“If you wear this, even a little fella like you can pick a Bomb Flower using (A).” The line we all heard when we were first given this bracelet by Darunia, in the Goron City on Death Mountain. Now you have a chance to own this bronze crafted bracelet for yourself, I know I want one!

This little beauty of a bracelet was made by Mark Wengryn. Styled after the bracelet from Ocarina of Time, it measures about 2″ wide with a diameter of roughly 3″. Although it will set you back around $93 plus P&P, it is available to ship to most countries. To see the sales page click here.

So is this genuine bronze recreation of Ocarina of Time’s Goron’s Bracelet worth the money? If so will you be purchasing one? If you could recreate any item from any Zelda game what would it be? Leave a comment below!

Source: Etsy
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  • Twilit_Dragon

    Seriously $93 and $9 shipping for something smaller than a thimble? Talk about taking to the cleaners.

    • Justin

      they're not making as much money as you think off of this, and people like you have no consideration for the time and effort artists put into their work.

      • Twilit_Dragon

        not that much time considering how small it is

        • MCask

          I would love to see a thimble three inches in diameter. this is a full size bracelet.

        • zoraluigi

          The smaller it gets, the more hard work it takes to get the intricacies of the designs. As it is, this the full sized thing, so…

  • Miff

    Ever since I played Majora's Mask, I've wanted a bunny hood.

    • nintendo warrior12

      y? so u can run faster? i think thts what epona is for….

      • Trolldad

        If someone wanted Epona they could just get a horse that looks identical to Epona and name it Epona

  • James

    Um, two inches by three inches? What kind of thimbles are you using? This is pretty awesome, but I'm still waiting for a functional Hookshot.

    • Soulless Creature

      The Hookshot's ok but the Clawshots is better not just because they look cooler but because there's two.

      • Mr.Linkypoo

        clawshots are fine but I would prefer the magic armor from TP

        • YodaZeltchy1

          Magic armor is alright but I still want a Spinner from TP

          • Kidtchboy

            The spinner is great but I want a functional mirror to the Dark World :DDD

          • Soulless Creature

            A mirror to the dark world is awesome, but I would rather own the triforce and wish for Skyward Sword.

          • Mr.Linkypoo

            I considered that one but I went with the magic armor.

          • Mr.Linkypoo

            dang it this comment is in the wrong place

          • GorCoronSumo

            The Triforce is fine, but I want the beetle.

  • TheRealLink

    That does NOT cost 93 US dollars! This is real money we are talking about here yes? If it was made out of pure 23.99 carat gold then maybe I would consider it. There is a LOT that you buy with 93 US dollars. I can bet 93 dollars that know body will buy it for that price and eventually they will reduce it to something more reasonable such as $50 dollars or less. They are just testing the market and looking which fish will bite. You can buy an actual SWORD and SHIELD from Ocarina of Time for $100 roughly dollars (both of them) I've had a look yesterday. Now way man…what if it doesn't fit?

    • anon

      I do agree the price is steep but consider the time and labour involved in making it. Think of it this way: working for 13 hours on minimum wage would come to just over the listed price.

      • anon

        Plus, most things are sold at lower prices because they are produced en mass in factories. This is one person.

  • Anomynous


  • Astarael

    Heh, it's already sold out – it seems there were very few available, if indeed there was more than one.

  • nintendo warrior12

    me itd be the,thing from zelda oot tht surronds u with a blue shield so if the world wold eva end wejust keep getting majic potions and using naurus love to protect us!!!!!

  • beingcool1

    i think they should make the gale boomerang! that'ill be cool!

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  • Do want.

  • mikeypizzalover

    WHAT!?! Looks like I dont have the money required! Now how will I pick up those nasty Bomb Flowers around my farm?

  • HeiBlackReaper

    Dang. This dude lives close to me o-o Nonetheless, amazing item.

  • Justin

    some of you guys don't seem to understand the time and effort independant artist put into these items, these cost more than mass produced items for a good reason, not only is it just one person, but the quality of a hand made item is much greater than that of a mass produced item, and requires more time to produce. As an independant artist myself I can also say that at that price they are not making as much profit as some of you guys think. do you guys complain about the price paintings sell for? no, this is no different, metal is the canvas this artist works with, and the artist is responsible for deciding the price they sell their work for, and I personally think they could sell it for more.

    • TheRealLink

      I'm not sure what you mean when you say that they are not making as much profit as some may think 🙂 the definition of profit is price – cost = profit. Hence if it cost him (so he is not hiring anyone here we presume) $10 US dollars of the amount of Bronze (raw materials) there is your profit. If I spend 5 years looking for treasure in the Caribbean Islands and having found it, I am not going to add 5 years of 'time' and 'effort' to the cost price am I? In order to evaluate it? I don't think this should be confused with something intangible such as art. I'm a musician myself (in my final semester of a MMus) and am doing second year Law and second year Commerce, there are PHD students, novels written about what do things actually cost? ultimately it comes down to supply and demand. If its already sold out then its actually under-priced and even below equilibrium, I'm just saying your opportunity cost of buying that particular bracelet is could be too high (nice to have an intellectually stimulating discussion once in a while)

      • Justin

        my post was more about the fact that some people here have been disrespectful towards the artist than the cost of materials.though I do feel my statement on money wasn't well thought out, I think I more thought about the art I work on where more money is required than the cost of materials for a metal bracelet. I didn't intend time and effort as a factor in the profit, more so as a factor in the price because time is money, if enough hours go into a product, then the price should be adjusted a certain amount. My main thing is about the disrespectful attitude some have shown if, for example this had been a majoras mask replica for sale for $300 the same people would go off and act like it's a ripoff, not realizing that with a product like that, more work and money goes into it than they realize, which is more the field of thought I was in when I made my statement on profit.

  • Peter

    I would recreate the Fierce Deity Outfit and gear.

  • poemaster


  • Sakume

    Think I'm gonna go into the hand crafting Etsy business soon.

  • Merq

    Omg, want!!! Too bad I don't have that kind of money right now (and it's sold out anyway.) That is just gorgeous! The price is understandable, considering the time and effort that prolly went into it, and obviously the seller also knows that Zelda has the kind of fans who will pay for items like this.

    Oh dang now I'm stuck in Etsy again… It's so hard to leave!

  • do u like waffles?

    ………. I know what I want for my birthday XD

  • tyler

    i would have to get the lens of truth and then look at the US government…

  • Stephanie

    I bought one of these in April, and I want to give my two cents. Is it pricey? Kind of, yes. But it is in no way flimsy or a small piece. As soon as I got it (he ships very quickly), I could see how much time and effort he put into it. Guys and girls can wear it, regardless of wrist size – I have really small wrists, and it fits great but you can bend it to fit. And honestly, I'd rather pay extra money to support an independent artist. He's a really nice guy, and I'm happy for him that his work is getting quite popular on Etsy. He has a link to his facebook on his Etsy site, so check it out – there are pictures of the process behind this cuff. He makes other things too, both original and game-inspired. My triforce pendant should be coming in the mail early this week!

  • linkfan

    I would love a lens of truth replica!

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