Skyward Sword's logo, as seen on the official site

Following a rapid release of new trailers and screenshots, Nintendo’s official site for Skyward Sword has been heavily updated, featuring an interactive world map and an archive for trailers and screenshots.  Read on to find out more.

Beware of spoilers!

The site’s main page contains animated icons which lead to sub-sections, including the world map and an archive for trailers and screenshots.  Out of the four icons, two of them are marked as “???,” meaning that much more information is still to come.  While the actual archive contains only four videos and six screenshots, the interactive world map has subsections for each area pictured, and contains either videos or screenshots for all of the locations, along with some beautiful artwork.

This partially completed world map is fully interactive, and leads to dozens of videos and screenshots.

With less than a month until Skyward Sword’s release, the site should be gaining more and more information as time passes.  Head on over to see it all for yourself!

Source:  Skyward Sword Official Site
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  • I wonder what that area is beneath the Skyloft label.

    Very beautiful map.

    • Mariomaker26

      Probably Hyrule Field.

    • Hei

      It might be Girahim's Palace. It looks like he's a fashion freak, and that'd go right along with him.

      • Hei

        Another thought I had was possibly the Silent Realm gates.

        • Mr.Linkypoo

          Sealed Grounds?

  • ChainofTermina

    I love how Skyloft has a shadow on the map. even as a flat image on a piece of paper, it's floating.

  • Am I the only one finding the placement of the triforce in the picture at the top of this article a little…um……odd?

    • AzTno

      what do you mean? we have 3 peaces of triforce and now we know wheres the fourth 😛

    • ChainofTermina

      I find it extremely understandable. I mean, have you SEEN Zelda in this game?

  • lol at Girahim's = fashion freak!

  • Sakume

    I want this so much.