On the subject of Gamecube games not being playable on the Wii U, Amber McCollom, Director of Entertainment and Trend Marketing for Nintendo of America, either revealed another feature of the still-developing Wii U, or she simply misspoke during an interview at E3. Either way, Nintendo fans everywhere can barely sit still. NintendoGal managed to interview McCollom to get more info about this juicy news. Hit the jump to see what she had to say!

Amber McCollom: My name is Amber McCollom and I’m the Director of Entertainment & Trend Marketing at Nintendo of America.

NintendoGal.com: How long have you been with Nintendo?

AM: I’ve been with Nintendo for eight years since 2003 and used to work at our Redmond office, our headquarters.  Now I’m located out of our New York office.

NG: How long have you been at the New York office?

AM: I’ve been working in the New York office since it opened in 2007.

NG: Do you like it there?

AM: New York is great!  It’s a great experience, great place to live.

NG: Did you help work on the launch of the Nintendo 3DS and if so, did you enjoy it?

AM: I did, I worked quite a bit with the Nintendo 3DS launch.  I do a lot of our entertainment and trend marketing and also a lot of our social media tactics.  So working with bloggers, Twitter, Facebook.  We definitely have a lot of activity going on in the entertainment space as well.  There’s a lot of celebrities that love Nintendo 3DS, so we armed those celebrities with the tools they needed to spread the word for Nintendo 3DS.

NG: How much planning and effort has gone into the Zelda 25th Anniversary Celebration?

AM: You know there’s a lot of planning and effort that goes into any celebration.  Zelda specifically, coming on the tails of the Mario 25th Anniversary, you want to make it equally as impactful.  You may have heard about the concert series that’s going on in a number of different markets in the next few months.  I know there’s more information to come on that, but that’s really a big part of the celebration, is the orchestra element.

NG: Nintendo recently hired Scott Moffitt, but we didn’t see him on stage this year.  Can we expect to see him at another date?

AM: You know Scott just joined Nintendo about two months ago and he’s really here at Nintendo getting up to speed on the industry.  Stay tuned for where you see Scott in the future, but I would anticipate him having a larger role in the future.

NG: It could be argued that Nintendo has lost credibility among the mainstream and traditional gamers.  Will the Wii U bring those gamers back do you think?

AM: You know the Wii U and some of the games we showcased at our E3 Media Briefing will definitely bring back the core gamer.  It’ll also really get the expanded audience excited about gaming and keep them gaming.  A number of titles we showed from our 3rd parties will definitely get people excited.

NG: Did the information leaks force Nintendo’s hand for this year’s E3?

AM: YOu know what?  I wouldn’t call it an information leak with the Wii U.  I know that Nintendo put out some information in advance of E3 and I think there’s a number of different ways to approach E3.  In 2005 when we showed the Wii for the first time, that was the first time anyone had ever seen or mentioned Wii.  This time we decided to talk about the Wii successor in advance of E3 to get people excited.  Then we announced more details and the name Wii U at the show to keep that buzz going.  I think it’s just a choice with how you decide to share information with consumers.

NG: Was Reggie’s comment about not talking about the Wii successor until forty-five million units sold in the US optomism on Nintendo’s part?

AM: You know I do remember that comment by Reggie, the forty-five million number and I see that comment as more of a euphemistic speaking phrase.  So I don’t think it’s something we wanted to hang our hat on, but he was speaking euphemistically from my perspective.

NG: Will Nintendo require all developers to output their games in 1080P?

AM: I would say the Wii U is built for 1080p [as a system], so I would anticipate the games would need to be required in that format.

NG: Will Wii U be returning Nintendo towards a more traditional gamer friendly attitude?

AM: Well you know I think with Nintendo we always want to meet the requirements and the interests of the gamers.  The great lineup that we have coming out between now and the holidays and 2012, I think between the 3DS and Wii U and still the great games that are coming out for the Wii that gamers and expanded audience alike will find something that interests them.

NG: I noticed on backwards compatibility at the press conference that the GameCube was missing.  Why is this?

AM: You know it’s interesting that you bring up backwards compatibility and Nintendo’s history usually goes back one system.  The Wii was compatible with GameCube and Wii U will be compatible with Wii and that’s pretty traditional in launches from Nintendo.

NG: So the Wii U will not support the discs or accessories?

