Swedish retailer Cdon have listed a game titled Legend of Paper Zelda as an upcoming release for the Wii U. Before you get too excited, I wouldn’t be holding my hopes too high for this one – there’s no official news about any sort of Paper Zelda game, so it seems like it may have just been an error of sorts by Cdon.

Still, what do you think about the possibility of the Legend of Zelda series following Mario into the realms of paper? Sound like something you’d play? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Cdon (via Zelda Informer)
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  • zeldafan4040

    Wow. It would be very interesting. I would imagine a paper Hyrule would look pretty cool. And fighting paper moblins and PAPER GANON! 😛

  • angelink_1995

    I would totally play this but I still want an HD entry

  • Chad

    I guess it would be okay as long as they don't do that whole pokemon-esque fighting style I HATE turn based fighting with a passion. honestly though Paper Zelda doesn't seem realistic. Just look at how people reacted to Wind Waker and that was a Great Style. On top of that how would that company have gotten this information every other Zelda game has gotten announced at E3 before anyone found out about it.

    • Keimori

      I'd hope a paper style Zelda game wouldn't be realistic, that'd be very creepy indeed.

  • The Iron Giant

    ABOUT FUCKING TIME. But yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath.

  • Trolldad

    So is the gameplay gonna be like a cross between Adventure of Link and Super Paper Mario?

    • ZaYeti

      It would be better if it were like the first Paper Mario.

      • Trolldad

        But I don't think the turn based style would suit zelda, still worth a try though

        • ZaYeti

          That's what they said with Mario too. It will work.

          • Chad

            That was mario, Mario is more flexible than Zelda Zelda however is more of a 3D/ 2D top down game you need to be able to see your surroundings and use your items if we changed to a flat paper 3D surroundings approach you wouldn't be able to hookshot for example because there is only a thin margin of area for you to hit and you can't aim which limits arrows and other aiming based items also the sword wouldn't work either in real combat so a turn based approach would have to be implemented. This could be seen as problematic because the thing about Zelda is that it's real live-action fighting not turn based. Don't get me wrong I LOVED paper Mario but It get's REALLY annoying when your trying to get through the dungeon and then oops you just encountered an enemy now you have to waste 1-5 minutes battling it multiply that by the someodd 200 enemies in the game and you have about 2000-6000 minutes of fighting enemies that's a bit of a guestimate but I like getting through strorylies not waiting for my character to take his time and walk over to the other side and hit the bad guy with his sword not kill him then wait for the enemy to do the same over and over and over.

  • The site is probably trolling

  • Keimori

    That would be most awesome, I'd love see a party of Link and Zelda, joined by the likes of a Korkiri, Goron, Zora, Gerudo, and a Twili all joining together to face the evil Ganondorf, and his army of cute minnions.

    Maybe Vati could show up too, and try to unsurp Ganondorf be teaming up with other Non-ganon type Villans. (I for one would LOVE to see General Onyx again)

  • Simon

    Don't belive CDON… They have been listing products before that hasn't even been made, for example the World of Warcraft movie.. I am from Sweden myself and I find them very annoying. So don't belive their listed products unless you've heard about them from real sources, in this case Nintendo 🙂

  • Simon
  • The Iron Giant

    Paper Zelda would be so awesome. It's a shame that faint rumors such as these actually make me excited.

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    Sounds fun. I would probably buy it.
    On DeviantArt I found a drawing of a Paper Zelda. It was done by Nelde, a user on DeviantArt.
    Here is the link: http://nelde.deviantart.com/gallery/29689645#/d3d

  • robotortoise

    Paper Zelda would be AWESOME. This would be the combination of two awesome series. That said, I doubt it's true…. But, come on? Who wouldn't want to fight paper Ganon? Plus the visuals in Zelda are always fantastic, and the Paper Mario series always has interesting visuals and design, to say the least.

