Hello, Zelda Universe! My name is Jonah and I am your newest news correspondent. My job is to post news about Zelda and Nintendo whenever I see it around the interwebz.

I joined the forums only four and a half months in January ago after stumbling across the site on the internet one day. I messed around for a month or so and quickly took the clan test, which got me into Farore. A few months later, in April, I applied to be a news correspondent mostly because of how much I love this site. I wanted to do something to help, so when I saw staff openings, I applied for news correspondent almost immediately, as I love to write.

I really don’t have a ton to say about myself, other than I hope you like my articles! I am excited to be here and hope I do well. If you have any questions about myself/what I do for the site, leave a comment below, or PM/VM me on the forums.

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