AM: Actually the GameCube discs will not be compatible with Wii U, but a number of the games that were playable on GameCube can be downloaded from WiiWare.

NG: Are you limited on one Wii U controller per console and how many Wii Remotes plus this new controller be used/supported at the same time?  I was kind of wondering about this when I played the Battle Mii game.

AM: Well here at E3 we’re showing Wii U experiences with one new controller.  We don’t have anything to announce at this time on how many controllers will effectively work with the system, but right now we’re showing it with one new controller.

NG: Do you expect to see sales of Wii drop significantly with the announcement of Wii U?

AM: To speak to the Wii system and sales coming up, you might have noticed we did recently dropped the price of the Wii system to $149.99 and it comes bundled with Mario Kart Wii, so [it’s] a huge value to consumers.  There’s still an audience out there for people who don’t have a Wii [and] really enjoy gaming on the Wii system and will find a lot of value.

NG: The Nintendo 3DS was one of the very few Nintendo systems to launch without a first party mainstay franchise.  Was this an intentional move on Nintendo’s part?

AM: The Nintendo 3DS is really just out of the gate.  As we know it just launched two months ago and we came out with three really fun games.  One Nintendo franchise you could say, Nintendogs + cats, it does go back to the roots of Nintendogs which we launched in 2006 for the DS.  I would just say stay tuned for more exciting content for Nintendo 3DS.  With us just only being out at market for two months, we have a long future for that system.

NG: Why Luigi’s Mansion 2 on 3DS and why not on a console as it first was?

AM: Luigi’s Mansion when it first came out ten years ago had a huge fan base.  The developers do make that decision on what system they decide to make it on.  They decided this would be much more fun with the ability to use the stylus.  You know how the gameplay works, how you’re searching for ghosts and using the vacuum to suck in the ghosts.  The gameplay experience is just much more fun on a handheld for this time for Luigi’s Mansion 2.

NG: Has 3DS impacted the sales of Nintendo DS?

AM: It’s really fascinating to see that there is an audience for a number of DS products at the market. So DSi is still selling well along with Nintendo 3DS because they’re obviously a number of different needs and wants that gamers have. DSi and Nintendo 3DS meet the needs of those consumers.

NG: I’ve noticed that Nintendo has been a lot more active on the social media scene.  Is Nintendo going to be reaching even more so, perhaps on Facebook and whatever else is on the horizon on social media?

AM: Nintendo launched its official Facebook page on Monday [June 6th] to coincide with E3 week.  So I encourage you and your audience to check it out.  We’re already up to more than five million Likes, so we’re really happy with the progress.

NG: Will there be any exclusive content on that page [Facebook]?

AM: Absolutely.  On Nintendo’s Facebook page you can expect to see exclusive content, visitor comments, and a lot of fun information you won’t get anywhere else.

NG: That wraps that up, thanks!

So do you think games from the Gamecube will make it onto WiiWare in the future? Do you think that there will be DVD playback on the Wii U? Those questions to be answered later as more info comes our way. As always, be sure to drop a comment!

Sources: Joystiq & NintendoGal



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  • Karadom

    They already said that there won't be DVD playback "because you already own devices that can play DVD's"

    • Exactly my logic when anyone tells me the wii U should have DVD compatibility!

    • well you know…

  • Adam

    "(how's that Wii DVD playback and USB storage coming along?). We've reached out to Nintendo for confirmation and details, and will update this post if we hear back."

    Joystiq is looking into that.

  • Mork

    I would love to see downloadable GameCube games in the future. It would effectively give the Wii U a library spanning all of Nintendo's home consoles. It would also give new gamers a chance to experience classics such The Wind Waker, Luigi's Mansion, and Pikmin 2, which can be hard to find now. I would also like to see Game Boy Advance titles available for download on the 3DS, which would give that system access to games from all of Nintendo's portables.

    • Soulless Creature

      The GC was my first ever Nintendo console.

    • I know it should be on the Wii U and 3DS too. Nintendo would make more money if they did.

  • X x7

    I think this is real. It's the Wii U. It can do anything.

    • skywardocarina1

      love your picture

      • X x7

        Thank you.

    • Soulless Creature

      Can the Wii U play GC games?

    • xxx

      It cant play GameCube discs, so it can't dop anything

  • Chad

    That means I have to buy all the games again though Can't they let you rip the Data from the Gamecube game and store it on a USB or something?