  • i8oprah

    I'm sorry but I wouldn't get excited for a paper Zelda, I don't know if I'd even buy it

    • Vio

      Your loss, the Paper Mario games are fantastic.

  • alvaro rios

    paper mario meets the legend of zelda. if it is true this will make for a truly epic game 🙂

  • ThatOneGuy

    Would be awesome… but it is probably someone screwed up…

  • masen

    Not sure of a paper styled Zelda. It could possibly harm the uniqueness of the Paper Mario series. (Plus Zelda fans are already being difficult with the cell shaded Zelda's. Imagine their reactions to a "Paper" Zelda. Although that would be pretty hilarious. mind. 😛 )

    Though I don't mind Zelda going through a more RPG based direction for one game in the vein of the Paper Mario series. As was mentioned before. Link getting sidekicks from different races to help him out would be pretty interesting. 😀

    As long as he gets a minish and that penguin thing from that Skyward Sword trailer as sidekicks though. 😛

    • GorCoronSumo

      The would need stupid puns for names… 😉

      • GorCoronSumo

        Like "Goombario" from Paper Mario.

  • Adam

    Dear God, I hope this is a troll.

    The Zelda franchise is built on pushing the boundaries of gaming. LoZ was the first savable adventure. OoT set up 3-D gaming as sustainable. WW and TP pushed graphics and gameplay to new heights.

    A Paper Zelda would be an abomination, not only because it would by default be a regression back to a style already developed by a previous game, it wouldn't be following the spirit of an adventure game against evil, but instead be reduced to child's play.

    Above all else, a franchise must maintain consistency in tone. Paper would by default change the gritty-yet-fun game we love into a boring platformer, lacking in cutting edge plot or gameplay.

    Keep paper out of the Zelda franchise, for everyone's sake.

    • ZaYeti

      Go be a fucking fanboy somewhere else.

      • Trolldad

        This is a zelda site, everyone has the right to be a fanboy/fangirl here

        • Lord Llort


      • Zombeh

        I see Zelda as a bridge between the causal and hardcore audience of gamers.

        Honestly, most opinions of Zelda games go like this:

        "It's too cartoony.. but I'll still buy it"

        "It's too dark and gritty.. but I suppose I'll buy it"

    • Kitakee

      IMO you don't have to be first at everything to push boundaries, and you certainly don't have to come up with new graphics to make a game better than others. Zelda has already wriggled its way into our hearts, we KNOW there's good quality no matter what it looks like graphically. Testing the Paper look may not be a first in gaming, but it WOULD be a first for Zelda, and personally I think it would have potential to kick some serious butt. 🙂

    • Jonathan

      pretty sure it was mario 64 that set up 3-D gaming as sustainable… zelda has been following mario's moves for years now. Zelda using 3-D after mario isn't any better than Zelda using paper after Mario….

      • Adam

        I have to disagree. Mario definitely brought it to the forefront, no question. But there were problems I'm sure you remember as I do concerning camera placement, directional controls of the character, and depth perception difficulties. I noted that Ocarina did not create it and instead made it sustainable because OoT corrected these crucial problems and allowed 3-D gaming to really move forward as a viable alternative to side scrolling or overhead games.

    • Keimori

      I think "Abomination" is an extremely strong word, I understand that this is most likely a troll, but for argument sake, lets say this is true.

      First, I think you were wrong when you said "Paper would by default change the gritty-yet-fun game we love into a boring platformer" Leaveing my love of a good platformer aside, who said the paper style has to equate to platformer?

      its a mater of fact that the default for the "paper" games is turn based RPG, of which, might not be a bad change of pace for the serries, expesialy if it's non-canon. (it'd have to be if they didn't want to drive the timeline theorist nuts)

      • Keimori

        Now don't think I have to mention this, considering you mentioned Windwaker, but a "style regression" as you put it, would not mean the game would be less fun, nor would it mean it would have to sacrifice any "dark and/ or grittyness", again I'll refer to the toon syle games to back my argument up there.
        You may actualy want to play the Papr mario games too, if you haven't, they had some dark and gritty moments, that suited the style just fine.

