Hold onto your windsock caps.  Shigeru Miyamoto may have hinted that this would be the case long ago, but Nintendo has recently confirmed the fact that Skyward Sword will feature a soundtrack that is, from top to bottom, fully orchestrated.  Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the first Nintendo game to have this as a prominent feature, and apparently Miyamoto fell in love with the result and was no longer strictly satisfied by just slapping together MIDI tunes on the big television any longer.

What will be interesting to see is whether or not this means that the dynamic chords and percussive additions to the MIDI music that were present in games like Wind Waker will still be present; despite me agreeing wholeheartedly that Zelda deserves a symphony, it would be hard if I would lose the extra trills and chord hits every time I struck an enemy.

What say you?  Are you pleased, or do you think this is overkill?  Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Joystiq
  • No! I absolutely love a fully orchestrated score, especially after what we heard from the Romance trailer. This game is going to rock!

  • Ashmic

    The game looks amazing so far, music or not,

  • searanox

    Considering that Nintendo have a history of being frugal to a fault, this is kind of surprising… you'd think that if they could save even the paltry sum it takes to hire a live orchestra these days, they would do so. Still not at all interested in this game, but at least it seems like a bit of a step forward in some ways (not so much in others, given that so much of the gameplay we've seen has revolved around pattern-matching rather than any actual puzzles).


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      • searanox

        New user? I've been here since 2002.

        I'm sorry that you can't handle contrary opinions. Perhaps I should proceed instead to rant about how amazing Nintendo are, how they can do no wrong and how I'm looking forward to Skyward Sword being the second coming of Christ? Would that satisfy your fragile ego and sense of self worth?

        I'm sorry for shattering your narrow worldview wherein everyone shares the exact same tastes and ideas as you, but it would have happened by the time you turned about six anyway. Call it a favour.

        • He meant new user on an Intense Debate profile. Now be sure you above all else to watch your mouth and delete the debated comment you made; it'll help you. You would have learned that by the time you hit 6 anyway. Call it a favor.

          • searanox

            It will "help me" to avoid making legitimate critique of Zelda and Nintendo? Did I suddenly fall through a portal and land in the deep American south, or Saudi Arabia or something? What the hell kind of community is this that it can't even tolerate someone who isn't 100% approving of every single thing Nintendo ever does, ever?

          • Keimori

            Except the problem people are having is that your comment comes off as whining and not a legitimate critique at all, a legitimate critique would require you to make a constructive comment that suggests how to fix the problem you perceive.

            But really you just come off as sarcastic a negative, that why it's at negative thirty four.

            Yeah you don't have to be hyper excited about Skyward Sword, but at the same time Insulting a strangers intelligence? Not cool.

          • searanox

            Whining? Not a legitimate critique? Let's look at this:

            1) Nintendo are frugal to a fault. We know this is already true. They've continued to use generally poor-quality MIDI for years after orchestrated soundtracks have been the norm for big-budget games, and we also know from interviews with Iwata and others that the reason has almost always been to save money.

            More generally, aside from recent events which have forced Nintendo to cut into their own pockets for a change (the poor sales of the 3DS), Nintendo also have a history of charging inflated prices and forcing proprietary hardware on users in order to make a generous cut themselves, even though that hardware is often dated and cheap to manufacture. That may have worked years ago when the only competition was the equally-jerkassed Sega, but these days when there are so many alternatives for videogames and better technology for much lower prices overall, Nintendo are a relic of a much older time, with all the bad and good that brings. Sorry, but "it's Nintendo, you've gotta love us!" doesn't cut it for me. I know when I'm being ripped off, and I also know when that same company has cut corners as well.

            2) Skyward Sword's puzzles, based on what we've seen (the E3 dungeon, mostly) look like a step back from previous games. Whatever you have to say about the overall art style and design of the game, the fact is that I don't find a replacement boomerang you control with the Wii remote to be a particularly great innovation, nor do I consider it particularly clever design when the majority of the puzzles in play revolve around "hit the switch to open the door!" That apparently the E3 dungeon takes place well into the game and still appears to have users on training wheels is distressing to me.

            Whether or not the full game is different remains to be seen, but honestly, the track record over the last few games has not been very good. After Twilight Princess, the DS games pretty much adopted a philosophy of "do you have a pulse? you win!" when it came to difficulty, and as a result they were both easy and extremely boring, not to mention quite short as well. The most devious of puzzles in those games were nothing even close to the mid-game dungeons from A Link to the Past, and now that philosophy seems to be creeping into Skyward Sword, where the game is less about actually solving challenges and more about simply recognising which items to use and where (which is why I mentioned pattern matching).

