For those of you who don’t remember, not too long ago we told you about an IGN video that mentioned different modes for righty or lefty players in Skyward Sword, assuming that Link would actually switch his sword in either hand to the corresponding mode. As it turns out, Kotaku confirmed that this is false.

In an article released today, Stephen Totilo sent Nintendo PR an email, wondering if the IGN report was indeed true; after all, they had everyone convinced. Unfortunately, Nintendo confirmed that there is no such mode in the game.
Read on for the quote.

“I had some trouble playing the game, which seemed tailored for righties, but I got used to it. Some readers, however, wondered if there was a lefty mode. Some even pointed to an IGN report that stated that there is one. I was surprised that none of the Nintendo reps who sat with me while I talked about the game’s compatibility for left-handed people had mentioned a lefty mode. None of them was a developer on the game, but they were knowledgeable folks nonetheless.

I e-mailed Nintendo public relations to be sure and even linked them the IGN video, which makes verbal mention of it but doesn’t show it, to make sure we were talking about the same thing. Now I’ve got an official response: Nintendo confirms there’s no left-handed mode in the game. Go figure.”

As it turns out, we’ve been told a dirty lie, or were just victims of a misunderstanding. One thing still isn’t clear: where did IGN get the idea that there was a left handed mode?

Apologies to everyone who was looking forward to vanquishing evil with their left hand properly, we’re pretty disappointed, too.


As if able to sense when the world was collectively groaning things like “Can’t spell ignorant without IGN”, IGN’s executive editor, Rich issued a formal apology. He blamed it on a slip of the tongue, caused by his brain convincing him he saw a left handed mode because he played the game days before hand. What ever the case, it is indeed unfortunate that one gaming website’s mistake can lead to disappointment throughout the community.

Source: Kotaku
  • harry pothead

    It was really no problem to begin with as playing with the left hand won't make any difference no matter what the screen shows

    • cresent soul

      that is true and the IGN video made no sense so I knew it was BS

    • Pat

      I didn't think it would, which is why I wonder why they made Link right-handed in the first place when he's normally a leftie. His hand doesn't need to match the players, so why change him?

  • That's racist.

    • matt17

      What does this have to do with race?

      • supergiraloz

        we Lefties are our own race

      • Pssst, it's a joke. 😉

    • rookie

      I apprciate that! XD

    • Prada

      that made me smile 🙂

  • I'm a bit surprised at this, especially after they had left-handed stylus modes for Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. But I guess this game would be a lot harder to program that for. Oh well, I'm a righty anyway, so this doesn't bother me that much.

  • jameslieb1

    FFS Nintendo, stop discriminating against lefties! Just because the majority of the world is righties doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of lefties in your community. IMO, the Wii itself should have had a left-handed mode, and it should have been a requirement for companies to tailor every Wii game accordingly. I myself and a righty, but it doesn't matter: I'm still very upset about this. Very disappointed Nintendo.

    • Corson

      stop being a whiny bitch. seriously its seems like most left handed people just flip shit about it being just right handed. you know it doesnt really change anything if you hold it in your left hand on right hand mode. If you swing to the left itll swing to the left. swing to the right and itll swing to the right. No reason to complain. Sorry i just finally had it with all these left handed people complaining over something thats not even a big deal

      • Dark valoo

        Hey come on now. You have no idea how discriminating life is to a lefty such as myself. It’s gonna be weird raising my shield in my right hand and have it show up on the left. Everything is off centered so until you live a day as a lefty, stfu.

    • Luca

      but link's left-handed

    • Pat

      …Why would the Wii have a… a… "left-handed mode"?
      Unlike most controllers, most Wii games I've played you hold the controller in your good hand. If the game uses a nunchuk, that goes in your off-hand. Wii games are *better* than games on other systems for lefties 'cuz you just hold the controller however you want.

  • Ashmic

    goes to show IGN needs to get accurate info before posting to everyone

  • Monaster

    I was looking forward to playing left-handed. Oh well, c'est la vie.

  • Although I am a lefty at everything, I find itimpossible to play games with my left hand. That's the only exception to my rule, so I'm not effected by this. At the same time, however, I wish they would have added this. Even if I don't know (physically, at least) anyone that plays with their left hand, this still upsets me. Sending a 🙁 to any lefties at video games.

  • SebTH1

    >we didn't expect this?

    seriously why do you all think we call them IGNorant?

  • KingDodongo1

    This doesn't really affect me, considering i'm right handed, but that sucks.

    I'm not sure whether to blame IGN or Nintendo, but still, that sucks.

  • YoYo

    who cares?

    • Trolldad

      The sad left handed people

      • YoYo


        • Prick


          • lefty


  • Guest

    people have been controlling movement with the left hand and doing other actions with the right hand since the d-pad became common place. in that sense lefties had the benefit. its not really that big of a deal. it would of still been nice to have as a feature because it wouldve shown more attention to detail on their part.

