Zelda Williams, Princess Zelda’s namesake, is featured with her father, Robin Williams, in two commercials for Nintendo advertising the release of OoT 3DS.
In the one of the commercials, Zelda and her father reminisce about playing Ocarina of Time long ago as they are shown playing the new 3D re-release game on the 3DS. In the other, they explain the origin of Zelda William’s name and her fondness of it, as well as for the Legend of Zelda games. These charming ads are undoubtedly the shoot Zelda was tweeting about we reported not too long ago, squashing any hopeful fans rumors of a secret Legend of Zelda movie.

Videos after the break. Enjoy.

I, for one, hope Nintendo keeps featuring Zelda and her father in future ads. These two videos instilled nostalgia and love for the games, bringing back a warm and exciting feeling I remember having playing them for the very first time. What did you think?