        Now, I'll agree with you, a platformer would most likely not fit the Zelda series at all, and you Certainly wouldn't have to like a paper style game, in fact, you're welcome to hate it, its your oppinion, but I just wanted to defend the paper style in itself.

        • Adam

          While I thank you for your opinion, this is not a troll. I say it would be a platformer by process of elimination, there is no other style a paper Zelda game could assume. Paper limits a game to 2-D, side scrolling, archaic gameplay. I challenge you to find a way NOT make a Zelda game a platformer. At best the game would regress to AoL, which was fine in 1989, but not in 2011.

          Also WW was unique in that it took cel shaded graphics to an entirely new level. Yes, they existed, so did 3-D gaming when OoT was released. But WW brought a smooth gameplay to an otherwise cartoon style, and that combination was path-breaking. Plus I guarantee there is nothing in the Paper Mario games that even comes close to the grit of a sword plunged into the skull of Ganondorf.

    • DashDG

      Totally agree; let's move on to HD and improved graphics. Not because "better graphics make better games", Zelda games prove that point (wind waker, four swords), but the truth is that most of the gamers around the globe are moving on to HD TVs’ and monitors. It’s a natural step like 8, 16, 64 bits, etc… One thing is to bring back old school games to VC, make some improved remakes and create indie-retro games, and something else it’s develop a game with cheap-childish-paper-like graphics. I think that the idea of Wii-U it’s to finally approach to the new visual technologies and return to the most adult gamers likes, leaving some of the casual-kids games behind (or I hope so). Zelda deserves HD. And man this is ZeldaUniverse, we’re supposed to be fanboys!!!!

      • The only reason for Nintendo to not get involved with betters graphics and HD back in 2006 (and therefore the present), was because in those days there was just a few people with HD technologies in Japan and they believed that it was going to take some time to spread around the globe. They were wrong, and they accept the mistake without regrets it in several interviews. That’s the reason why the Wii have some real good games with poor graphics (for this gaming generation). The problem with a lot of Nintendo fans is that they’re getting used to get their games with that goodgame-badgraphics formula, just to justify there support with Nintendo against the PS3 and 360… We’re finally getting our updated graphics for Nintendo Games. Get over it!!!!!

        • GorCoronSumo

          You have completely overlooked any positive features by calling it an "abomination". A game that is an "abomination" would be a side scrolling Zelda game with no items but the basic sword and no story at all. Such a game would have no positive features, besides that it would be Zelda. And even that could be a minus, because it would make the Zelda series worse. Not trying to hate on anyone, but "bad game" would be sufficient.

          • GorCoronSumo

            Also, it is very possible to have a non-platformer paper game. The papermario series was a series of turn-based RPG's.

    • April

      I completely agree with you, Adam.

  • Meerkat

    Wow, I would love this if it were an RPG like the first two Paper Mario games.

  • matt17

    It would be awesome for them to make an RPG zelda game similar to paper mario.

  • Fizzy Straw

    I think this would be cute as a top down handheld game. Not that I'm saying I have any illusions that it would happen. But little cardboard cut-out Link for the 3DS? Sure. ;D It'd be different from the last two WW-esque installments to the series.

  • Kitakee

    All I can say is, they better bring in a Gerudo chick snatching a whip at you while you run in a mouse wheel. 😀

  • Super


  • If I could afford it, I’d play it because it’s Zelda, but Paper Zelda seems like a stupid first Zelda game to demonstrate the capabilities of the Wii U. I don’t really care about the art style, but that kind of gameplay seems like a giant leap backward in gameplay from Skyward Sword, which is supposed to be the definitive way to play a Zelda game.

