While Nintendo pretty much stole the show yesterday with their press conference and the announcement of the Wii U, they didn’t do a good job at giving us details about their console at the conference.  That’s what the following days are for.  Today, it was confirmed that friend codes on the new system will be a thing of the past.

While it was alluded to during the conference that Nintendo was working with EA to fix their online support, it was confirmed today that the Wii U will utilize a single online identity rather than using friend codes.  You will be able to build a friends list and possibly post to leaderboards in a similar fashion to XBL and PSN.  The difference between the two though is the WiiPad (which seems to be the popular name for it).  Friends, leaderboards, and possibly social feeds will be posted on your WiiPad, so you can keep track of them while you play.  No news on if this will be the norm for all games, but publishers of Ghost Recon: Online are using this as the backbone of their gameplay.

What do you guys think?  I know that friend codes have never been the most popular way to get online and play.  Can Nintendo fix their online play and actually compete against XBL and PSN?

Source: Joystiq
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