25 Years of Zelda in 25 Days

With less than a month to go until Skyward Sword is released you may be getting rather impatient. Despite all that’s been happening in the Zelda world this year for the series’ 25th anniversary, the fact remains that it’s been two years since the last original Zelda title was released, and five years since Twilight Princess landed. Often, the last few weeks of waiting for a new Zelda game can feel like forever!

Meanwhile, we at Zelda Universe have been enjoying everything that Nintendo’s been throwing at us for Zelda’s anniversary, but we haven’t actually taken time out to celebrate it ourselves – until now. Zelda Universe is going to help you keep your Zelda cravings satisfied while you wait for Skyward Sword by launching a special project tomorrow. To help count down the days until you get your hands on the game, we’re going to celebrate Zelda’s anniversary by spending the next 25 days looking back at the past 25 years.

So make sure you check back tomorrow as we embark on this fascinating journey. Strap yourself in and throw on some leg warmers because you’re about to be sent back in time to 1986!