Continuing on with the growing excitement for the release of Skyward Sword, more official artwork has been leaked hot off the press.

This new batch of official Skyward Sword artwork shows brand new information on several items and characters, such as *spoiler*, *spoiler* and *spoiler*. As you may have guessed, there are spoilers after the jump.

Unnamed Sheikah


The Imprisoned One


The Master Sword


New Bow



More items and characters from Skyward Sword can be found at the source!

Source: Nintendo Everything.

  • djoftime

    Okay so gannon is back?! πŸ™

    • CodyDavies

      That's not Ganon :3

      • lootic

        Its the fishy scaly thing that we up until now hasnt seen with arms!

        • Poe

          It quite clearly is, the sideburns, the red hair, the black mans nose the huge rippling muscles. That is Ganon all right.

          • erik destler


          • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

            Except it's been confirmed that Ganon will not be appearing in SS, but the game WILL be explaining why he did what he did in OoT.

          • Ashmic

            did they say ganon, or ganon-dorf

          • TheMaverickk

            It's not Ganon/dorf…. the resemblance is obviously for a reason, but itself is not Ganon. It is probably the Demon King, the embodiment of evil,and it probably has a different name then Ganon/dorf.

            Who knows maybe this guy has some connection to what created Ganondorf… maybe it's his ancestor… or where Ganondorf gets his magical powers from.

            Remember that Ganondorf is some sort of a wizard/magical being, which is kind of weird considering the Gerudo don't seem to have any magical powers themselves (although Twinrova do).

            This being and entity may be where Ganondorf got his magical abilities from. Which in turn tainted his desire for power.

            Who knows, at this point it's all speculation.

      • thedoctor

        It is.

  • fiercedeityfan


    • TheMaverickk

      It's also the same create as that giant beast with a huge mouth and big black scales πŸ˜›

  • Namcoking

    Interesting that this villain has an "evil" version of the Master Sword….

    • Alessandra

      Wow I didn’t notice that until you pointed that out! This is going to be a very very interesting fun game.

  • The Impa artwork is absolutely gorgeous<3

    • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

      Link to a post that confirms the lady as being Impa? Closest I know of right now is my theory that she is indeed Impa, but IDK if it was ever confirmed.

  • Skylink

    I think that that creature IS Ghirahim's master, The Imprisoned other form. If you look at the imprisoned you will notice there is a stone sword in his head, then look at the monster, he has a silver scar on his head, he also has the same scales as the imprisoned. I think the imprisoned has a imprisoned master or something.
    This actually could be Ghirahim, let me explain this theory; the monster is a fusion between the imprisoned and Ghirahim. Ghirahim steals the power of the imprisoned. Also I think that the Evil Master Sword is Ghirahim's, I think he is trying to upgrade his sword throughout the game to! That might be a corrupted sword. Maybe he tried to make a Master Sword, but he corrupted it!
    Just some thoughts!



  • Ben

    ;O His sword is awesome.

  • danielle

    It's covering his real sword, if you know what I mean… hehe

  • Ashmic

    I hope thats ganon (not ganon-dorf the human)

    • Ashmic

      oh yeah its obviously someone corrupt, the triforce on his sword is upside down, and if it was ganon, which i think it is, he has a convenient mark where the jewel would be on human ganondorf?

      I'm almost convinced its the Demon Ganon

      • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

        While it would be interesting for "Demon Ganon" to exist, there's insufficient canon evidence to support his existence being separate from Ganondorf from OoT, who has been confirmed to not be appearing in SS.

        • Ashmic

          u can't always use evidence from previous games, look at OoT, this game has high technology and its a prequel to OoT, u never know

  • Unbelievable! A sheikan, a monster, the Skyward Sword and the bow.

  • RagingWendigo

    Did someone take note that the triforce on the scale monster's sword is red and upside down?

  • The Postman

    That black beastly man looks awesome!! And I believe it is Ganon! Because he has a scar on his forehead from where he (it seems) had a sword attached before he transformed into that.

