Last month, I found out about the guys from Dorkly.  They are the guys who take old school games and create new situations in game that weren’t there before.  For example, there was one from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 where Robotnik’s wheel car at the end of Emerald Hill Zone breaks down and he gets out to fix it before facing Sonic.  Well, the newest one combines a classic Zelda game with a new popular puzzle game.


In the most recent video, they took A Link to the Past and added the Portal Gun from the Portal series to Link’s arsenal.  They took a couple of scenes from the game and used some portal aspects to compete some Zelda puzzles and defeat some Zelda enemies.  My favorite part is when Link combines the Bow with the Portal Gun.  I hope you enjoy watching what could have been if Link was given Aperture Science’s bread and butter weapon.  Oh, and he would need cake, of course.

Source: Dorkly
  • robotortoise

    Ahh… You gotta love CollegeHumor/dorkly…. Combining two awesome games…

  • Anomynous

    Making Portals huh???Link might as well skip through the whole game and create a portal to zelda and save the day

    • Trolldad

      But how? You need to shoot at a solid surface to CREATE the portal, you can't make one and place it in the middle of nowhere

  • ChainofTermina


  • Ashmic

    I like when they make zelda mods for half life and u see zelda with a gun AND a voice and 1st person link, wicked cool

    • Ashmic

      why would ppl thumb this down lol

  • Doctor You

    I think Ganondorf already has a Portal gun, at least in his boss battles!

    Oh, and cake.

    • GorCoronSumo

      I TP Ganon does…

  • RPH1

    That was awsome. What game is the Portal Gun from?

    • …Portal and Portal 2. Just a stretch really.

    • zoraluigi

      Portal/Portal 2… :/

    • Darkhero0808

      uhhm Portal, DUH!

  • heroofmasks

    no guns in zelda i say takes all the fun away

    • Aivatrix

      I agree but I would be cool to see what you could do with the portal gun in Zelda since the enviroments are WAY more of than in the portal games.

      also I thumbs up your comment I dont get way peoples thumbs it down.

    • ChainofTermina

      The Portal Gun isn't exactly the same thing as an Ak-47 though.

      • that guy

        your right, its better

  • TwiliKitty

    I love the part where the chickens all kill Ganon xD

  • MDH

    That was brilliant.

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  • Keimori

    Who needs soliders? thouse guys are useless, I say we raise a unstopable army of Cocoos! With them hyrule shal never again fall into evil hands! whos with me!?

    • Drizzt

      SHALL has two 'L's

      • Keimori

        So it dose.
        My Bad. ^^"

        • Majin Kai

          DOES has the E before the S

          Killed the joke, I guess :3

  • matt17

    Typo, compete instead of complete the puzzles.

  • I wouldn't leave one at home. I'd be pissed off finding unwanted visitors at home all the time. I'd probably have one outside my house and one at my work. Sleep in and then pop off to work in less than a second. It'd be awesome.

    • Keimori

      I'd have a portal generator at my friends and Family's homes, then, I could visit my Grandparents in London ON in the morning, then be home in time for dinner! just think how much money one could save on travel expenses if they could just, portal everywere.

      • That Guy

        Well, have fun aiming the gun all the way there.

        • Keimori

          Who says i'd have to? there are stationary portal generators early in the game, i'd just need to send alitle travel money to set them up then all i'd need is a remonte to flip the one i want on and bing, shoot the oposeing portal (ie if the generator i activate remotle is orange then the one i"d shoot would be lue and vice versa) onto the neares flat srface and bing! i'm there.

  • That Guy

    Holy crap, Ganon is GLaDOS

  • zerobriant

    Link had a portal gun! check this one out just today, "Game of Blades" by zerobriant.. Zelda meets Games of Throne

  • Every time i leave the house i'd leave a portal at home so that i could easily get back wherever i am. Id also just play around with the portals at home, i love the concept of it.

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