roundtable conference

After Nintendo’s presentation at E3, the developers sat down for their annual developer’s roundtable, where they answered questions, showed off some new software for both the 3DS and Wii, and some new elements of Skyward Sword’s gameplay were revealed, and honestly, they’re very impressive.

The Skyward Sword has an ability to find certain items, and at 00:24 in the video, the function was shown off.  You’re pulled into first-person mode, where you point your sword around the screen, until it gives you an on-screen indication that the item is there.  Apparently the embodiment of the sword, now officially named Phi, gives you this ability.  In this demonstration, Link is finding pieces of a key.

Second demonstration’s description and full video after the jump!

The second element that was shown off was the “Siren World,” which is a blue-tinted alternate version of the forest world from the first E3 demo, from 2010.  In order to activate this world, you have to shove your sword into a design on the ground, and because you have to leave it there, you have no sword during the exploration of this alternate world.  Before leaving, Link must collect all of the tear-shaped items, filling up a meter on the side that looks almost identical to the Vessel of Light from TP.  But every time you get one of these items, a “guardian” is released, and one single hit from them will knock link out.  You can use the tears to slow them down and get away, though.

Seeing is believing, but even so, you’re not going to believe how good this looks.  Go ahead, watch the video and see for yourself.

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Source: Zelda Dungeon & Nintendo’s E3 Site