GamePro Germany got their hands on a copy of Skyward Sword, and recently posted their review online.  It gives individual ratings for both graphics and sound, but the real soul of their preview is the massive list of spoilers, some major, others less so.  You can read them all after the jump, as well as see their review.

Beware of spoilers!

  • Skyward Sword taking place before Ocarina of Time is confirmed late in the game.
  • Link wakes up after hearing a strange voice say, “The time has come for you, the chosen one. Awaken!”
  • The receiving of the Skyward Sword is mimicked exactly through the player’s movements.
  • Skyloft and the Earth Realm are separated through a holy seal that you and your loftwing can’t break.
  • The goddess creates a portal, a green glowing pillar of light to link the two worlds.
  • The first place you travel to below the clouds is the Sealed Grove.
  • Link can carry a back-up shield incase one breaks.
  • Link also keeps an item stash in Skyloft.
  • The blacksmith will repair your shield for 10 rupees.
  • In this German review, locations like the Cave Sanctuary and Vulcan Temple are mentioned, but these may just be different names for temples we know of.
  • The beetle can be upgraded with a grappling arm that allows you to use the “Thorn plant” (bomb).
  • You can drop thorn plant bombs onto enemies or into cups to activate mechinisms.
  • The Earth Realm is divided into three main parts.  These are not connected areas, but separate parts of the map.
  • Visit Bamboo Island to break the record in bamboo slashing.
  • Deliver hot soup to a swordmaster in a race against the clock.
  • Travel across the whole world looking for “Jewels of Compassion” (crystallized human gratitude) to help a demon with his transformation into a human.
  • After about 15 hours, all three areas should be cleared.
  • That’s when the plot takes a serious twist that isn’t revealed.
  • The second half of the game has you looking for three “Divine Flames” to forge your sword.
  • Explore a second, previously unreachable area in each of the three main areas, thanks to the harp.
  • This also gives you access to a test in each of the areas.
  • Sneak through a location like in Phantom Hourglass.
  • Collect tears in the soul jar.
  • Complete the test to grab a scale of the water dragon, which gives you access to the new part of the area.
  • This allows you to visit Lake Floria in the Faron Woods.
  • These tests mean retracting steps through several dungeons.
  • The divine water dragon Faron will give you access to the fourth temple if you give him a bottle of holy water first.
  • This involves another trip to the Skyview Temple, where different puzzles and new enemies are waiting for you.
  • Dialog options don’t seem to really change what happens in the story.
  • Spot pedestrians in Skyloft or the creatures of the Earth Realm (like the wood dwellers known as the Kikwi) that have information relevant to the plot by the thought bubbles over their heads.
  • The Tower of Light at Skyloft lets you view the whole town
  • The reviewer finished up in about 40 hours

Graphics: 8/10
+ quirky, fitting comic style
+ impressive cutscenes
– flickering edges
– textures with few details

Sound: 9/10
+ offers everything from melancholic melodies to powerful sounds
+ familiar Zelda jingles
– samples instead of voice acting

Pros & Cons:
+ epic story
+ a lot of successful changes
+ userfriendly menus
+ brilliant controls
+ typical Zelda flair
+ huge areas
– no overworld map
– outdated technics

Unique Zelda-Magic! Link’s skybound adventure is a more than dignified good-bye present for the Nintendo Wii.

Final score:  93%.


There you have it.  Some of this information isn’t new, such as the lack of voice acting or the upgrade system.  However, there are several new and interesting developments, such as characters’ having thought bubbles and the receiving of the Skyward Sword mimicking the player’s movements (a big step-up for the Zelda series, if this happens cinematically).  One negative that wasn’t really confirmed until recently is that dialogue options don’t really affect the story, although that’s nothing new for the Zelda series.  Overall, GamePro gave us a ton of new information.  Which of these spoilers are you most excited about?

Source:  NeoGAF (via GoNintendo)
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  • guest

    Looks Epic!

  • The pros overmaster the cons in this review by a lot, I don't understand why they gave it a low score like that for such small details <.<

    • CodyDavies

      93% puts it in the top 1% of video games, it's by no means a low score. 😛

    • Santiago

      It sounds like they thought the game was amazing, but the graphics aren't good and it doesn't have voice acting. It would have probably would have gotten a 99 if it was made for the wii u/ps3/360 with full voice acting and HD, but those things don't matter, it's still one of the best games this gen (according to reviewers) and it's only losing points on trivial things.

  • Ashmic

    they need to say more about the plot

  • MoronOfTime

    "Travel across the whole world looking for “Jewels of Compassion” (crystallized human gratitude) to help a demon with his transformation into a human" – That sounds very interesting C:

  • Phantombane27

    Sounds great but why would you help a demon? Or is it like OoT were you unintentionally help Ganon.

    • Maxi G

      Uhm, it's a demon who wants to be human, it's not like he can help it? Gosh, they have feelings too, you know.

    • Personally, it reminded me of in Twilight Princess, when you search for Poes to change Jovani back to normal–more or a side-quest than a main plot thing. But, that's just me. (:

    • Lemurdragon

      It says you're helping the demon turn into a human. I'd rather deal with some random bloke than a demon, dunno about you.

    • maybe your trying to make the demon a human so u can kill him? since maybe he's undefeatable in his demon form?

  • How is no voice-acting a bad thing? I mean, voice-acting doesn't add anything to the game.

  • Sakume

    It just makes me want it more knowing it won't be out for a bit. How sad.

  • fiercedeityfan

    I researched so much about this game that I already knew practically all of the spoilers before I read this article! 🙂

  • Zeldaprincess654

    hey everyone I found this really cool shop on

    Etsy. They have some really neat Zelda inspired

    jewelry. Check it out!

    • yugyhdsefd

      old news is old, idiot

  • NintyLover

    What exactly does, “finished up in 40 hours” mean? I assume the main story?

    • Yes, but it seems they've added loads of content that should still reach the 50-100 hour mark with ease.

  • A lot of these are great updates, and some humorous such as "Link keeps an item stash in Skyloft." The diversity of this game is amazing.

  • William

    The compassion jewels search for the demon sounds alot like looking for the poes for jovani in twilight princess 😀

    • rookie

      I was literally just on my way down the page to say just that when I saw your comment. Good call.

  • Pokotama

    zelda is gonna get a lower score if they add voice acting, trust me.