Lake Hylia on Guitar

I love it when talented people combine their talents with Zelda to create things for us fans to enjoy. I’d like to share this piece of music by musician Andrew Del Re, who covers video game music on guitar. He’s done an acoustic cover of the beautiful Lake Hylia music from Twilight Princess.

If you liked that, check out his YouTube channel, where he has several other Zelda music covers.

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  • Tani

    Wow, my sister plays guitar, maybe not THAT good but she does play, I showed her the music you play with Japas in MM and since it was on guitar she started to play it too, it was beautiful! I don't think she can play lake hylia, not yet anyway 🙂

  • Ezluke

    I've enjoyed everything I've seen from TheDelRe, and I'm glad he chose this music! It's one of my favorites from Twilight Princess. I used to spend so long at Lake Hylia just staring at the lake, the bridge, and the Arbiter's Grounds because the music was so beautiful and relaxing and the views were gorgeous!

  • Anonymous


  • Bryan


  • Kyobf48


  • I love ! 🙂

  • PhantomVII

    Very nice! I believe this is the same guy that did a metal version of the Hyrule Field theme… once again, I'm impressed.

  • I pressed play, and when the intro ended I suddenly was filled with much joy :'D

    Lake Hylia's music is my favourite theme from TP

  • Euro-Link

    Simply beautiful. What a wonderfully talented young man!

  • TwilightEchoes

    wow! thats absolutely beautiful 😀

  • Truly amazing.You are surely talented. Thanks for sharing this one. I would also like to share this tnx!

  • koolkarts

    Hmm, it's good but there's even better on YouTube.

    Guys, check out this gem, this should be featured on the front page of

    (and don't worry I am not affiliated or that guy, just a fan of youtube music!)