    • Callin

      If Gamecube will be available on WiiWare, then the Wii U will have Gamecube emulation.

      If Nintendo doesn't let you emulate stuff from a usb drive (which they won't 😉 ), some homebrew efforts will surely make it possible.

      • Chad

        I guess but I don't know how to use homebrew things and hack into things so I'd probly mess it up : (

  • It'd be pretty cool if this actually happened. Plus, it's very possible, as virtual console games have gone about 2 generations back.

  • O_O


  • She did not misspeak. I'm pretty certain of it, but I do think that that only applies to the Wii U. I don't think they'll make it available for the Wii. It would be interesting, but I know Nintendo and I don't see them doing stuff like this to the Wii.

    • John

      Naw, they definitely wouldn't do that for the Wii seeing as it plays Gamecube games to begin with 😛

  • Soulless Creature

    I think it's a better Idear to make the Wii U play GC games or just remake the best ones mainly LOZ FSA and WW plus Pikmin one and two with new new play controll.

  • How if there's no Gamecube port on the Wii U?!

  • Zombeh

    You'll need a large storage device to store GC games. 8 GB of on-board flash memory will only support so many games. Support for external drives?

  • robotortoise

    This would be awesome! Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in HD!!!


    • darkie's doom

      have you ever played tp on the wii?

      • robotortoise

        Uh…That's in 480p. Not true HD.

  • so i gon the shop channel then they have a gamcube section so i could buy super mario sunishin wind waker mario party and other games

  • I want to go to there…. My brother gave me his GameCube when he went away to college in 2006, and by that time, GameCube games were well on their way out. So I couldn't get a lot of games that I wanted, like LoZ:FSA, Pokemon Channel (luckily, a friend basically gave me Channel a couple weeks ago), Pokemon Colosseum (or as I like to call it, "Pokemon Bada**"), and others. Not to mention a GBA-GCN link cable that I heard was supposed to come with TWW but I never found in my house! So if I could get GCN games on the Wii U (blech name), my life will be complete! Well, almost…

    EDIT: Wait. Crap. I read that whole thing wrong. Not on Wii U. WiiWare. WE ALL KNOW THIS IS RIDICULOUS! At least I do. WiiWare files are too small to fit entire GCN games. Maybe on the Wii U equivalent (which is what I thought this was talking about), but on WiiWare? Not gonna happen. My hopes have been dashed.

  • Taylez

    if game cube makes it to wii ware it could widen the range of games avalible on the DSi and 3DS

  • Zelda Paradox

    *bangs fists on desk and throws computer out the window*

  • goronbot

    Im getting a 3DS and zelda for my 13th birthday im ecstatic

  • crazymallets

    This irritates me. the Wii U should be able to have backwards compatibility with the gamecube. It would cost virtually nothing to be able to do that. Bring the games to wiiware is just another way for NIntendo to make money, and I'm really irritated that we have to buy classical wii remotes now. All I've ever used were gamecube remotes for the wii.

  • Kyle

    Instead of yes or no to DVD they should make it an add on option for those who wish and can afford it to have the device.

  • When she woke up first thing look at the money! " Defeat is still chow Chow still outside the wide positions over the combative, filled the sky, and even the midday sun as if covered with a layer of light gray, people do not dim to see clearly" Stalin Shu unconscious whoop

  • the same is material composition, but last year, the year before new material is presented, and given this year's essay question is the traditional material After the break that she was pregnant However,

  • darkie's doom


  • shooflypi

    Non compatibility with Gamecube disks doesn't concern me, but the incompatibility with the controllers does. Some Wii games like Super Smash Bros Brawl played best with Gamecube controllers. Now I'm going to have to buy some classic controllers. If they limit the number of new controllers you can have, they should sell stand alone classic controllers so new consumers who don't already have a bunch of wiimotes don't have to buy both wiimotes and classic controllers. Or at least reduce their prices…

  • Phantom7

    Nintendo should make the downloadable GC games HD compatible. Or at least widescreen.

  • Nelson

    Now all we need is a GameCube classic controller and a N64 classic controller.

  • aaa

    She sure says "You know" a lot.

  • PaperPrince

    I want Pikmin 2, Wind Waker, and TP. That would be epic.

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