The outside of the Temple of Time, as seen on the ZU Minecraft server.

It’s been a while since our last ZU Minecraft Server video, but our members have been working as hard as ever at completing New Hyrule, and now the Temple of Time and Hyrule Castle Town are complete. Hit the break for the video.

  • ownsyou

    truly awesome,can't wait to download it.

  • The map itself probably will not be offered up for download, at least not for a long time. New Hyrule is just a small part of a much larger world.

    You can find Hyrule on the map, which is at , due south of where the map loads up. (For a more interesting perspective, use the sidebar on the right and click on the green cube under the heading "Old")

  • GorCoronSumo


  • Craig

    To be fair though, it's no fun watching through a video – just teasing us. I still don't get why you don't make blocks indestructable to everyone but those who have permission to build.

  • That is the plan, eventually, but it hasn't been particularly viable to do until very recently, and I'll have to redo a lot of configuration before that approach will work.

    Also, supporting a lot of people costs money, and in spite of the publicity, the server is not tied to ZU–It costs me money directly to host it, with no compensation. Which is fine now, I don't mind how much it costs me presently, but if the server were always full, I'd need to upgrade stuff.

    • Craig

      I thought that you just bought minecraft once and build a server and run it through the server folder… I haven't heard of it costing money to run it.

      • Minecraft itself is free to play and run. It's the server hardware that costs the money.

        • FoxsShadow

          thats what torrents are for 😀

          • What does that have to do with anything?

          • Sha4

            Well clearly you can torrent hardware. 3D printers and all that. :p

        • Craig

          I'm sure you don't need other hardware to run one… I just downloaded the server files, then drop the world save in the main world folder and you can go from there… Although, I didn't finish setting one up. You could just make it so that a limited number of people can visit at any one time so as not to have to have a huge overload.

          • Yes, I can, and did, originally, do that. But using a home computer is not reliable, and does not have any level of scalability. Also, the bandwidth into my house is not intended for hosting a dedicated multiplayer server of anything.

            The user limit of the server (12) is based on the resources I currently have available.

          • Craig

            Oh right, I didn't know that. So do you need hardware like an external hard-drive or something? and could you not put the option for people to donate to help out with this project? Maybe you could get a big community thing going revolving around its creation and all. It looks amazing from the videos and all.

          • I pay for hosting from a web hosting company, because that way I know it won't go down randomly, and if it does, it'll come back on its own.

            From within my house, there are many potential problems, but bandwidth and random power outages are the biggest.

            There is a great big "donate" button on the first post of the minecraft thread here on ZU. People donate from time to time, and I am grateful for it when they do.

  • cloverplayer

    so to get the ip do you just post on the forums and hope the ops like you?

    • You get the IP by visiting the thread, or noticing what the address of the live map is:

      Now, being able to *join*, you're closer to the mark. But it's not necessarily the ops that you need to convince. It's anyone who's already able to join.

      • cloverplayer

        thanks, I could never find a straight answer to that on here

      • Craig

        Oh right… Cody seemed to give the impression to me that people can't just join like that – that there were specific people on the forums and you HAVE to use the forums to be able to enter. It seems some ZU members that can go on it enjoy having the priveledge and won't share it because of that.

      • randomguy7890

        thanx, but where can i find an op to talk to?
        i rly would like to help out and build

  • Meerkat

    This vid brings up a very interesting question:

    You know in the Super Mario Galaxy games where you roll around on the big ball things? What if, in real life, we could do that, but the giant balls would be made of meat? Giant meat balls coming through!

    I once made a giant snowman.

    • Walweegee

      If you like games where you roll things buy Katamari Damacy

  • RedQueen87

    Wow, I don't really follow this stuff, but I love Cody. I think he is out right adorable, and insightful. Seriously, I'm not just being nice. His video on Skywards Swords graphics was what made the idea of them not just tolerable to me, but made me think it might (-might-) actually be good (but not, in my opinion, -preferable-).

    I actually don't like most of the ZU videos. But I watch when I realize it's gunna be Cody, because I feel like his videos are.. well, more likable. But I'm not really an active community member, so I really wouldn't have even known some people disliked him if not for his comments here.

    So for what it's worth, Cody, you are the reason I let my prejudice go enough to look forward to this upcoming title. You're quite likable.

    • Craig

      I like Cody too, his videos are awesome and he's funny but he's a stubborn guy from what I can tell lol

  • Eiarn

    To bad it's a total pain to try to get into this server.

  • Twindigo

    Cody, you should show more stuff from New World. There is some pretty cool stuff over there too.

  • Austin

    Pretty cool it looks just like it

  • Maikeru1992

    Looks awesome =D

  • Vio

    Come now, what Zelda fan can't tell the difference between the Light World, Golden Land, Dark World, Evil Realm and Twilight Realm?

    Actually probably quite a lot, but still.

    Also, is this just a recreation of OoT's Hyrule? I guess its a bit much to ask for other games. I faintly recall that someone had remade Kakariko from ALttP at some point already anyway.

    What you should do is make the interior of Hyrule Castle (the parts you can't access normally, that is) follow the layout of ALttP or Wind Waker's Hyrule Castle.

  • BrotherDarunia

    Is this server in Classic Minecraft multiplayer? If so, please post a link. I would appreciate it.

  • kdxrex00

    How can i get in to the minecraft zelda server?

  • Tyler

    I have been keeping up with Cody for some time now, and I heard about what he said if we wanted to join the server. Me, being a huge Zelda fan as well as enjoying mine craft, came to this forum, registered, and posted this just in hopes that I would get noticed by the ops and others on the server!! Haha

  • xrichpkx

    this is epic!!! zelda is the best thing known to man =)

  • clashcan

    this is amazing i would really like to join my minecraft user name is clashcan

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