Nintendo has released several new pieces of Skyward Sword official artwork. Depicting three of the game’s main characters, the artwork features a watercolor style with beautiful use of color. Several of the images are updated versions of those released last year.

Head over to the Skyward Sword official artwork gallery to view these and the rest of the art for this game.

  • Perrofilo

    I don't like Links lips.

    • Why?

      • ChainofTermina

        they're too…..pursed? Prominent? I kinda agree, his lips look a little awkward. It's like he has a hair-lip or something. I dunno. Zelda looks gorgeous though, best looking teen Zelda yet! (excluding OoT, that is)

        • Perrofilo

          I don’t know why, but something bothers me about his lips. They should have drawn his lips like Zeldas. I just noticed tail of those birds and their heads are too big.

          • Amariel

            Stop hating, this is beautiful artwork. I see no problem with it. Link lips are great and the bird is adorable.

          • CommanderLink

            Hey, the reason you got thumbs down for that is because you're missing the point here that he can post his own opinion if he wants, you disagree with his opinion but you insult it saying hes hating.

          • Aniday

            Haters gunna hate

          • San

            Potatos gunna potate

          • Evey

            That was awesome.

        • ChainofTermina

          you know, I take it back: I think this Zelda just might be a bit MORE beautiful than OoT Zelda.

          • Rin

            iLikee Zelda From Twilight Princess Better… And Plus In Skyward Sword Zelda Doesnt Look That Pretty :/ iActually Thought That Was A Village Girl When iSaw Her… 🙁

    • Link's lips are okay in the artwork, but in-game I have to say that they do look kinda funny. One of my friends said that they looked like Angelina Jolie lips, which lead to him calling Link "Angelinka" XD

      • i agree, in the artwork they look normal, but in-game they look a bit strange.

    • cresent soul

      just lips

    • lonkoflegends

      yeah he looks more womanly

      • GorCoronSumo

        Because when you're playing the game you'll TOTALLY pay attention to his lips.

    • Siaarn

      XD Oh wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one, honestly I think his lips have looked weird since Twilight Princess, but it's all good, he's still adorable.

      • 2797

        i like how everone is basing the game and having a whole debate over links lips. IS THAT THE ONLY THING YOU PEOPLE TALK ABOUT FOR THIS GAME?!?

        • Siaarn

          No one's basing the game on Link's lips, we're just having a discussion, chillax.

      • <3 this game

        So true, link will always have a spot in my heart

      • Silver-Lynx4

        He'll be always adorable 🙂

    • Anonymous

      His lips look a little fat too.

    • RaineSageRocks

      Lol. They do look a teeny bit funky, don't they?

  • We're so lacking in content that Goron Merchant has to come back from obscurity to help us out. 🙁

    Seriously though, please come back again when you get the chance! This art is awesome!

  • Kargaroc

    …giant birdy! *squee*

  • Cam

    Love the art work!

    On another note, check this video out:

    The facial expressions are great and Ghirahim is a creeper fo' sho'

    • Cam

      better quality:

      • Ashmic

        dude ZU put THIS up, Nice Cam you should be in ZU

    • Nice!

  • Skullkid

    The blue bird looks awsome! Can't fault the artwork.. but thats just my opinion 🙂

  • Astero
    • whoa, nice!

    • 2797

      OMG! nice spot!

  • Merq

    Zelda is so pretty! I love her new design!
    And I must have that dress!

  • Ashmic

    you guys are way behind on your news

  • Primus

    I like this new Link and Zelda. Not quite into adulthood, like TP Link and Zelda. But not quite children. They are the age of the stereotypical teenager!

    • if i'm not mistaken, miyamoto did say this is the oldest link in a zelda game to date.

      • kirby_freak

        I think he meant in terms of the timeline, not his age. 🙂

        • Silver-Lynx4


  • Keimori

    I Love the new Zelda! I like how her disign is so simple yet ellegant.
    sorta peasently but not too simple.

  • i love skyward sword's official artwork. they have this beautiful watercolor-like effect.

    although, i feel they were actually done digitally, and a texture was applied on it to make it look like traditional. in the high-res version of the link & bird one, you can see that. plus, they changed link's sword in some of the artworks, so they obviously did that digitally.

    not that that's a bad thing at all, i just found it interesting how well they managed to emulate a traditional look.

    • Eternal Legend

      Achieving that look is incredibly easy if you know what you're doing on a digital software.

  • Now if only the game looked like this…

    • TheMaverickk

      To me it's as close as you will get with 3D graphics today. Considering what they are trying to emulate they've done a more then decent job.

  • zeldafan4040

    LOL the pics were submitted by " Homo gay " I am gay myself and I find this funny. But anyways, the pics are awesome! 🙂

    • zeldafan4040

      Why are you guys hatin on me? The pics literaly were submitted by " Homogay" …

  • Naw, that's like saying someone with smaller/bigger ears is half human. They're trying to give more variety to the character design, facial feature-wise. I wouldn't be surprised if they started doing more subtle things, like attached earlobes vs unattached c:

    It's common in character design. Changing hairstyles and clothing is one thing, but if you strip two characters naked then shave their heads, and they look nigh on identical, your character designs are flawed.

  • Gothic-Link

    I think Zelda looks too young :S but the colors are pretty

  • DarkChu

    The birds are not what i expected to see… Though they look epic[:
    Also… I wonder if link is Hylian at all in this game… His ears look normal:L

    • Keimori

      I geuss its fair to say that his ears are still very pointy.
      Besides, now that i think of it, not even Hylian this time, They'd be "Skyloftian".
      Just asume that longer ears or shorter ears are a genetic thing.

      • TheMaverickk

        These sky people and Hylians are one and the same.

