That’s right, folks! Netflix is now available on your 3DS so you can watch movies anywhere, especially in places where your laptop can’t go. For those who are unfamiliar, Netflix is a special service that lets you rent movies right from your living room, and you get to keep the movies for as long as you want with absolutely no late fees. Not only that, but you can also stream instantly to your computer, Wii, and now your 3DS!… and other major consoles and electronics with the capability. The only kicker is that you need a Netflix account to take advantage of this feature on the 3DS.  However, Netflix has added something special just for 3DS owners! When you go and download the Netflix channel from the eShop and start it up, you will find that you have a 1-month trial period totally free! Don’t have an account? No worries! The movie selection is endless, even if you only have the instant-streaming package. The price for instant-streaming is very affordable and I, having a Netflix account of my own, would strongly recommend it for big-time movie goers. So if you have your 3DS handy and a good internet connection, get it geared up, because it’s movie time on the go! And don’t forget to leave us your feedback in the comments below!

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  • Zombeh

    I was thinking about getting Netflix, but their price increase has me thinking otherwise.

    • Adam

      My brother and I were talking about that the other night. We actually share our account (under his name); He pays $20 per month for unlimited streaming and DVD rentals, he told me. I wouldn't doubt them going up even more.

      And the guy who started Netflix – the reason he started Netflix was because he was charged a late fee at Blockbuster.

      • NanaiX

        I read in the paper today they had to raise their prices because they were spending more than they were making. Apparently this way helps them cover the cost by not wasting money on providing streaming to people who only want DVD's. :/

  • robotortoise

    I wonder if they'll eventually have 3D movie rentals…

  • Andrew

    I'll give you my feedback… oh wait I live in the UK -.-

  • ythy


  • mikeypizzalover

    nobody belives me that my OoT3D soundtrack shipped *sniff sniff*
    And yeah, I know Im trolling, but I am just so exited.

    YES!!! Good thing I live In Canada! Now if only I HAD Netfilix….

    So sad.

  • Soeroah

    "Netflix is now available on your 3DS so you can watch movies anywhere"

    What about outside the US? :p

    • Tsubasa_zero

      Outside US… Then you're out of luck. Just like me.

  • Trolldad
  • beachlovingirl

    Now I think I'm gonna have to get a 3ds for sure!

  • Sakume

    My thoughts on the subject:

    I had Netflix for my TV. It was worth it when I had to pay ten dollars a month and had time to watch movies on a substantially sized screen. My problems are:
    1. The increase in price. It may not seem like much to most people, but it adds up quickly, especially if you don't use it often enough.
    2. WIfi needed to stream. Streaming is the only way you can watch it on your 3DS and wifi is only available in select places, not likely when you're on a road trip or when you really do have time to sit and watch a movie on the 3ds.
    3. Small screen. Yes, it's big. For a handheld. No problem gaming, I love what they've done with that. But watching movies is almost just as big if not bigger on my ipod and it can be done without wifi.
    4. The time. I would sit and play 3ds for a few hours. No problem. If I wanted to, anyway. But would I sit and watch a movie on that small screen for hours? Probably not. Not if I can just as easily watch it on the computer or on the TV. (Most would counter this to say "Well the 3DS is supposed to be for on the go netflix streaming, if you're out of home!" But again, that's where the wifi issue comes up once more. The most often used place for a person's wifi is their home. And when you're home… you aren't gonna use the 3ds to watch a movie. It's just that simple.)
    5. Just wondering here, how would watching/streaming affect the battery life? That is another of my small concerns, since wifi and brightness would likely be used to the max.
    The update is a nice try to offer "more variety" to the player, but I think I'll just stick with the games for now and keep my movies on my computer/tv/ipod. :>

  • Jess

    Good thing I came on here I had no idea they were upping the price. Time to watch as much as I can before I cancel. Seriouslyy Netflix, $16???

    • NanaiX

      Or switch to the $7 a month streaming or DVD only.

      • Leftyrock91

        Streaming and DVDs will soon be 15.99. There will be no $7 a month deal before long. This is why I canceled my Netflix account. It's just too much for me.

        • angelink_1995

          You can choose between just streaming or just DVDs, both are 7.99 each and 15.99 for both

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    I was actually thinking about this yesterday saying they should have netflix for my 3DS!
    Then God answered my prayers!

  • angelink_1995

    It's been there since yesterday 😀

  • GanonLives

    The only downside to this is Netflix will be increasing its prices for NEW members immediately and for previous members their rates will increase 60%. Unless there is a created fee for the 3d system that is lower then its not worth it at all.

  • Leftyrock91

    This is nice and all, but I'm done with Netflix. Sure I'm missing out on a lot of Anime I could be watching, but 15.99 a month is just too much for me to handle. My family can't even afford 7.99 a month. If Netflix wants to make more money, then why don't they, Idk, CUT spending a little?

    • Zombeh

      Probably because the movie studios are demanding a higher profit from Netflix. Should they demand more? I don't think so.

      Netflix is, or was, probably reducing piracy (a little something that those movie studios seem to despise) by providing a cheap alternative of easily accessible titles available via streaming.

      Time to choose.. do movie studios want SOME money, or none at all?

  • zeldafan888

    To bad we don't have it in austrailia it wound been helpful to rant video and move online.

  • RBF241

    I think, Zelda Universe staff, that you should remember that this website is a very big and popular website and therefore a large percentage of your visitors will be from outside the USA. You shouldn't write your articles as though the only people reading them are Americans. No Netflix isn't available on my 3DS because I'm not in North America. I know Americans think only they exist, or that all other countries are too poor to have internet, but you could at least try to be professional in what you report.

    • Zombeh

      This is very true, and while this article in particular was done by an American, it's also worth noting that the staff come from all parts of the world too.

  • This is going to be awesome, now I can't wait to get the 3DS! Only 2 weeks left WOOHOO!! :DDDD