            Again, we haven't seen the full game so I don't want to pass judgement too soon, but I haven't seen anything that instills much confidence that Skyward Sword will be challenging or rewarding. Aside from the art style and the motion gimmick with sword fighting (which I guarantee will get old after about a half-hour), Skyward Sword does not look like it has much going for it for long-time Zelda fans who want a challenge that they haven't come across before, and the days where I could actually get excited about another Zelda story are long gone now that I realise the developers themselves don't really care either.

            But hey, thanks for getting me to articulate my opinion on Skyward Sword and, to a degree, Nintendo. I wasn't aware that offhand comments required an essay's worth of justification around here… why don't we hold the people who post "Nintendo, you rock!" and so forth to that same standard? Perhaps I should also ask those people to enumerate in precise and exacting detail exactly why they think "Miyamoto is god" or whatever Statement of the Century they feel the need to share. You certainly don't seem to.

          • Keimori

            You’re welcome!
            But I never asked you to write an Essay, you just assumed so.
            Well argued though, you obviously have very strong opinions on the matter of which I can respect, but again, you're being very presumptuous, assuming I'm of the "Miyamoto is god" school.

            I'm not, yeah the last two games were simple but I enjoyed them none the less.

            Yes, Nintendo has been behind the competition technology wise for years in the name of saving money, but frankly I'm not bothered by this at all, I'm satisfied by what I’ve been playing the last while and frankly that all I ask of Nintendo, I don't need a mindboggling hard challenge from the games I play, I just need to have fun.

            Furthermore those cheap MIDI files you've mentioned? They often get stuck in my head, why? Because even though they did it to save money, they've still put hard work into them and they’ve come out sounding great.

          • Keimori

            Now I understand this is not your cup of tea, you're obviously very angry about the way Nintendo has been doing things, but If so, you can just do the logical thing and not buy the games, as you said, Nintendo is not your only option, if you feel that you’re being ripped off then do the logical thing and don’t buy the games, as you said, Nintendo has some strong competition with some great games, you can always play them instead.

          • joey

            Ok, I don't mind you posting your opinion, but you're stating some fake facts in your post, so i have to dissagree. Nintendo only started using old technology with the ds and the wii. You make the statement that nintendo has been doing so since sega's time, and you're wrong. The super nintendo, was in many ways superior to the genesis, although inferior in others (but could achieve better graphics as a whole). The 64 was the most powerful console of the generation in every aspect. (except storage, since cd's had more capacity. But graphics and everything else was 64 dominium). Then, gcn was more powerful than ps2 by a noticeable diference (check out RE4 vids if you dont believe it), but was inferior to xbox. Last, but no least, is the price part. When gcn was released, it costed what a console usually costs. When graphically inferior ps2 launched, it costed what a high end pc costs nowadays. ¿So how can you say nintendo overprices his products, when in fact it usually keeps them in a competitive range at all times? You can take 3ds as an argument, but again, you can't condeem a company based only on his latest products. If you're gonna do it, then investigate the history of the company and then accuse it, having real evidence. That's all. If you don't feel atracted to skyward sword, that's ok. Noone should ever feel obligated to play a game. But make sure you play it before making any assumption.

    • That One Guy


  • ok, so when I' ll swing the sword the sound generated will be done by doublebassed, a piano, some harps and maybe some violas? I imagine how silly it would sound XD

    I'm actually joking, so you don't have to argue 😀

    • Soeroah

      Phi will be fully voice-acted and will sing her lines opera-style.

  • TheMaverickk

    "it would be hard if I would lose the extra trills and chord hits every time I struck an enemy."

    I would think these will still be in the game in some form. They actually still might be in the game as MIDI's…. they are more like sound effects anyhow. I need to listen to the trailers more and hear if there is a sound played when enemies are hit.

  • Erhm, I'm pretty sure the first Super Mario Galaxy also was orchestrated.

    • Gordon

      The first Galaxy was only partially orchestrated.

    • Dimitris

      actually it looked orchestrated because it was as epic as SMG 2 but yet SMG wasn't orchestrated..


      Both Super Mario Galaxy games were orchestrated!


  • ??????

    Wait… what? Didn't they say Skyward Sword will feature mostly orchestral music but not fully?

    Where are you getting this information from?!

  • Sakume

    I am so glad I got the bundle package that will already include the soundtrack to this.

