UPDATE: Yep, it’s confirmed! EB Games, GAME and JB Hi-Fi are all selling their copies of Ocarina of Time 3D as soon as they receive stock. Not all stores will have received their stock yet, but you can definitely keep an eye out for it over the next few days. The game cannot be registered on Club Nintendo yet (the code will show up as expired), but will be able to be registered around the game’s scheduled release date.

Welcome to Australia, the land of high game prices and late release dates. While most Zelda fans around the world are already enjoying their copies of Ocarina of Time 3D, the game’s release has been stated as the 30th of June down in Australia. However, it looks like fans of the game down under may be able to get their hands on a copy sooner than expected.

Gametraders, a game retailer in Australia, have been reported as importing European copies of Ocarina of Time 3D and selling them already, over a week before the game’s street date. European games are the same format as our games down here (PAL), so they will run on Australian 3DS consoles. However, the Club Nintendo code found inside the box will not make owners eligible for the Ocarina of Time soundtrack offered exclusively through Club Nintendo, as a gift for registering your copy of the game before July 31st.

In retaliation to this, apparently EB Games will be selling copies of Ocarina of Time 3D (including the fancy Ocarina Edition of the game, pictured above) as soon as they receive stock, which is likely to be on Friday. These copies of the game will be Australian copies, meaning that the owners will be eligible to receive the Ocarina of Time soundtrack if they register their game on Club Nintendo.

This is pretty great news for Australian Zelda fans! It’s possible that EB Games will not be advertising that they’re selling the game from tomorrow, so it’s worth asking a staff member if they know anything about it.

Source: Kotaku
  • Rauru

    FIRST OMFG!!!!!!!1111!!!!one!!!!ELEVEN!!1

  • robotortoise

    I have mixed feelings about this. I'm glad that they finally are getting the game, but I don't understand why so many countries are getting bundles with accessories and pre-order bonuses while us here in the US don't get anything other than a poster! (which my Gamestop didn't get) ๐Ÿ™

    I wish Australians the best of luck, and hope NOA catches up with its European counterparts in terms of pre-order bonuses.

    • Jonny

      European pre-orders are pretty usless too, Greece is the only country I can think of that good a good one/ bundle. Australia it the best I've heard of but the price difference (you could probably buy the ocarina with the money you save in the US or Europe) and the late release date does kinda lessen the awesome… but it still is pretty awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jonny

        good a good one? my word I must be tired (it's about 2:30 in the morning). I can only apologies for the bad spelling/ grammar and hope it's not unreadable

      • Rauru

        In the UK we only got a poster and special gold sleeve.

  • Jonny

    I will be walking down to EB games tomorrow and have a see (please be selling it, please be selling it, please be selling it)

  • Hopefully there will be some in Shepparton…though I probably won't be able to go down to Shepparton later today (It's now Friday lol) but who knows.

  • Lysia, Cody and I are all Australian, so we're always up for Australian news ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Topaz Mutiny

    You know, I don't think it really matters to Australians when this particular game comes out, because they at least get a SEXY ASS OCARINA when they do buy it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Monaster

    Oh man. I preordered my copy through Gamestop and got it on the first day it was available and thought I was lucky, but Australians get a TWELVE HOLE SWEET POTATO OCARINA with theirs? Jealousy.

    • Mr.Linkypoo

      I only see ten holes

      • Monaster

        There are two holes on the back, so it is twelve holes. Don't argue about this with me.

        • ashmic

          so he said 10 instead of 12, ooh u know how to count "Don't argue about this with me" WTF is that mr high and mighty

  • ashmic

    I think Australians get stuff released after America

  • Soeroah

    Pani, you rock.

    I shall use one of these 'telephone' apparatuses to find out if they are available to be picked up yet.

  • Jonny

    It's true, it's true, it's true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *clears throat and composes himself*

    I just picked up my pre-ordered ocarina edition from a store manager who was almost as exited as I was (almost but not quite). He did also say that are not advertising it (as Pani has said) and that you do need to ask.

    Though in my case it went a bit more like
    Manager "hey, how are ya! you pre-ordered Zelda didn't you?"
    Me "yes and I heard a rumour"
    Manager with big grin "and I can confirm that rumour"
    *childish excited joy is attempted and failed to be controlled by both… but mostly me*

    • Jonny

      Thought it does look like we'll still have to wait until the 30th to register the codes for the CD as they don't seem to be working (well mine don't, it's telling me they've expired)

  • Going down to Shepparton tomorrow, gonna see 2 movies and hopefully I can pick up a copy of the game. If not, oh well…

  • troppo

    I just picked mine up from GAME. Only problem is when i tried to register the points with club nintendo australia, it comes up saying the code has expired???

    Any other aussies having the same trouble?

    • Jonny

      Yep, I think we're going to have to wait until the 30th for them to work

      • troppo

        Yeah looks like it. I eventually found this link which seems to explain it:

        • Jonny

          They're working now, I only just realised I got two codes so I gave one two my brother and we are both getting a copy of the CD, both really happy at that but it does make me worry that they therefore didn't put a code in another game and someone is without. Can't dwell on it though as there is nothing we can do.

  • Aww…none in stock in Shepparton EB Games. I do want that Ocarina Edition. Not sure if JB HiFi or GAME have them in stock though but I reckon it's just the game…A friend of mine wants that Ocarina since she doesn't get it in her country.

  • Addsy

    yeah I just came back from my local EB store in Adelaide.. They didn't have any copies in stock but they said it was likely they would be receiving copies early next week. GAME didn't look like they had any either and I couldn't be bothered asking them as I already have 2 copies of the ocarina edition coming from EB. I also checked out gametraders and they have the nice euro box art slapped with the aussie classification rating, looks terrible.

  • Astarael

    I just checked my local EB store as well – it turns out stock has been delayed due to the recent ash clouds, but hopefully there'll be physical copies on sale on Monday. Can't wait!

  • Soeroah

    Aye, I called the Adelaide EB Games stores who told me it could be Monday before the game is available here. Still, at least having the Nintendo Club codes un-usable until the 30th gives everyone an opportunity to have a shot at getting the soundtrack- assuming they are limited. I'm still not sure if there will only be X amount or if everyone who registers the game within the first month will get a copy. I'm hoping on the later.

    If not, however…good luck, all.

  • zay

    sweet…it's a shame that i pre ordered it before it came out early so i still have to wait:(

    but atleast we get the poster and stuff!

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  • ???

    I saw the game yesterday in a shop and money I had – but I don't have the 3ds so too bad. ๐Ÿ™

  • Lyokokrill

    U.S. had worst pre-order. Pre-ordered game for poster and chance at CD, got neither. Bunch of crap. And game is lacking, but still good though.