    Maybe the sword is what imprisoned him. And so the Ganondorf we know protected the scar with the jewel he has had.
    And that reminds me one thing! In Wind Waker Link stabbed the master sword into Ganon's forehead and that made him turn to stone… Interesting….

    • Exziron

      If it was Ganon (which it’s not) then he wouldn’t be able to be the same Ganondorf from after wind Waker, since this game is WAY WAY WAAAAAY before Wind Waker even occurred.

  • erik destler

    this occurred before wind waker tho…………….

    • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

      Time travel's been shown to occur, maybe that's how it happened?

  • somecrazyguy

    so anyone you know who says that skyward sword looks like a kiddy game because the graphics are cartoony, show em this new flaming haird dude. that will shut em up!

    • TheMaverickk

      And probably spoil it for them in the process πŸ˜›

      I think that's the best twist. You think it's all light hearted and whimsical till you are toe to toe with this guy.

  • beatleman95

    ok first off that has to be ganon and 2nd taht looks like it might be dark link because i heard that he was going to be in zelda ss too so it might be dark link or some one we know from the past games

  • The Imprisoned One is the awesomest villain I've ever seen in the series.

  • Corvus

    My wii broke a couple days a go so now I'm franticly trying to fix it before the release!

  • KyleLink

    GANON!! With a Dark Master Sword? πŸ˜€

  • neos

    i do not think this guy with a flaming head is ganon or ganondorf. i think it will be much more than that. oh wait maby thats the imrpisond ones true form and he teams up with ghirahim. so thats just an idea. but i dont think its ganondorf because ocarana of time was really the game that gave ganondorf a story. what i think the time line should be like from what i know is. ss, oot, mm, ww, ph, st, on the child side and on the adult side. ss, oot, … tp, … thats what i have so far, but if skyward sword comes befour ocarana of time ganandorf cant be that old. maby this guy is ganandorfs father. who knows. but this is just my opinion.

  • morpheus

    It's definitely Ganon. Just a demonic past form of himself.

  • neos

    im still not sure about that. really how old can this guy be. ss is going to take place hunderds of years before oot so i just dont think its him. i forget if it was on zelda u or not but nintendo said this game will explain why ganondorf attacked hyrule and the royal familly. so no i really really dout that its him.

  • TheMaverickk

    It's kind of just annoying how many people have jumped on the "it's Ganon" conclusion.

    It's like people who thought Malladus was Ganon, because they have a similar beast form. Or assuming that the Lokomo Sword was the Master Sword.

    If there is one thing that people should know by now with Zelda games, is just because to things look similar…. doesn't mean they are the exact same thing.

    Sure the bad ass shares some slight visual similarities with Ganondorf's human form, but they also look very different. One's got flaming hair and scales all over his body. This has been said to have been a prequel repeatedly by Miyamoto, Aunoma and every other piece of press. Ganondorf didn't exist, and if he did he surely wouldn't be so beefy, and ripe with flame and glowing eyes.

    Also he's bearing an upside down Triforce on his blade. He seems to be the anti to the goddesses themselves. This could very be the equivalent of the devil in the world of Hyrule. The fact that his blade is marked like that suggests a huge diss to the relic representing the goddess'.

    I'm just saying personally I don't think it's Ganondorf.

  • Oh wow, those first two images are so spoilerific, and yet I don't even know what to make of them! This raises my hype to an all new level. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Keimori

    Ok, this sttles it, they need to Release an artbook for this game!

  • duh!

    Why is everyone assuming that it's ganon/dorf? GANON/DORF ISN'T IN SKYWARD SWORD.

  • Eternal Legend

    The watercolour artworks of Skyward Sword are just the best in the series so far.

  • Twilit_Dragon

    People that think "Ganon" is in it and keep saying it are idiots and retarded and don't pay attention that the storyline is before Ocarina Of Time

    • MoronOfTime

      I couldn't have worded it better myself.

  • neos

    exactly this guy is not ganon or ganondorf. there is no way it can be him it just wont work .