Last month, I found out about the guys from Dorkly.  They are the guys who take old school games and create new situations in game that weren’t there before.  For example, there was one from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 where Robotnik’s wheel car at the end of Emerald Hill Zone breaks down and he gets out to fix it before facing Sonic.  Well, the newest one combines a classic Zelda game with a new popular puzzle game.


In the most recent video, they took A Link to the Past and added the Portal Gun from the Portal series to Link’s arsenal.  They took a couple of scenes from the game and used some portal aspects to compete some Zelda puzzles and defeat some Zelda enemies.  My favorite part is when Link combines the Bow with the Portal Gun.  I hope you enjoy watching what could have been if Link was given Aperture Science’s bread and butter weapon.  Oh, and he would need cake, of course.

Source: Dorkly