Nintendo’s Zelda 25th anniversary site has launched! When you first arrive on the site, you see a fantastic animation, taking you through many years of the Zelda series, landing on 2011, the current year. When you arrive to the main page of the site, there are a few things that you are able to do:

  • The Zelda History page allows you to take a look at the history of the entire Zelda series, each broken up into shortly-summarized years.
  • They are running a make your own Zelda flipnote contest; official instructions, entry rules, and the like are included.
  • You will find information on the Zelda Symphony, where you can find the currently announced concert dates as well as buy tickets.
  • There also have some cool Zelda wallpapers that you can download.
  • They also link to information on some of the newly released Zelda titles.

Take a look here!

Source: Zelda.Nintendo
  • Zombeh

    Well.. is the page ever going to load?

  • asdf

    Oh boy! Wallpapers! Everybody just loves wallpapers!!

    • mcdude910

      I love wallpapers! I got the "A Link to the Past" wallpaper with the Master Sword in the forbidden forest yesterday!

  • Hussain

    I wish I could make my own Zelda flipnote :S
    I sold my DSi for a 3DS. Why isn't Flipnote Studio on the 3DS already?

    • Carty

      We'll they're making a new program, flipnote memo to replace it but theres no word on when its going to come out yet.

      • Hussain

        I know. I hope we don't miss out on such a sweet competition. :S

  • link129

    this is awsome

  • mikeypizzalover

    The flipnote thing should have been for Metroid, so they would get SOME love.

    Im not complaining, though.

    • Keimori

      Well it turned 25 recently in itself didn't it, give them time to give Zelda its share of the Love first, then I'm sure Metroid will get its share.

  • The Iron Giant

    A brief description of every Zelda game, a brief How to Draw Link video, some competition I can't even compete in, and an orchestra piece that I could probably find on Youtube.


  • Oh man, that SS 25th anniversary wallpaper is epic 😮

  • Jason

    I notice there is a spot waiting for Skyward Sword on the page 🙂

  • link129

    is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome

  • KyleLink

    I have a feeling the song they played at E3 will be the post title theme like 'Legendary Hero' for Wind Waker.

  • mcdude910

    I wish you could watch flipnote entries on the site. That would be really cool!


    The site is awesome and…

    Flipnote Studio is Nintendo's best downloadable game of the 7th generation; scratch that it's the best downloadable game of the seventh generation as a whole. I'm addicted to a Katy Perry Extraterrestrial Flipnote as well as a Mario parody on Smash Mouth-All Star that goes like:

    Some Goomba once told me King Koopas gonna own me, My plunger's still locked up in the wood shed. I was feeling kind of down 'til my brother came around with that cool looking "L" on his forehead. Well he said, "Hey brother we forget each other. Bowser's just a jerk who never had a mother. I know your plunger's locked up in that shack so we'll knock down the door and get it back. Take up a stand and follow me. Ash just called and he needs a buddy. His toilet is clogged up again and we should go help out our friend. Hey know you're a plunger get your plunger, go plunge. Hey know you're a rocker get your guitar, go plunge. Bowser's stinky and old. Only super stars get the gold.

  • Lilly

    It's really freakin lame when you sell your old system to buy a new one, then the coolest contest in forever comes around and your new system can't be used to participate…

  • Jonny

    Some awesome wallpapers in there! Very nice wee site over all and it's getting me even more excited for the London Symphony… awesomes!!

  • TTL

    Who has a 3DS and a DSi? This guy, that's who. 😛 Guess there IS a benefit for not selling your old systems after all.



  • Pointy Ears

    Did anyone watch that Flipnote example for the contest?
    SO CUTE! 😀


      Amazing. Funny how the Links were locked out:P

      • Keimori

        I love how the first bit is so well done , there all the animation standbys, even overlaping action on the hair, and then the last bit was all, lazzy animition loop and long holds, XD

  • Keimori

    I am loveing this contest! I'm so gona make an entry! ^_^

  • link129

    I made a legend of zelda flipnote

  • TTL

    Ouch, I got voted down. :/ Sorry, but I do work so I can afford to keep my consoles, by the way.

    Also, anyone besides me still a bit perturbed that it's near mid August and we still don't have a release date for the "2011" Skyward Sword? I'm getting all "Twilight Princess-Deja Vu" here, regardless of Nintendo's adamant stance to the contrary . . .

    • Keimori

      Eh Fear not, I'm sure they'll have it out on time, I think theres too much to lose if they don't, I mean its they only solid Title they got going for the wii for the rest of the year unless they decide to localize the 3 RPG titles that the folks over at "Operation Rainfall" want so much, (which, in my opinion is a solid idea.) then they'd have 4 titles instead, but as of now, Skyward Sword is the only one, I'm sure they understand that and as such they're unlikely to delay it by very much at all, if they do so.

  • 8D This is awesome! I think I'll be perusing their wallpapers for a while!