Over at Zelda Informer, some members on the forum began analyzing the Triforce glyph behind Link on the cover of Skyward Sword. A member by the name of Corvoskk created an image explaining his personal look on what the symbols might mean. He believes it is some sort of musical notation. He currently doesn’t have an idea as to what the notes might mean but he is in the process of discovering what they are playing.

If you wish to see the image, be sure to hit the jump!

  • supergiraloz

    talk about dedicated…

    • Craig

      true zelda fans are like this… willing to pick out the smallest details because it's a fact that Nintendo hide secrets everywhere in Zelda.

      • mcdude910

        I love this game. I love the fans. I love the mystery. I love the out of game puzzles. I love this website. I love The Legend of Zelda so much.

  • I believe I've heard some of this played elsewhere. It seems to be music played on a harp…or a lyre.

    • mcdude910

      Can someone please give a link to what this plays?

  • I know what notes they are, but since I've never been taught how to play or read music, I can't tell what the rhythm is orz

    Otherwise I'd play it and try figure out if I've heard it.

    And then I'd play it backwards to see if they pulled the same trick.

  • I'm starving for a beef pot pie right at this moment.

    • Look Skyward!

      Kind of off topic, but dude you read my mind!

  • Hussain

    This is cool and all, but you guys are slow as fuck. I read this at ZI about three days ago.

    • cloverplayer

      …this was up three days ago

      • lololololol

        Check your calender, man.

  • blue blue

    The only real complete section is the first 3/4th. And it's Epona's song, if I'm playing it right in my head.

    • trimph forks

      I think you're half right — it's the same notes as Epona's song, but I think the second note is being held out longer in this version. (In the original, it's the third note that's held out.) I'm thinking there's a connection! 😀