The Legend of Zelda series has been inspiring cosplayers for many years, and if you go to any cosplay website and search for Zelda costumes you’ll likely be inundated pictures of the many Zelda costumes that have been created by fans. You can even buy Zelda costumes on eBay. Yet once in a while a truly stunning costume stands out, and today I’d like to show you this gorgeous version of Zelda from Twilight Princess created by cosplayer akuriko.

Not only does akuriko make a beautiful Zelda, she created her costume entirely herself from scratch apart from the Hylian ears. Her armor and accessories were crafted from model magic and craft foam. All the detail and embroidery on the costume was either hand-sewn or done by machine. She also styled the wig. As a cosplayer myself, I’m completely blown away by the attention to detail and amount of time that have gone into this costume.

Head over to to view more pictures of this costume and see akuriko’s other work which includes several more Zelda costumes.

Source: TDW Geeks
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