That’s right, folks! Netflix is now available on your 3DS so you can watch movies anywhere, especially in places where your laptop can’t go. For those who are unfamiliar, Netflix is a special service that lets you rent movies right from your living room, and you get to keep the movies for as long as you want with absolutely no late fees. Not only that, but you can also stream instantly to your computer, Wii, and now your 3DS!… and other major consoles and electronics with the capability. The only kicker is that you need a Netflix account to take advantage of this feature on the 3DS.  However, Netflix has added something special just for 3DS owners! When you go and download the Netflix channel from the eShop and start it up, you will find that you have a 1-month trial period totally free! Don’t have an account? No worries! The movie selection is endless, even if you only have the instant-streaming package. The price for instant-streaming is very affordable and I, having a Netflix account of my own, would strongly recommend it for big-time movie goers. So if you have your 3DS handy and a good internet connection, get it geared up, because it’s movie time on the go! And don’t forget to leave us your feedback in the comments below!

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