At Nintendo’s Q&A session held at E3, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed his warning to the team working on Skyward Sword: if it wasn’t the best Zelda game to date, there would be no more Zelda games to follow. A similar warning was extended to the Star Fox team; if Star Fox 3DS was not the best Star Fox game ever made, that would be the end of the series.

These threats are rather extreme, and hopefully, Miyamoto is just trying to motivate his team to create amazing games for both of these series. I guess this means we can expect great things from Skyward Sword and Star Fox, and hopefully we’ll be seeing games to succeed them.

Source: Kotaku
  • Nein No Non

    Good news. I sighed in disgust when I saw those birds and how feminine Link looks. Of course I will still buy and play the game.

    • DarkOwl

      Haha, Link does look worryingly feminine I'll grant you that. Also, that bad guy with the white hair… he looks like a teenager who works in a circus! He's not scary. I fear more and more that Zelda is becoming an anime cartoon… (which in my opinion satisfies only very niche and/or child-like tastes).

      • Nein No Non

        For the record I am deeply disappointed by this trailer. It looks like a mixture of Avatar, Banjo Kazooie, and a Prince music video (the purple thing/bad guy)… I remember how excited I was when I saw the ads for Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask. Even the trailer for the Wind Waker with its epic music. I'm sure it will still be a Zelda game at its core but like Twilight Princess I predict I will only play through it once…. sigh.

        • Oni Link

          God, no can fucking satisfy you guys. Link has always looked more feminine with his eyelashes, medium length hair etc. He's not the manliest video game character but he does get the most girls. Zelda, Ruto, Malon, etc. I think the birds are a VERY nice touch. Also, the bad guy with the white hair is unique, hell I'd be more scared of a flamboyant bad guy than a fat one. Haha but seriously, the game will be amazing and everything they have created for it is perfect and goes with the game. I shall play it over and over.

          • TheMaverickk

            Oni Link is right on this one… when has Link NOT been more on the feminine side?

            He's basically an elf, they are kind of supposed to be that way. Not to mention it's done in an anime influenced style. I would say Twilight Princess Link was just as feminine…. actually I think that the least Feminine would be Wind Waker Link… since at the end of the day he's a kid, and appropriately looks to.

          • Ammy

            Link may look a tad femmy, but he sure sounds like a man to me when he's fighting XD

          • Snow_Leopard

            It's just the mouth that bothers me… Link has always looked a bit feminine but not as feminine as this. It's worrying, but we'll handle it. I'm sure there are other points in Skyward Sword that are very awesome. I'm not going to get all fussy.

            Remember – we only see the back of link most of the time ๐Ÿ˜›


            They're not going to do it because the fans would cry.

            They're not going to do it because it's a bad financial decision

            They're not going to do it because I have faith in skyward sword, and it will probably be a fantastic game.

            We shouldn't be worried guys, everything is going to be fine ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The 10th Rider

        If you watch the extended boss battle with the dialogue beforehand, he's actually quite creepy.

        • Nein No Non

          Thanks for all the love everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Danimus

          Ugh, it looked like he was flirting with Link or something. Somehow I don’t see Ganon ever doing that…

        • DarkOwl

          Damn right he looks creepy. He walks and flicks his hair like he's a woman trying to be seductive! He's the kind of person I really wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley…

          • TheMaverickk

            I don't think he's trying to be seductive….

            I think sadistic is a better word to describe him.

          • prada

            well Ghirahim is still a sexy sadistic sassy sexy sexy beastly beast of beastiness… i love him already

      • Falcen

        "in my opinion"
        Way to not piss off someone. /sarcasm

    • #1 Zelda Game Lover

      YOU IDIOT! Those birds are AWESOME. Link does look a little bad . . .
      But that game looks epic!

  • Zelda Collector

    I swear I was watching Avatar when I saw the Skyward Sword trailer with the birds.

    Oh and they wont stop making Zedla games. It's an important franchise for Nintendo.

    • Devon

      Yeah, he was kidding about it with the zelda franchise, however, he was very serious about the starfox series. If starfox doesn't sell well, he really will cut the franchise…:(

    • The CronoLink

      "Oh and they wont stop making Zedla games. It's an important franchise for Nintendo. "

      Is that so? Because if I recall correctly, they stopped making Super Mario Bros games for freaking 18 years.

  • Snow_Leopard

    Hang on, Zelda and Mario are their 2 main franchises. If they were to stop Zelda, it would be like stopping Mario. Same for each. They aren't going to stop making Zelda.

  • Shora

    Wait, there will be no more Zelda games if this isn't the best?!
    Who here can imagine his/her life without Zelda? Not me.

    • Zachattack8888

      I would die a slow, sad, and painful death if that day ever came. I would probably cry, no joke. :c

  • DarkOwl

    It must just be a motivational thing. You cannot consciously 'create' a game greater than all others. Indeed, for many, to create a game greater than all other Zelda games would be to create a new best-ever game…

    But every player will have a different experience, and for some it will not match those of the past. Sometimes creativity is boosted by limited technical capabilities (I for one prefer the catchy Midi tracks of old over games full of orchestral symphony), and other times it's only when something new comes along that the player may be really get impressed (eg. the transition to 3D graphics). Some may dislike a game for its difficulty, whilst others may find the same game too easy. Some may find the story exciting and inventive, whilst others may think 'same old, smae old…'

    Great games are made by accident. They earn their ways into people's hearts – they cannot be forced in.

