25 Years of Zelda in 25 Days - 1988

Hey, it’s time to reminisce about 1988! What interests me most about video games besides the experience, is all the cool (and not so cool) official merchandise that’s released. Stuff like T-shirts, toys, and other collectibles. The late 1980s was when Nintendo really latched onto the popularity of The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., causing them to make tons and tons of merchandise for those two series. Zelda stuff was usually linked together with Mario stuff, so it wasn’t uncommon to see Link and Mario hanging out on the same piece of merchandise. Here’s a little selection of my favorite Zelda merchandise from 1988.

Bedroom Swag

Something I always loved as a kid were licensed bed sheets and blankets and the like. And what’s more special than a Mario and Zelda bedroom set?! They had everything from sheets and comforters to toy boxes, curtains, and trash cans. Just look at this old advertisement:

Nintendo Bedroom Ad

That kid is really workin’ those Mario boxer shorts. Mario and Zelda were paired up for the bedroom set, which included a twin bed set, a comforter (sold separately), curtains, and a toy box. Link also had his own trash can. Let’s do a little image spam real quick:

Twin Bed Set:

Mario and Zelda Bedset

Mario and Zelda Bedset

Mario and Zelda Bedset

Mario and Zelda Bedset

Twin Comforter:

Mario and Zelda Comforter

Mario and Zelda Comforter


Nintendo Curtains

Trash Can:

Zelda Trashcan

That brick border was originally red, but it's faded to pink on about half of the trashcans I see on eBay. I wonder why.

Toy Box:

Nintendo Toy Box

Nintendo Toy Box

Nintendo Toy Box

Nintendo Toy Box

I would have loved to have that entire bedroom set as a kid!

Nintendo Cereal System

This probably needs no introduction – if you were a kid in the late 1980s, this was the only thing you wanted for breakfast! Nintendo Cereal System came in two flavors: fruit-flavored Mario pieces, and berry-flavored Zelda pieces. The cereal was launched in 1988, but here’s the 1989 commercial for a trip down memory lane:

There were actually a few boxes that featured different artwork from the first two Mario and Zelda games, so you could have had yourself a nice little collection back then. As far as I know, there are 4 different box variations, but there could have been more! Here’s a bunch more information and pictures.


There’s no shortage of Zelda shirts these days with stores like Hot Topic partnering with Nintendo, but back then, Nintendo shirts were definitely something special that you had to really search for. Here are my two favorites from 1988:

Zelda Shirt

I really like this goofy shirt for some reason. Even though it looks like Link is riding a surfboard instead of a raft, that Zora looks pretty awesome, right? The exact origins of this shirt are unknown, though it might have been a promotional item. If you know anything about it, you can add more info here!

Zelda Shirt

This shirt is much cooler than the previous one, in my opinion. I like how Link is the focus here, and for some reason they decided to add the Magical Key twice! One for each game, perhaps? πŸ˜‰

Puzzles and a Board Game

Aw yeah, it’s time for some Milton Bradley goodness. They released a few Zelda puzzles and even a board game in 1988! I know of two puzzles that were released, but there could have been more. Have a look:

Zelda Puzzle

Zelda Puzzle

They actually stuck Princess Zelda in the background of the Aquamentus puzzle, though she looks pretty creepy to me. Why does she act so cheerfully as she watches Link fight a fire-breathing beast? And I suppose Ganon forgot to lock the door, because she’s not supposed to be anywhere near Aquamentus! Okay, I’m looking too deeply into a child’s toy; let’s move on. Here’s the board game:

Zelda Board Game

I’ve never played it myself, but the premise of the game is to explore Hyrule, uncover treasure, and fight enemies. You can see more pictures of everything here. And that’s my personal favorites list of Zelda merchandise from 1988! Nintendo really stepped up production of Zelda and Mario merchandise in 1989 with stuff like school supplies, a silly Halloween costume featuring a creepy mask of Link’s face, and little toys and trinkets. You can check out all of Game Swag’s Zelda merchandise here. If you happen to own any Zelda merchandise that’s not in Game Swag’s database, you’re welcome to create an account and add new pages! πŸ™‚ And since 1988 is when Zelda II was released in North America, I feel the need to remind everyone that this still exists.

Heidi Poe is one of the webmasters of Game Swag, a website about video game merchandise. The site includes news, a database which anyone can add to and even allows you to work out the value of your own collection.
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  • Nice look into early Nintendo merchandise. =]

  • wolfpack2421

    Zelda shirts are a staple of any proper wardrobe.

    • mcdude910

      Though I'm a much larger Zelda fan, than Mario, I only have two Zelda shirts (the generic, green one from the first game with him, holding the sword and shield, and it just says "The Legend of Zelda", and a light green one, with the Triforce on it), while I have three Mario shirts (a green one with a 1-UP Mushroom that says "Get a life", a blue one with Raccoon Mario spin-attacking a block, and a white one with a bunch of characters/enemies).

      • wolfpack2421

        You should look for the shirt with the Royal Crest on it. It's black and a pretty sweet image. I have the green one with Link kneeling too, it is awesome!

  • christinagates

    I want the trash can…really bad. Everyone in my dorm would be jealous…maybe. And the board game, that's pretty sweet too.

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    If they brought back the Nintendo Cereal System….. I'd eat that πŸ˜€

    LOL…. it would be awesome in new packaging and everything as a limited time deal.


    Zelda II…the torture!

  • Ah, I wish I grew up in the 80s. I'm a part of the OoT generation, though. So that's pretty good, too.

    • I was part of the oot generation too.

    • I was born in the 80's; geez I just dated myself! lol I didn't know about Zelda till I was about 14 I think. I remember playing ALttP as my first Zelda game.

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  • Nintendo should start making things like this again.

  • The third picture from the top, or the one right above the category 'curtain,' reminds me of Majora's Mask when you go help Koume at the lost woods. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that picture!

  • Man, I need to get me some more Zelda merchandise (I say with my Spirit Tracks Phantom figurine sitting on my shelf next to me).


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