Hello there! My name is Matthew Moffit, more commonly known on the Internet as MC Gamer, and I am the owner of The Zeldathon Network, a website that, in addition to streaming 24/7 gaming, music and gameplay, hosts charity Zelda marathons twice or more a year. I have been a longtime fan and reader of Zelda Universe and am writing today to inform you about a marathon we are hosting this week!

Zeldathon Quest is going to be a 48 hour mini-marathon that will begin June 22nd at 4pm EDT. Straying from our usual charities that focus on worldwide diseases, we are focusing on a recent incident in our local area. Zeldathon Team Co-Owner Mike recently lost his uncle in a tragic, unexpected motorcycle accident. He left behind his wife, who now has to deal with not only the heartbreak of losing her husband, but plan for the future of her unborn son. Their labor of love has to grow up without ever meeting his father. Our marathon will raise money for Mike’s widowed aunt and unborn cousin, in hopes that our efforts as Zelda fans can alleviate some of the stresses and hardship they must now face.

Of course, the Zeldathon Team is all about fun, and, as usual, we will not disappoint in offering it! We have many things planned for the marathon, including a race between team members Alex and Andy to see who can finish Ocarina of Time first! We will also be conducting the normal Zeldathon tomfoolery including dancing, singing and eating strange foods for donations! Every Zeldathon is a ton of fun not only for us, but for everyone watching!

Whether you are able to donate or not, be sure to stop by http://zeldathon.net anytime between June 22nd and June 24th to watch our team play Zelda and talk to the audience! If you can’t make it this time around, we are hosting a bigger, four day marathon in July for the American Red Cross! Details for that event can be found on our website! We hope to see you over at our website and in our chat!

See you there!

~ Matther Moffit (MC Gamer), Owner of The Zeldathon Network

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