Artisans, prepare your paintbrushes, pens, pencils, computers or any other tools that you may use. For a Zelda fan art contest is underway! Although this one is not being run by us here at Zelda Universe, it is run by well-known artist Melora from History of Hyrule, a website that in the past was renowned for its huge collection of Zelda artwork.

Zelda Art Contest

This contest has a theme, which is a Zelda festival with music. Feel free to use inspiration from any part of the Zelda-verse. So let your imagination go wild! The top 12 entries will receive prizes, and some of these are really lovely, including replicas of the Master Sword, Hylian Shield and Ocarina of Time. In addition, these top 12 entries will be featured in a calendar. Even if your entry doesn’t make the top 12 you may still win a participation prize.

The basic requirements are that the artwork needs to be a drawing or painting, but this can be traditional or computer-generated. To fit the calendar idea, images should be horizontal and in an 8:5 ratio (for example, 1920×1200 pixels). The deadline for entries is September 30, 2011 at midnight GMT. Entries can be sent via email to historyofhyrule.contests [at] gmail [dot] com

If this tickles your fancy or has started to stir the creative juices, then head over to Melora’s site for more information. She’s provided some very detailed information, including plenty of ideas for inspiration, so make sure you check out the following links:

Go beyond the jump to see the prizes that are up for grabs.

Zelda Art Contest

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  • Eternal Legend

    Oh wow!

    I might give this contest a go. ^_^

    • Shaelyn

      you'd better.

  • Roy

    If only I had artistic skills. xD

    • 8D!

      I hear ya, but at least we can buy the calender, right?

      • XD Actually, you can't buy it~ because it's going to be free :3

  • link129

    I know i cant draw

  • link4259

    hay thatmaster sword looks so asome and the sheld look so cool all we need is a link costume and we r the hero of time lol

  • Merq

    Ohh…… I got an idea but I don't know if I have the skill…… dang. I'll try. Now that it's in my head I want to try to get it out. Time to sketch I guess.

  • I can draw pretty well, but there many other Zelda fans who can draw even better XD

    • Banooru

      I'm in the same boat; if I enter I won't be expecting a prize. This seems like a pretty cool challenge and I can't wait to see what people come up with!

      • Please do enter! Either way, all valid submissions that don't "win" one of the final 12 slots will still have a chance at the participation prize: Which will be done lottery-style and Saria's Ocarina is the prize. :3

        I just want to see what people can come up with too! XD I want it to be about fun and creativity.

    • Please don't let that stop you! It's not about the piece that shows the best artistic skill, it's also about creativity! (and having fun 😉

  • Where can I get those WW figurines anyway?

    • The WW figurines came with the Zelda Box, I bought it when it came out years ago. Sometimes they pop-up on auction sites.

      The ST figurines- I got at auction. They're much newer though, so I wouldn't be surprised if there were shops that had them (I just wouldn't know where)

  • AXBHikaru

    Going for that shield.

  • Thank you so much Lysia! You guys are awesome

  • Zack

    I know this is Zelda, but How many of you want Banjo-Kazooie back on Nintendo consoles? I started this Project and would love support.

  • Zane

    Um guys, whats going on with the website? I had to click on a link to lead me here! every time I say home it leads me to this weird white place called ZU, anyone know whats going on?!

  • The second picture is one awesome mash-up of Zelda history!

  • Hi guys im from the uk so will i still be able to enter?

    • Yes! Anyone from any country can participate! Please do.

      To be up-front, one consideration is that there are some countries I will not be able to ship the Sword to: because it IS sharp so customs will consider it a weapon, even though it's a toy- but most of the other prizes will ship fine.

  • Hime

    Freaking awesome, I want to take part of this! <3
    Thanks a bunch for putting this up!