    • Prick

      Yeah, but now that the Wiimote is opposite the Nunchuk things are getting to be backwards. You can't control Link with his sword on the left side and sword on the right due to these contrary aspects. So it is a big deal since lefties need to get used to it being opposite.

  • Harrison Garrett

    I'm right handed, but I was actually looking forward to using the left handed mode just because Link is supposed to be left handed, regardless of how uncomfortable it would be at first. Guess I'll have to play in a backwards world once again… I feel sorry for left handed people who need it too…


    As a rightie, I'm annoyed that I don't get to play as left-handed Link. I don't care what the game shows, Link is a leftie!

    You do realize that somebody will mod this game for lefties and release it, right? Way to encourage piracy, Nintendo. Stellar business model.

  • Keimori

    Well thats too bad, not catastrophic, but too bad.

  • Doesn't really apply to me, as I'm right handed, but that is a huge let-down for lefty players!

  • Hero of Light

    I really don't care

    • lefty

      Hey, shut up.

  • So how difficult does that make it for me, a lefty, to play the game? Will I have to switch to using the Wii 'mote in my right hand, or will it still be playable as I have become accustomed to over the past, I don't know, THREE YEARS? I need more information.

    Thanks, Nintendo, for looking out for your lefty fanbase. :/

  • well, that sucks for all the lefties 🙁

  • Caleb

    Am I the only one that was expecting Chuck Testa?


    I'm left-handed so that's too bad but I'll live without it.

  • Sareth

    No Left-Hand Challenge?? Dang it 🙁

  • Link HGarkanian

    …I was actually looking forward to at least having it track properly, now I'm a bit disappointed more than before. Just because the perceived majority is right handed doesn't mean that people who are lefty wouldn't like a use their primary hand for this game,

    I am so going challenge style on this just to prove it's gonn'a be possible…

    • Pat

      The *perceived* majority? There is no right-handed conspiracy; righties are *clearly* the majority.

      Now, I think you should be able to set a PC's handedness whenever it matters, and if it doesn't matter Link should be a leftie since he usually is, but that doesn't make your use of the word "perceived" not incredibly stupid.

  • matt17

    Not a problem for me whatsoever.
    Only prob is that link should be left handed with his sword, as he always was:

    • Prick

      Oh, well then I suppose you're the one to make this happen, Mr. Revolutionary? XP


  • Ricko

    can't spell ignorant with out IGN…

  • Jordy

    Practice right handed, and everything will be all right.

    • tool

      that's like saying "Be a Christian Mr. Atheist, and everything will be alright."

      • FL767

        Moreso like "Practice this rather difficult skill and it'll pay off," not "change your belief system so you can play a video game."

      • rookie

        Yeah, (tool) no its not.

      • Pat

        It's actually more like a pun.

  • Joshua Lindquist

    I'm curious to know how many people this actually affects.I am left handed, and I would have never considered playing the game with the analog stick in my right hand.

    Writing requires some precision and is difficult to do with my right hand. Waving my arm around does not require much precision. I've never had a problem moving my right arm.

    Using an analog stick correctly doesn't require the precision of writing, but it definitely requires more precision than moving my arm. Using an analog stick with my right hand is difficult (unless I'm doing something like controlling a camera; which doesn't need to be precise in this case). Using an analog stick in my left hand is perfect. Doesn't that make more sense anyway?

    Adding a left handed mode to DS games makes sense. You're holding a stylus, which is similar to holding a pen. I can play Phantom Hourglass with either hand, but I find it easier to play with my left hand.

    I'm using my left hand to control the way Link moves both on the DS and on the Wii. Pushing buttons can be done with either hand. And while I know some people are less fortunate, I am able to move both of my arms.

    I'm amazed at the responses I see regarding this issue sometimes. I've been playing video games most of my life. The D-Pad and Analog Stick have always been on the left side of the controllers (prior to dual analog, which requires both). There's no Super NES controller with the D-Pad on the right side. It wasn't necessary then, and it's not necessary now.

    • kamikazemind


  • TheMaverickk

    This isn't anything new or surprising… IGN's writers seem to never do any research before they official say or post things.

    This was an unfortunate slip up, and yes people are only human. Still doing research is important. It would be like claiming in game text said something that it clearly did not. When you have the ability to double check things and replay (if they have a review/preview copy) then there is no excuse. If you aren't a 100% sure if something exists then don't say that it does.

    Either way it doesn't affect me as a right hander, but still it's sad to see that site still hasn't done anything to peer check their work. Everything should be peer checked.

    Most newspapers do this, so as to make sure that any facts that are posted are as true as possible.

    Sadly I'm not sure any such measures are put in place at IGN… a lot of their new posts seem more like blogs or journals generally.