    • KeyroTono

      From what I've heard though is that the standard and bundle packages will include the soundtrack

      • TTL

        That's true. For the initial run of the game, both the bundle and the standalone game will have the anniversary orchestral CD.

  • Ovafaze

    Now I curious..what will IGN nit-pick about? FULLY Orchestrated music? CHECK. LEFT HANDED mode? CHECK! probably flat stairs again? haha

    • Mrbaconsock

      Lack of voice acting.

    • Ovafaze

      I feel people read my comment wrong. I meant that the fully orchestrated music and left handed mode are awesome and IGN can't complain about it, but they always find the dumbest reason to lower the score, I bet they will complain about the lack of voice acting-AGAIN. But I am definitely not bashing skyward sword, also I meant to put "I'M curious, not "I curious'' 🙂


    The orchestrated music alone will make Skyward sword a must-buy.

    • Spork

      And the soundtrack that comes with the initial run of the game makes it a day-one must-buy.

      • Soeroah

        I've heard the soundtrack is from that touring concert, meaning there may be orchestral versions of songs from Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and hopefully all the popular songs throughout Zelda history.

        Is that right, do you know, or is it just a Skyward Sword soundtrack?

        • Spork

          From what I understand, it should be music from Skyward Sword, plus a bunch of other games, all from an orchestra.

          • gward

            It's as he said above, music from the orchestra making it's round (EI. two performances…)

  • Jarek Matthew Jones

    I hope that a good portion of the music is on the soundtrack that comes with the game. Hey! Listen! ZU Staff! The "Contact Us" page is still broken and I have REALLY been trying to contact you. Could you drop me a line at [email protected]?

  • Keimori

    This is great news! this takes the game from must have to…um…uh…whats a step up from must have?

    • LinkMasterYoda

      Best thing since sliced bread?

      • Keimori

        No, thats too little, this is beter than the best thing since sliced bread!

    • Zombiekillz9

      To DIE FOR!

      • GorCoronSumo

        Best thing since the wheel?

  • pololmejor

    Never heard a fully orchestreated whatever

  • Drizzt

    think how beautiful the harp will sound! strum, strum, strum!

  • Spork

    I didn't care for the sword hit = chord hit in Wind Waker. It didn't bother me, but I don't care to see it gone. I hope it IS gone, in fact. The "romance" trailer has me 100% sold that the music should not be interrupted with those chords. That is some legitimate scoring right there. If you haven't heard it yet, seriously, look it up.

  • Zephos12

    "…just slapping together MIDI tunes on the big television any longer."

    You realize the composers don't just sit at a keyboard and meander along to the game. They actually craft the music very carefully before it's sequenced. Just because the parts are now going to be recorded by an orchestra doesn't mean the quality of the music itself will automatically improve.

  • LinkMasterYoda

    I just have to laugh at people saying "fully orchestrated" even MIDI is orchestrated, Orchestration is the process of deciding what instruments will play what notes and whatnot, the correct term would be "Orchestral".

  • Ganondorf Dragmire

    Fully orchestrated? MUST BUY! Lefty mode too. YAYYYYYYYY! (I'm Left handed, at least in TP wii version)

  • robotortoise

    Well, technically Super Mario Galaxy 2 had some MIDI in it in certain sections, like the Beat Block Galaxy's music, and the SM64 Slider music. You can tell because if you press the HOME menu while those music tracks are playing, the game continues running normally because the song is loaded into the Wii's RAM. If you do the same on while a pre-rendered song is playing, the music will cut off abruptly.

  • Bingo

    Thank God. Finally making some good decisions for Zelda, Miyamoto!

  • marimbarama

    This is great news. I LOVE the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack and I am excited to hear that Mahito Yokota will be composing the score. He is a great new composer and I hope that he and Koji Kondo will continue making great music for future Nintendo games.

  • TrustMe101


  • I love this about the game. I already pre ordered it and I have a count down on my phone.

    Off Topic: Anyone know if The Postman will be in Skyward Sword? He’s basicly one of my favorites.

    And it’s Fi not Phi. It kinda annoys me when people don’t get that right.

  • PiBox

    The more I hear about this game more painful the wait for November 18 becomes.

  • Merq

    Wonderful news! Zelda music is amazing and… what else is there to say? Love you Nintendo <3

  • aka

    you keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.

  • link28469

    Galaxy 2 actually had a LOT of MIDI, plus percussive additions did exist in Yoshi's presence. I honestly Love SMG2's music and think that Orchestral music is the most beautiful thing in the world. I've been waiting a long time for a Zelda game that contains more than one orchestral song!