  • shooflypi

    while I love the Paper Mario series and think Paper Zelda would be fun, I don't think Zelda should become a cross-genre franchise like Mario…. it would probably harm both. Thank goodness this is almost certainly fake

  • shyguy101

    Neat idea but i personally dont like rpg. Id play any zelda game though!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    What in the sweet hell!? I hope this isn't true, they just get into the HD era and they don't even want to utilize what they can achieve in 3D? Please, PLEASE let this be a false rumor, save something like this for the 3DS

  • ZaYeti

    Those who don't like this idea have CLEARLY never played Paper Mario.

  • linker27

    I agree that it'd be a really useless Wii U premiere (but, it's not like all of the Wii games take advantage of the system. Twilight Princess, even, was perfectly playable on the Gamecube (though it was way less cool)). And too, it's true that some of the more ardent anti-Celda people would totally freak. (But I really don't want to bring up that debate here).

    But as for being childish, not worthy of the franchise…

    I think that most people can agree that the Paper Mario games were never meant to stand beside Super Mario Bros, or SM64, or Sunshine or Galaxy. They were designed to be the fairy tale spin-off, the storybook version where there was room for humour and parody that didn't fit in the original Mario series.

    And while I think that Paper Mario should be left untouched by the influence of other franchises, I also believe that Zelda is old enough, and respected enough, that it wouldn't sully anything to have a LoZ game that was fine admitting it was just a game. I don't mean to dismiss the humour present in the Legend of Zelda; the series does a pretty decent job balancing humour with more serious themes of good/evil. But not every game has to have serious themes.

    I mean, the franchise is at what? Game 16? 17? (Doesn't feel like recounting….) And people have their favourites and their least favourites, but over all, I think we can agree that the series is still good. Nintendo hasn't lost sight of what the franchise can be, and neither have the fans.

    But we do see repetition, we do see tropes which have emerged, workarounds and plot points and look-alike characters which are as much part of the series as Ganon is, but left largely unspoken. I don't have to mention cuccos or Tingle, but smaller things too: robbing shops in the Game Boy games; breaking pots and not being yelled at (most of the time); hunting rabbits for treasure; getting lost in the woods because you were playing with the volume muted (maybe that was just me…); having 3-plus timelines still not be enough to piece the games together… Those are the sorts of details that would shine through in a Paper game.

    And at this point, when Nintendo freely plans to cash in on our nostaglia as well as our thirst for new adventures, I think a game like Paper Mario, built on the tropes and the remembrances that won our loyalties in the first place, and that might be better equipped to pass those memories along to younger generations of gamers…. I think it'd be awesome.

    (Someday, I'm going to write a short post. I swear).

    • Keimori

      Thank you sir, for saying everything i've been trying to say, only better.

  • real zelda fan.

    that would seem like more of a wii shop buy than a disc itself….. it would have to be really dragged out too

  • NanaiX

    I love the Paper Mario series but.. It just works with the simple, cutesy, humorous, Mario characters. I mean, I've always had a soft spot for Bowser but Paper Bowser is just so downright adorable. It's almost criminal.

    I guess they really could dumb down some monsters, use a villain more like Vaati.. Simplify the story.. A whole lot.. But then it wouldn't have the essence of a Zelda game to me. People have come to expect a whole lot more out of Zelda than a silly, lighthearted yet entertaining game.. I don't think Nintendo would take the chance.

    Perhaps I'm simply over thinking it all.

    • GorCoronSumo

      Paper is not synonymous with "no story".

  • zeldafan4040

    They should give us that super epic HD Zelda for the wii U, BUT however, that being said, they should indeed give us this " Paper Zelda " for the next original installment for the 3DS!!! 🙂

  • RPH1

    I've wanted to play a Zelda RPG, before. They could make it dark, not cute, so the people who don't like Wind Waker(my all-time favorite game) will have less to boohoo about. Maybe a war or siege against Hyrule, where you need a team of Zoras, Gorons, Deku Scrubs and Zelda to join Link.

    What is 599 krona in $?

    • Keimori

      Ya know if its not touched upon in Skyward sword, I'd like to know more about the Hyrule civil war mentioned in OoT, ya know, the one that forced Link's mother to abandon him in the kokiri forest and entrust him to the Deku Tree.
      that would be awesome.