  • Vaughny

    Meh, I’m very left-handed but I’m most comfortable holding the nunchuck in my left hand and my wii-mote in my right. I don’t control the analog stick very well in my right hand. I’ve been controlling analogs with my left hand for years. Now, when it comes to doing fine detail pointing, I’ll switch the wii-mote to my left hand. For the most part, I find this quite frustrating at times. So I’m not sure how I’ll handle playing Skyward Sword.

  • Lockmaster24

    Well, I was looking forward to playing this but i'm absolutely hopeless with my right-hand, hopefully the sword techniques still work if I swing the sword the other way.

    • TheMaverickk

      Technically it should work… the issue though will be that you will be viewing an image on the screen that doesn't match your actions.

      You will swing the Wii remote with your left hand and watch as Link does that motion with his right. It will probably just look and feel a little weird… but for the most part it won't prevent your angles and direction of your strikes from being accurate.

      I really don't think it should be an issue. It's not like the DS games…. where you use a stylus to play and certain on screen tap buttons are in certain locations to accommodate left or right handed people.

  • neos

    what what is this crap. this freakin sucks. how am i supposed to play with my right hand. besides they say there are more right handed people. that may be true but us lefty's are catching up and if there's no left handed mode nintendo scrued u big time.

  • Nitsirtriscuit

    Nope! Chuck Testa.

  • aalenfae

    I only care because Link is left-handed. It feels… wrong to make him a righty. It was one of the things that always set Link apart.

    • Cam


  • Krizzio

    I think many people who are left-handed, like myself, are disappointed. I was really looking forward for a enjoyable time playing Skyward Sword, but know i don't know if i even wanna buy it, since i really suck in using my right arm in playing. I really hope, for everyone that's left-handed, that it doesn't matter how you hold your controls.

  • sf8

    Nintendo confirmed no left handed mode lonnnnngggg ago. I still can't get over how stupid that is. I'm right handed, so the right handed mode is good for me (and the majority of people in the world), but not only did they just take out one of Link's trademarks, but they also just pissed off a bunch of left handed people. How did right hand only ever seems like a good idea for a wii game, especially when the character is left handed in every other game!?

  • HeroofTime

    I'm a lefty but I like to play as a righty so I just gor used to playing the wii usung my right hand

  • deku_link530

    Well… There goes hard mode.

  • raawwwr

    DAMMIT! I cant buy this game now, i am extremely left handed and though ive tried, i can never swing a sword with my right hand (i was practicing for this with wii sports resort).

    • Heather

      I'm the same way. I thought I was the only person holding the nunchuk with my right hand. I don't know why I started doing that, but I think it's because I've practiced actual fencing before. For me, it was only intuitive that the sword go in my left hand. It's why lefties don't fence with their right hand, lol. Most people, never having swung any kind of sword, didn't seem to care I guess.

      However, the game is very much playable the way you and I play it. There are a couple counter-intuitive things, but you catch them quickly. The only thing the controls didn't want to register with my left hand was hopping on a vine in a timed event. Twist the wrist a little more left, you're good. No fretting. 🙂

  • chris

    that sucks!!! I am a lefty! Note: I will still play with my left hand holding the wii remote (worked fine for metroid prime 3)

  • Skull Man

    *Chugga voice* MIYAMOTO!!!!!

  • Ah, well. I don't see any reason why a lefty can't just hold the remote in their left hand, regardless of what's shown on screen. The sword will still move where you want it to, right? I feel like the only difference it would be is whether Link on screen holds his sword left or right anyway.

  • Dizzy

    Quite surprised at this, given that I've actually enjoyed Rich's previous Zelda related articles.

    I wouldn't write the game off for yourselves just yet, lefties. Miyamoto himself is left-handed (maybe ambidextrous, but his preferred hand is left, yes?) so hopefully it won't take you too long to get accustomed to the control scheme. We're all going to need to adjust, whether right or left handed, at the outset of this game anyway.

  • zeldaguy23

    Dang! I'll do what i did for TP, use my left hand any-way. >:D

  • 8 golds

    I really don't care, besides Link isn't a real person. I think its stupid for billions of people to fight over a fantasy game. Zelda is no one's work or game so Nintendo can do what ever the hell they want. They are the one's making money and being famous for.

  • 8 golds

    I don't care, besides Link isn't a real person. I think its stupid of you billions of people fighting over a fantasy game. Zelda is NO ONE'S WORK OR GAME so Nintendo can do whatever the hell they want because they are the one's making money and being famous.

  • Rug

    It would have been awesome if Link was ambidextrous instead of just left or just right.

  • Jack

    Well I don't have any arms, I play with my feet which is ever more difficult or sometimes impossible.


  • Gallowglass

    Actually according to in interview with Aonuma they had plan Link to be left handed but thought it looked weird if playing right handed. So there was at one time a left handed Link in Skyward Sword.

    I played and beat Skyward Sword left handed mostly out of spite.