        Hylians only got that name because they live in or are from Hyrule. At this point though the literal land of Hyrule hasn't been colonized yet… or named for that matter. Since it's the land below the clouds.

        These sky people may not be called Hylians at this point. Who knows, but it's fun speculating.

  • AwkwardPigeon

    The birds kind of remind me of the wind gods from the Wind Waker. They have similar color schemes and such

  • sk8on9876

    kinda of reminds me of final fantasy

  • Siaarn

    These are so beautiful, if anyone's wondering why the birds heads are so big, they're based on a Shoebill Stork, they have REALLY big beaks, here's a pic:

    • Keimori

      Shoebill is a verry apropiate name.

  • 2797

    i like how she looks now, she looks like a pure symbol of innocence. she looks like the best Zelda to date.

  • 2797

    did anyone else notice that Zeldas blanket-thingy on her belt? the symbol on there isnt the original Royal Seal, this one is more bird-like

  • OoT3Dfan


    • cloverplayer

      I did. But she is zelda, nonetheless.

  • OoTfan


  • OoT3Dfan


    • GorCoronSumo

      Does anyone see, other than me, you've repeated that comment THREE TIMES?!

  • John

    You know what I’m trying to discern? (And perhaps it’s already been discussed) but I’m trying to understand if the crest on Zelda’s dress contains the triforce because I believe I something else from the game that contained a triforce-less crest. Is that a plot point??

  • Keimori

    Shes the princess of a small skyborn village, i'd say it suits her perfectly!

  • Keimori

    Dude, you must have some VERY strange ducks in your part of the world.

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    When I put her looks epic . . .
    I meant she looks epic . . .

  • coolgirlluvsupre

    You guys are really behind on this info. But the new art style is so gorgeous and zelda is so pretty! When I first watched

    the first thing I noticed was how stupid link's lips are.

  • slm8843

    this is lookin like a promising year for zelda. ocarina of time 3D and Skyward sword look great

  • Riley

    It looks great

  • Vyo

    So I wonder if Zelda will actually have a personality this time around…

    • Silver-Lynx4

      she HAS personality BUT princesses cant show they're personality ):

      • Silver-Lynx4

        I mena THEIR personality 😛

  • MEC

    Can't fault the artwork. Shame the actual game looks like crap though, eh? That and the enemies pretty much prostituting their 'weak spots' to players.

  • 2797

    oh. cool. thanks

  • 2797

    stupid…. fairy?!? First off, fairys are awesome and always have been, and secondly if you are reffering to Navi, then you make Zelda cry before she sleeps at night.

  • lobotomyrobot

    the concept art for zelda looks better than the atual in game model…

  • Pedro

    Tis not hot, Nice lady less clothes

  • Pedro2

    Fuck the World Pedro!!

  • Saria Forest14

    I love the amazing variety of color and style in these pictures. While the actual graphics of the SS game itself will take me a while to form a CALM and LOGICAL opinion about, you can't hate such amazing talent in the art direction. I like how they styled Zelda's outfit! It still holds her typical character style, but as always, Nintendo finds amazing ways to keep it fresh and new.

  • ZeldaGurl_

    LOOOVE the new look, for both of them!!

    I love it how they look more mature than Wind Waker, but not as adult-like as in Twilight Princess. This is the perfect mix, just as they mixed the older version of Link with the Cell-like shading. Link looks so handsome, and Zelda looks so graceful and youthful for as paesant-like as she is dressed. If anything, her dress reminds me of Malon. I would assume that she hasn't really gained the Royal Status, but that may end up being as if she's like the "cheif's" daughter of something.

    This is definitely the beginning. As you can see the "Triforce" symbol has the body of the Pheonix, but lacks the Sacred Triangles themselves. I cannot wait. It seems as if the Diamond shaped gems on the chests are common, wonder if they mean something… Hmmm. *wink*

    I'm so excited for this game. I cannot wait! From the Gameplay, to the Cinematics, I'm sure this is going to be a keeper in Zelda History.

  • err0rs

    God.. i wish the game will come out already D: But i love the art work 😀 And i'm excited!!

  • Ingrid Elise

    Zelda just looks amazing! And I really hope that Link and Zelda are at the same age. I don't like the fact that Zelda is older than Link. It's just wrong.

    I like Link's design too, it is just that I think he looks too girly.

  • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

    Wish they'd draw Phi already. I really wanna see how that plays out.

  • GorCoronSumo

    Maybe he's part Goron.

  • GorCoronSumo

    And if you strip two characters naked and shave their heads you are a pervert…

  • gabriel

    hay you sed that you wanted to now about ferce deity link you shuld go to the libray check the legend of zelda morjas mask the side story teachis you about the story of ferce deity link and how morjas mask was madeps ime a dude

  • Zephyr

    Well, well, well! What do we have here, eh? Zelda is BEAUTIFUL! Both the blue and red big birds look cute– I don’t mind shoebills, they’re very strong winged creatures. One thing bothers me though… And I’m talking about Link. I mean, even in Wind Waker, Link was cartoonish and such– BUT he still had the appearance of a BOY for heaven’s sake! What I saw in the E3 video turned out to be more like (with all due respect) a “rabid fan girl” holding a sword an a shield and wearing the hero’s clothes instead of Link! Seriously, the ones behind the game character’s design, should reconsider and first correct Link’s facial appearance before ever releasing the upcoming game officially. Don’t get me wrong, fellas! I’m still gonna buy the game–Zelda games ARE my passion since I was twelve!=) Despite that “detail” with Link, the game will sure be one to remember.

  • FYusei25

    I would want to the art to be exactly like de TP because this is a mix between TP and Wind Waker!! I don't Doubt the game of Skyward Sword to be excellent because I Have Faith of Zelda Games but the graphics would be better