After some recent additions to the Skyward Sword website, fans dug deep into it and were able to uncover a new map of the world of Skyward Sword. This appears to simply be the western half, without any names on the individual places themselves.

Hit the jump for the picture of the map itself, as well as my thoughts. Both the map and my thoughts could contain potential spoilers, so read and look at your own risk.

The area in the bottom left, to me, appears to resemble both Kakariko Village and Gerudo Desert from Twilight Princess. Due to the barren, broken look to the area as well as the yellow desert dominating the left, one could see connections to Kakariko Village from Twilight Princess, or even Colossus Desert and the Haunted Wasteland from Ocarina of Time.

The top area of the map sticks out to me as heavily resembling Death Mountain, both from Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess.

The bottom right area most closely resembles the Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time and Four Swords Adventures, Kokiri Forest from Ocarina of Time, Faron Woods from Twilight Princess, and even Lake Hylia from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. It appears to be a large mix of every forest seen in the Zelda series. There is also a rather large tree near the centre of the forest, suggesting the existence of the Deku Tree from Kokiri Forest.

Those are just my thoughts. Do with them what you will.

Source: ZeldaDungeon

    Faron Woods, Edlin Volcano, and Lanayru Desert! Sweet!


    And Skyloft above!

  • Gerudude

    Hm looks pretty much like Oot map. There wil definitely be a huge connection between SS and OoT, more than with the other titles I suspect.
    How sweet, just can't wait.

  • Huh…excluding Skyloft the placement of the provinces almost seems to signify the Triforce.

    • super-vaati

      and their names sound like the 3 goddesses!! :O

      • Leendy

        OMG BREAK THROUGH!!!!!!!! :DDDD

    • Blu_Lizalfos

      Hooray for sudden realization!!! But seriously, I do agree, and I love it!
      Also, is that a ship floating in sand? In earlier trailers we saw a vast lake of sorts in a very large desert (there was also a scene with a ship!). Is this the "water" we have been searching for?! Mega confusion! :S

    • rookie

      Sweet! I hope so!

      • rookie

        Great observation!

  • peppermintkisses2

    >This may suggest the existence of Gorons in this game.
    >The bottom right area most closely resembles […] Faron Woods from Twilight Princess

    Have you been living under a rock?

    • TheMaverickk


      We do already know the names of many of these locations;
      – Eldin Volcano
      – Faron Woods

      Not to mention the races that inhabit them.

      • A_LINK_IN_TIME

        Don't forget Lanayru Desert!

    • Jonah

      Naw, just been avoiding spoilers as heavily as possible. :3

  • Geographically, Hyrule has always been the same, and most likely will stay the same. Some games they just focus on some regions more than others.

    Snowy mountain range to the north,
    Volcanic range to the north east,
    River source to the east,
    Protected forest to the southeast,
    Primary lake to the southwest,
    Wasteland/Desert to the southwest/west,
    And then arid steppes to the west/northwest.

    This game shows that there is a secondary, smaller lake beyond the forest to the southeast.

    And thankfully, Skyward Sword helps to prove one of my longstanding theories: Termina is still Hyrule, just in an altered dream-world version of it. I've always felt that Majora's Mask takes place in a dream dimension similar to Link's Awakening. SS shows that before SS, OoT and forward, the desert wasteland was an ocean. Termina's dream qualities warp, and twist the geography of Hyrule. So the ocean is still intact, and there's no volcanic activity allowing the snowcapped range to expand, and the volcanic range to become barren.

  • Cimar of Turalis

    So, anybody else see Skyloft in the exact place where Hyrule Castle Town and the castle should be?

    • Yes, this is where the Market will be put. You can tell that Zora's river runs along the southeast border of Skyloft, right infront of where the castle walls would be. Though all Zelda games have the central town/castle region, they made sure to make this geographically consistent with a prequel to OoT.

      • rookie

        Yeah, I agree. Geographically, the placement makes perfect sense.

  • TheMaverickk

    The layout is very much similar to the layout we know from Ocarina of Time.

    The new portion of the map isn't that new, but the area which has been being shown over the last two months, the desert area….which oddly enough has switches that seem to alter space and time, and transforms the barren broken down wastes of the land into a renewed and revitalized portion. Mine cart starts working, tracks repair themselves, and grass regrows.

    I wonder if it will give a glimpse of what Gerudo desert may have been in the past. We already know Goron's exist in the game… I just wonder where they call home right now. Maybe they were nomadic before they settled in Death Mountain. Much like how they seem like nomads in Wind Waker.

    Anyways only 3 weeks till I get to find out what everything is.

    • I have a feeling that we won't see a ton of Gorons in the game, as I'm sure most of them were lost in the war before Skyloft. So it's highly possible that those left are nomadic, and sometime between SS and OoT, the volcanic region becomes dormant and the Mogmas either die off or relocate, and that will be when the Gorons begin to grow as a civilization again and take root on Death Mountain.

  • Ben

    So, is this the whole world map or just one part of it? Doesn't look that big to me.

    • Oblique


      • Ben

        Well, i didn't got to play it yet. Obviously I can't really say how it looks. I just measured it on the information that the game will be 50-100 hours long. But I dunno, maybe there are still parts uncovered up there we'll see.

        • This is the full world map. There will also of course be the sky world, as well as the "underworld" containing the dungeons. So all together, I think it will be big enough, but as you said no one will really know until we play it.

          • Ben

            Yeah, you're right. After looking at it again and considering the size Link would have on this map… okay, it looks bigger than I thought at first. I guess, I was just distracted by the size Skyloft has there

  • fiercedeityfan

    I say: Bottom right is Faron Woods and Lake Floria. The center tree is the forest dragons lair. The village in the forest area is the Kikwi village. A little to the left of the forest, is a weird area that i believe is called the Sealed Grounds. The spiral in it is where you fight that huge black-beast. In the intro video, it shows the 5 species in the game: Mogma, Goron, Parella, Kikwi, and another being who is anonymous. In the area all the way to the Left, that little tiny village is where those being live. Also, that gigantic hylian crest is the mirror of silent. The volcano is not death mountain, Its Eldin Volcano. The desert is the Desert Colossus. This is what I think.

  • The more references to OoT and TP, the better!

  • Skylink

    The map looks like the Triforce!

    • fiercedeityfan

      Wooooooooah!! I dint even see that!!!

  • I like this map. it looks the simple and interesting than the maps in the other games.

  • Jack

    It doesn't look like there is going to be a Hyrule field!!! I would like to walk between locations, travel the world!