~~

  • Nate

    Ok, so I'm guessing The Imprisoned is the main villain of this game..

    • The Imprisoned as seen in the intro video will be but a weakened state to the true "villain." I believe most here have already seen the stronger form.

      • TheMaverickk

        I didn't mean to discover that "stronger" form… but needless to say…. I can't un-see it now

        It was the kind of spoiler I was actually avoiding, but then stumbled upon it when I heard they had the official art for that mysterious Sheikah character.

        Still I'm sure it won't ruin my surprise in the game, or ruin the the story elements associated with it.

  • I love how it moves from a darker beginning into the softer tone, and with Zelda singing at that! A very beautiful start to Hyrule's earliest known story!

  • Ashmic

    I still think its ganon : ]

    new screenshots and artwork ! feat. zelda in white gown

    • TheMaverickk

      Oh man… I came upon those new pieces of artwork as well…. can we say MASSIVE spoiler… I don't think it's Ganon… but it looks like a Final Boss to me.

      I think this Imprisoned guy is the final boss, and I think he's purely a demon King of sorts. I'll leave it at that.

      • Ashmic

        well he manifests into that demon in the character art

  • ChainofTermina

    ……………is that Japanese? the voices? the singing? that stuff you can here, that almost sounds like Japanese. so, what, the Japanese version of Zelda DOES have voice acting?

    • Cam

      They are Japanese voice actors so even if they are singing made up words, it will still sound a bit Japanese. No there is no voice acting (like actual dialogue), just voice samples.

    • Draik41895

      From what I can tell, Zeldas song was Japanese, I could recognize a few words, but Fi was speaking gibberish

  • TheMaverickk

    Again 80% of the opening has actually already been shown in trailers… I think the E3 2011 trailer used the majority of that footage.

    Still it's great to see it without the cuts. The animation is amazing as far as I'm concerned. It's very fluid, and certainly don't mind the text boxes.

  • This game will destroy OoT's history. Kokiri clothes aren't "Kokiri" anymore after Skyward Sword. In OoT, that sword was used by an ancient hero. "Ancient". Not so ancient anymore. But I hope it will be a good game.

    • Leendy

      Actually, There are Kokiri in this game and to honor Link after he does something for them (Nothing further has been told about what he does for them), they start wearing clothes like him. Which starts the whole Green Tunic thing in OOT. Also, it might seem ancient to the people in the time of OOT because this takes place before Hyrule was formed and created into a country. (:

  • Gromalomalom

    The music sounds so BEAUTIFUL at the beginning! I know I'm wrecking it for myself by watching this, BUT OH WELL.

  • Jean D'eau

    It´s funny how little spoilerific the opening of the game is compared to all the stuff they already showed.


    AWSOME and i can theres gonna be some more funny parts in this zelda game just a few more days to go till awsomeness

    • zeldafann


  • fiercedeityfan

    I only wanted to see that black beast. I think hes awesome. I did not watch the whole thing. I already know too much about the game…

  • Happyfaceguy

    …No offense, but this was awfully slow. I saw this at the start of the week, how did you guys not know about this until now?

    • What? How do you know about this?

      • hyRULES

        Zelda They post everything that you see on here, and alot more, and alot earlier. Sorry ZU, still love ya tho

  • I didn't notice this until just now, but the title of this is "Skward Sword" instead of "Skyward Sword". Don't mean to spam comments, but I just thought I'd let you guys know. To keep this comment from being completely spam though, I can't wait until this game comes out! Only 16 more days (In US)

  • Matt

    Well, you know how Gannondorf has a stronger version of him, Gannon? Well I think this black monster is the stronger form of Ghirahim.

  • Oxling

    Didn't see all of it (got to the opening video and wanted to see the rest the first time I played it). But ti looks very cinematic compared tot other LoZ games (which I , personally like).