For those of you who don’t remember, not too long ago we told you about an IGN video that mentioned different modes for righty or lefty players in Skyward Sword, assuming that Link would actually switch his sword in either hand to the corresponding mode. As it turns out, Kotaku confirmed that this is false.

In an article released today, Stephen Totilo sent Nintendo PR an email, wondering if the IGN report was indeed true; after all, they had everyone convinced. Unfortunately, Nintendo confirmed that there is no such mode in the game.
Read on for the quote.

“I had some trouble playing the game, which seemed tailored for righties, but I got used to it. Some readers, however, wondered if there was a lefty mode. Some even pointed to an IGN report that stated that there is one. I was surprised that none of the Nintendo reps who sat with me while I talked about the game’s compatibility for left-handed people had mentioned a lefty mode. None of them was a developer on the game, but they were knowledgeable folks nonetheless.

I e-mailed Nintendo public relations to be sure and even linked them the IGN video, which makes verbal mention of it but doesn’t show it, to make sure we were talking about the same thing. Now I’ve got an official response: Nintendo confirms there’s no left-handed mode in the game. Go figure.”

As it turns out, we’ve been told a dirty lie, or were just victims of a misunderstanding. One thing still isn’t clear: where did IGN get the idea that there was a left handed mode?

Apologies to everyone who was looking forward to vanquishing evil with their left hand properly, we’re pretty disappointed, too.


As if able to sense when the world was collectively groaning things like “Can’t spell ignorant without IGN”, IGN’s executive editor, Rich issued a formal apology. He blamed it on a slip of the tongue, caused by his brain convincing him he saw a left handed mode because he played the game days before hand. What ever the case, it is indeed unfortunate that one gaming website’s mistake can lead to disappointment throughout the community.

Source: Kotaku