  • Simon

    1 dollar is about 7 swedish crowns, kronor, so it's about 85 dollars 🙂

  • Arozene

    It would be awesome but imo it would need to be in the style of WW to work but that's just me

  • By_Farore

    I don't think Zelda will follow Mario there.

    But if it ever does, I think it'll be portable. I also think that if it ever does, it won't be Paper-Mario-but-with-Zelda: something about the gameplay would be different.

    And I'll play it, for it is Zelda. But it's not something I'll be waiting for.

  • joe

    They need to try something new because the series has been stagnating for over 5 years. Paper Zelda may not be what I'm looking for but at least it's different.

    Personally, I think a Zelda set in the distant future in space would be the coolest thing ever. Instead of a horse, Link has a ship. Instead of a sword, Link has laser weapons. It sounds crazy but I think it's just what Nintendo needs to make the series relevant again.

    • April

      I think that would be the worst thing that could ever happen to the series.

      • GorCoronSumo

        Ganon could be Ganondorf in a giant robot.

  • ANdom

    i really hate the idea of paper zelda. it would be cool if it was for ds or gamecube but wiiu can do so much more

  • DarkOwl

    Could be a whole game with graphics like the tapestries from the opening of the Wind Waker and Spirit Tracks.

    But this probably isn't real.

  • xxx

    even the site's name is almost like ''Con''

  • Jarmihi

    That is something I would definitely not like to play. Play it I will, but I don't really think that aesthetic style suits Zelda.

  • steffexx

    i think.. if they would do a paper zelda game.. they would do it as a game next to a "real" zelda game like paper mario next to mario galaxy on the wii! they did both but they are both totally different and are meant for different kind of players

  • Vio

    Ah, its Celda all over again in the comments here. Funny what a short memory people have.

    While I'm not sure if the paper aesthetic would work, a turn based Zelda spin off of some kind would be pretty cool, to me. Not for a main title, but for a side game. Why not? Especially when you consider what a great battle system the Paper Mario games have.

  • GorCoronSumo

    "Paper" means flat, not unrealistic looking. You could have a paper game with TP graphics, only flat.

  • RaineSageRocks

    Hell, I'd play it. It would be very interesting.

  • Subrosian

    This would only be cool if, instead of making a turn-based RPG like Paper Mario, they made it action/platformer-RPG akin to Adventure of Link, but with more forgiving lives/game overs and better controls. Also, the papercraft characters shouldn't, and by no means have to be as cartoony as Paper Mario's. I was thinking more along the lines of some of the art for the original Zelda and Zelda II.

    • Vio

      Exactly, would be good stuff.

  • aeolus


  • i loved paper mario, so a paper zelda game would be awesome, probably would be cooler on the 3ds though.
    and the little messege at the bottem of cdon's post says, 'price, image, product description and release date are preliminary and are subject to change', i think that kind of makes it sound more real, so i can't help but get excited:)

  • merritt2014

    Wasn't there a leaked 3ds game leak that had paper zelda in it?

  • allav866

    God NO! I love The Legend of Zelda, and I love Paper Mario, even Super Paper Mario, despite the fact that it deviated from the original gameplay, but if there was a Paper Zelda game, it would deviate from the series even more. I will agree that It's been a while since a top down 2d Zelda game (I believe they stopped after Minish Cap), but the only thing I can see Paper Zelda as is a 2d side-scroller, and last time Nintendo deviated from what we were used to to make a side-scroller, some of us got PO'd (not me, I do enjoy Zelda 2 for it's challenge factor)! Aside from that, when did they ever make a Zelda game that tried to be Mario? And don't you DARE say Link's Awakening or Zelda 2!!

  • Dan

    I'd love that!

  • crackkat

    i would rather they concentrated all efforts on the main zelda game for wii u, so we can get that one in three years instead of five