ZREO, one of our affiliates, has been orchestrating tracks from the Zelda series for years.  Now, they are working on their most ambitious project yet:  creating over three hours of never-before released music from Twilight Princess.  For the past three years they’ve been raising funds and compiling their 90-piece orchestra and choir, and now they’re nearly done.  With the choir recording expected to be completed in late-December of this year or early January 2012, the full compilation is expected to be released a few months later.  This three disc CD set is something that any fan of Zelda music will not want to miss.

Yesterday, ZREO released a transcript from an interview about the project, revealing much about the upcoming months and what the final product will feature.  Read on to see the full text and find out where you can learn more about Zelda Reorchestrated and their music.

Q. Will Twilight Symphony be consecutive 2 hours or are the tracks separated?
A. Eric [Project Director]:  First, I want to correct you that it’s not two hours, it’s actually over three hours now!  Most of the tracks are going to be separated, but some of them are going to be corrected somehow.
Wayne [Music Director]:  We’re setting it up to tell the story sequentially.

Q. What song posed the greatest challenge in reorchestrating?
A. Wayne:  The one I’m working on right now!  Which is the Throne Room. Really a pain in the butt!

Q. Will the “Don’t want you no more” trailer song be remade and included?
A. Eric:  It is, a little bit, just not in the way you might expect it, so listen for that.

Q. Once TPS is complete and released, will you go back to releasing individual songs every week or two?
A. Eric:  I’m leaning towards that we will be releasing songs on a regular basis again, and those will be from different games.

Q. Do you have a date for the choir recording of TPS?
A. Eric:  We don’t have a date, but we have a rough estimate that it’s going to be sometime this Winter, probably late December or early January, that’s what we’re shooting for.  We just have to make sure that works with everyone’s schedule and availability. It’s not for sure yet.

Q. Do you consider Twilight Symphony to be your greatest work, or not? If not, what is?
A. Wayne:  It better be! We’ve been on it for three years!
Eric:  TPS is the best work that ZREO has ever done, and it’s going to knock your socks off.
Wayne:  And if you’re not wearing socks, it will put them on for you, then knock them off!

Q. Will the CD release be in two discs?
A. Eric:  Yeah definitely!  There are over three hours of music, so it’s going to have to be pushed on to three discs now.

Q. So, after you finish TPS, are you guys gonna take a break, or are you gonna start another project?
A. Eric:  We’re not going to really take a break, but we’re going to promote the album for a little while to see how far we can take it.  There will be a break in the music, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to take a break from ZREO.  And we are going to be starting other projects, which we haven’t started working on yet.

Q. How much longer till you’re done with TPS?
A. Eric:  Everyone wants to know this! Basically, we have to record the choir first, then we have to do all of the final mixing and make all of the final release versions of the tracks.  It could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months after that.  We’re going to get it done as soon as we can, but there’s no way for us to give you an actual window of when it might be done.
Wayne:  We can literally count the number of arrangements left on one hand though.

Q. In your vocals for TPS, are you adding dynamic lyrics?
A. Wayne:  Yeah!  A lot of the songs use full lyrics. Castle Town being one of them.  Dark Lord Ganondorf has some pretty cool lyrics too.


If you want to learn more about Twilight Symphony, or listen to the dozens of already-released tracks  from the rest of the Zelda series, head on over to ZREO’s website.

Source:  Zelda Recorchestrated.
  • I wanted to add that the full "interview" (really, it was a full-fledged, live, 45-participant Q&A session) that this transcript is from is available in full (being 157 minutes or so long) for (free) viewing on ZREO's website! If you want to skip to the major questions (there are 92 of them), the player has a fancy system that has times marked for each question as the team displayed and discussed them. The first major question isn't until about 28 minutes in, though.

    P.S. I submitted that question about continuing with individual songs after TPS is released. Yeah.

    P.P.S. ZREO has raised about US$33,000 in donations since they opened their Kickstarter donations system back in April or so. They're still taking donations which count towards their donation incentives (listed on their website somewhere) until the choir recording date, which will be in January or February, apparently. So give them money!

    EDIT: Also, they are aboslutely NOT using a full orchestra!!! Most of the music will be computer-generated (very high-quality), but there will be soloists playing actual instruments, and most of the vocals will also be real–they will have an actual, full choir.

  • Their Ocarina of Time compilation was done very well. I'm expecting the Twilight Princess Symphony to be as good, if not better.

    • aeolus

      The OoT album isn't the same thing at all, if you didn't know. Twilight Symphony will be 578375873 times better, and is that much more elaborate, and uses live recordings, and of course a live choir.

  • Psyched to hear this! Though anytime people add lyrics and singing to zelda tunes……eh…kind of concerned about that part. But we'll see!

    • aeolus

      I think the lyrics will be either Latin or Italian, hopefully not English as that might come off as kind of corny. I know the music from when the bards play in Castle Town isn't English, and it sounds awesome

  • Jean D'eau

    Dark Lord Ganondorf with full epic choir lyrics?

  • weegee


  • jmoods

    they're using live recordings this time? Good. Kind of defeats the purpose of re-orchestrating something if it's just gonna be in midi still, imo.

  • anonymous

    Wow!Now I really feel slow, I was not, at all aware of the zelda tunes being made into a c.d.!Except, what about the lyrics, most of the zelda tunes don’t have any, so, a little skeptical about that, but still really excited!