Two more Skyward Sword trailers have surfaced recently. Due to the nature of these, they definitely contain spoilers.

Hit the jump to view!


Source: Joystiq
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  • Poop

    FIRST!!!! PS i saw this like two days ago but still very cool

  • Klaaske

    Why is this website so slow when it comes to updates?

    • James

      I've noticed that. The Japanese SS site had these videos plus a bunch of screenshots released a week ago and already released MORE screenshots of a completely different region today.

    • LINK

      I use zelda dungeon and zelda informer mostly because they report a lot faster!

      • rookie

        They're good, but ZU is THE BEST!!!!!!!

  • Ataro

    That…was beautiful.

  • Super

    Old footage but nice to see they added english subtitles.

  • Crimson


  • Seen it. 😛

  • Wow. The Eastern influences in both the decor and music and ESPECIALLY the boss are wonderful! This is great!

  • Ashmic

    I can already tell u use the whip on the boss, did anyone see that out of water spin thing link did? super awesome

    • TheMaverickk

      That's some Zora Mask moves from Majora's Mask right there.

      The way actions in this game are handled are amazing. Everything about how Link moves has been really fleshed out and the items seem really engaging. Excited to play this.

    • ChainofTermina

      yeah……….how the hell did he do that? I mean, I can understand Zora Link being able to do that, he has giant friggin fins on his arms, but how could a human do that?

      • rookie

        I know! HAAAAAAAA! But Im very happy swimming is easier. My sister and I always had trouble swimming in games, especially LOZ.

  • Zanio

    I like how two NEWER trailers came out today, pretty much just as this was posted.
    I know it must be difficult guys, but you really need to pick up your game.
    Updates have been extremely slow here lately. (I forgive for the slow updates during the server meltdown. :P)

    • TheMaverickk

      Agreed… I can understand that the entire site went down during the conferences few months ago… but as of currently news is really slow to be posted on ZU, and there's been lots of things to post about with only a month before Skyward Sword release.

      • Zanio

        Seems like their ears were burning!
        Hopefully they can keep this up. Personally I love coming to ZU, it has the nicest design of all of the Zelda sites, but I've not been checking it as often due to the slowness of the news.

        Regardless, I'm so excited about Skyward Sword. I'm so very glad that I'm finishing University in a few days.
        It looks so very stunning.

  • ChainofTermina

    that was a big chuchu….

  • Cool zombie Bokoblins.