Taking a break from the spoiler heavy posts, we bring you news of a special event being held in honor of Zelda’s twenty fifth anniversary. On Saturday the 29th of October, video game festival GameCity will be hosting a Zelda Takeover day, transforming Nottingham’s Old Market Square into a Hyrule market, a la Castle Town found in Zelda games Like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. Read on for details.

Along with being able to play Skyward Sword before its release, many other activities are being held by GameCity:

Zelda Canon World Record
GameCity is looking for six individuals to set the record for speed playing every Zelda game in canon, from start to finish, as a tag team. If you’re interested you can find information to enquire on their site.

A Hero’s Quest
In this activity participants essentially become Link, tasked with collecting the Triforce and get to make their own sword and shield, play the ocarina, and procrastinate on your quest just like Link in LonLon Milk Bar.

Ocarina Orchestra
Anyone who shares in this experience gets a limited edition Zelda branded Ocarina to learn the iconic songs from Zelda with others.

Zelda Zine
Zelda fans are invited to submit their fan works to a dedicated magazine to be edited by video game culture graphic designer Cory Schmitz and be available that Saturday.

A Link to the Past: The National Videogame Archive Celebrates Zelda
Throughout the day, visitors will have a change to record their thoughts, feelings, and memories about The Legend of Zelda on video to be preserved by the National Videogame Archive.

For anyone who lives nearby this will be an event of a lifetime. If any ZU visitors have a chance to attend, send in your experiences while the rest of us sulk in jealousy.

Source: GameCity
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