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Our friends over at GoNintendo have recently crammed their Flickr account with new Skyward Sword screenshots and official art released recently by Nintendo of Europe. Many of the screens are similar to those seen before and the official art is of characters seen in previous trailers including an interesting tidbit on Fi.

*This post contains spoilers. You have been warned!*

As mentioned before, most of these screenshots are similar to the scenes shown in previously released trailers. In the ones shown below, we can see our traveling Goron being ambushed and a new mysterious, deity-like character. An interesting tidbit on Fi is revealed in the last screenshot: she will act like Navi pointing out enemy weaknesses. For plenty more screenshots, check out the Flickr album.

As for new official art, we have many of Link in action, red-head rival Groose, floating Fi, giant Gaebora, and in-game model enemies. And of course again, you can see more in GoNintendo’s Flickr album.

 What do you think of these new images? Tell us what you think in the comments below or in the ZU News/Article Discussion Forum.

Sources: GoNintendo, GoNintendo’s Flickr
  • Ultimon

    The Deity is so mysterious…..

    • Craig

      I wanna know more about The Fierce Deity… hoping he is one of the interlopers.

      • Ultimon

        Yeah, but he is prob some type of Bug God or something lol

  • matt17

    Good to know that the gorons are back. I hope Zora's make an appearance in this game too


      that would be great for the zoras

      • Prada

        Lol, and for people that love zoras

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  • tool

    I'm 100% sure that the last picture with the guy in it from skyloft (no clue what his name is) has something to do with Ganon. It could be his father, grandfather, brother, sister, HIM, anything. If i remember correctly i read something about him being your "rival" on skyloft. I keep thinking that he will turn out to be Ganon or something. It's a pretty crazy idea, but think about it. It's so obvious you'd think he's not but IS. or I could be talking outa my fanboy arse 🙂

    • Chris

      You are probobly right, there is a rumor going around about that. One thing that people say he is a relative of ganon because he has red hair and amber hold eyes. ( GERUDUS HAVE GOLD EYES AND RED HAIR)
      And what was ganon? A gerudu.
      This is interesting.

    • Murasaki-Mary

      No, I agree with your thinking here. Something's up with that character design fo' sho! I'd say it's very likely that he could have a connection to Ganon or the Gerudos of some sort.

    • heroofmasks

      well hes not4 your rival he is a thug though and hes in love with zelda but hates you becouse zelda likes you kinda like the mido and saria in oot

    • Sanguiluna

      Unless they're now purposely trying to destroy the character of Ganondorf, there is NO WAY that the lord of darkness started off as THAT goofcake!

    • Casual Vader

      An ancestor maybe but most certainly not Ganondorf himself.

  • Link's artwork looks the best.

  • Is that lizalfos really an in-game model? It looks just like a watercolour painting! 😮

    I am VERY impressed with this game's art style!

    • kamikazemind


  • Craig

    I really missed not being told the names of the enemies and weaknesses – that for me was the best part of Navi, besides her role in the story. Also I believe Groose is the predecessor to the Gerudo tribe – he could have started them off.

    • TheMaverickk

      Skyloft Folk = Hylians

      This should be for the most part very clear. If the character is from another tribe other then Hylian then their descendants were those who lived below the clouds.

      Gerudo, Goron, Zora, Sheikah… they are all from the land below. If we see Gerudo in this game they will be met in the land below the clouds. The Gerudo tribe had specific character traits… one of which was specifically that a "male gerudo is only born once every 100 years" or something like that. It doesn't make sense that Groose would be the start of the Gerudo race because he comes from a race that doesn't have one male offspring every 100 years.

  • MDH

    Link looks pretty robust and stocky this time around, even more so than in Twilight Princess. I think it's an interesting design, coupled with his skydiving pants.

    • kamikazemind

      He looks pretty cool to me 🙂 lol I think he may be my fave Link!

  • Ashmic

    if groose is related to the gerudo im gonna be mad, Only because then it makes all gerudo males look very metrosexual, at least thats how groose strikes me,
    idk it'll ruin the whole "evil"ness

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      • Ashmic

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          • YoYo

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  • Sluttyonefornone

    I wish they made "Grouse" a bit sexier… like a lot .sexierer-er -er..HA, I like his design except his face… 🙁

    • pololmejor

      Yeah, his face looks… wierd. His big eyes and that strange nose

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      • Ashmic

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  • Jack

    Anyone else think that this Goron (or the one in the intro) could be the one spoken of in Ocarina of Time? The Goron that gives Link the fire tunic speaks of an ancient Goron hero who destroyed Volvagia using the megaton hammer and who Darunia is a descendant of. Just a thought.

    • TheMaverickk

      That would actually be one of the coolest tie ins to Ocarina of Time ever.

      I hope this happens, although I do doubt it will… it would be cool to fight a pre-Ocarina Volvagia… maybe he was even more bad ass before Ganondorf resurrected him.

    • Justin

      I wouldn't be surprised, they game designers have hinted at alot of ocarina of time references so I wouldn't be surprised if this Goron at least had something to do with the Goron hero mentioned in Ocarina of Time

  • Jean D'Eau

    I don't know, Groose looks just too goofy to be the ancestor of the race of the Dark Lord… or worse, to be the Dark Lord himself.

    Still, I sort of wish to see that. You know, for the lulz.

  • B[.


  • Must… Not… Look… At… New… Information… To… Spoil… Game……… Damnit!

  • zora

    can someone please tell me if zoras will be in the game.

    • YoYo

      no one knows yet, ffs

  • I have one Theory:

    Near the end of the game something happens to make Skyloft fall or something to force the people to move to the land below and prolly by the cause of Link doing something and Groose blames Link and wants revenge for what he did. Then Groose forms or joins the Gerudo tribe.

    • Delps

      stupid HUGE theory.

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  • OMG now i know where i saw that very first picture… GAMEINFORMER! I cant beleive i dint pick up on that before >.<

  • miki

    who is the blue antennae guy i wonder?

  • Julio

    Zelda Sucks Big Cock

    • carlos

      no it doesnt is the awesomest game ever

    • carlos

      no its not its extremly amazing

  • siloi

    zelda is awesome

  • ben

    i could not live without the legend of zelda