Start making more avatars!

Our friends over at GoNintendo have recently crammed their Flickr account with new Skyward Sword screenshots and official art released recently by Nintendo of Europe. Many of the screens are similar to those seen before and the official art is of characters seen in previous trailers including an interesting tidbit on Fi.

*This post contains spoilers. You have been warned!*

As mentioned before, most of these screenshots are similar to the scenes shown in previously released trailers. In the ones shown below, we can see our traveling Goron being ambushed and a new mysterious, deity-like character. An interesting tidbit on Fi is revealed in the last screenshot: she will act like Navi pointing out enemy weaknesses. For plenty more screenshots, check out the Flickr album.

As for new official art, we have many of Link in action, red-head rival Groose, floating Fi, giant Gaebora, and in-game model enemies. And of course again, you can see more in GoNintendo’s Flickr album.

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Sources: GoNintendo, GoNintendo’s Flickr