  • Rose De Nose




  • Anomynous

    I'll Take 2

  • vick

    best news out of e3. i hope nintendo fucks up royaly like they always do i told you guys link was girly

    • Vio

      Wow, this is just epicly bad trolling.

    • Daniel

      you know this is a zelda fan site right?

    • Zachattack8888

      Then if you hate Zelda so much, why are you on this site? Now I'm angry cause stupid people are ignorant. >:c

    • SuperTriforceBros

      How exactly dose nintendo keep screwing up?

  • Monkeh

    Not even scared. Not only does Skyward Sword look great, I highly doubt this is a true threat, but as stated more jokingly motivating his team.

  • erik

    Now I know why it is taking so long!! They are working to make it perfect! They hold it longer for theselves to see if anything is missing, Nintendo is smart! 8)

  • Emanuele Baserga

    If Zelda dies, Nintendo will lose a mainstay of their games! Yes, the latest Zelda games for DS wasn't very nice, but I hope for a best games in the future..

  • Queenie

    I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be a joke, guys.

  • Ok, how can anybody that visits THIS site want this to happen? I don't think that ANY true Zelda fan wants this. This statement, as others have said, may just be a joking motivational thing. Miyamoto-san has played the game and has tested the levels and heard the music. He knows how good it is and I think he knows there is nothing to worry about. Skyward Sword will be epic. This is a game that is like Wind Waker in scale, like the original LoZ or ALttP in density (if not more) and has an adult/older teen Link instead of a child. Yes, they took a cue from a popular movie (Avatar), but in actuality, this isn't the first game in which Link traveled by bird and it won't be the last. It's not new, it's just a new way of looking at it and it makes perfect sense. People that live in the clouds need to travel to and fro. What better way to travel than by bird?! The cinematics are spectacular. I believe the story will be great and the content immense. I, personally, have been looking forward to this for years and now that the actual game characters and lands are shown, I'm even more excited than I was. Skyward Sword will top the charts with all Zelda's. The only way to tell if you truly hate it is to play it to the end and THEN you can say it sucks or not. As for me…. well, it seems to have the ability to explore and discover and that is how I see Zelda. Ridding the land of evil and monsters and finding new places and people — THAT is ZELDA. Skyward Sword seems to have this in spades and I'm ready for it. I love the artistic styles of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess both. This seems to be a combination of the two and I really think it works well.

    As for you, vick, you obviously love to antagonize people and try to cause havoc. What you say really has no bearing or meaning here at ZU. But as for Link being "girly", well… he has always been portrayed in an Anime-type feminine sense. Look at the Japanese commercial for A Link To The Past. In that commercial, a girl played Link and danced around. He has had longer hair, earrings and wore tights forever. Of course he is "girly" in that context. But he explores, fights evil and gets the princess. That's what we all wanted when we were kids and I still hold on to that feeling as an adult. It's that childlike love for exploration and finding new things and meeting new people and defending the realm that makes a Zelda fan a Zelda fan. Go back to playing CoD:BO and antagonize them, it doesn't work here, for we are TRUE Zelda fans. We know Link, we know Hyrule, we know adventure….

    • Ferisan

      They are called trolls, dear. Ignore them, don't take it seriously. They only visit and say those type of comments to get a rise out of people. :l

    • DarkOwl

      On the issue of Link looking 'girly', your reference to the ALttP advertisement is certainly an eye-opener. I never realised such a controversial topic was rooted so far into Zelda's history.

      But it's not the issue of gender that concerns me, but more an issue of ferocity. As the main protagonist, Link, I would hope, passionately believes in his cause to fight evil and participate in violent battles. Whether or not Link is a boy or girl is irrelevent – to me he just looks a little too, for want of a better word, gentle. I think the worst thing about all this, in Skyward Sword, is not his appearence, but his expressions. He *never* scowls! He uses weapons like they're made out of polystyrene. There's no sense of force or brutality.

      And I'm sorry if you disagree, but I don't think Zelda should be an anime art form. In the actual games (and excluding box art etc.) there were no visible signs of anime until Twilight Princess. Ok so ALttP had this advert, and then there was the official art for the Oracle games, but they didn't impact the games themselves. I think much of the 'girly' looks can be pinned down to anime influences.

      • Queenie

        "he never scowls"

        Did you even see the extended boss fight footage. Not only does he give Ghirahim a death glare, he's clearly so grossed out and alarmed by his creeper antics that he looks like he wants to beat the snot out of him.

        Also, Link IS a gentle character with a heart for those in need and a fierce protective streak. He's always been. That's part of what makes him a hero. The best heroes are those with hearts of gold, imho.

        (Also I hate how this whole topic implies that girly = bad. It devalues femininity and once again reinforces the thought that men MUST be "manly" to be "real" men.)

        • DarkOwl

          Personally, I agree with you about the last point, and that's why I'd rather describe Link's behaviour as gentle. You can get gentle girls and gentle guys, and equally you can get violent girls and violent guys. I'm just saying that the roll of a swordsman (or woman) requires a character with more of a passion for battles.

          Also, people can be complex! Characters that are violent when they need to be can be very caring at other times. I don't think, from what I've seen, Link shows this level of complexity.

          I did spot the death glare, and I would want to see this more often!

          Btw, to anyone disliking these and similar viewpoints because they don't sing the praises of Zelda, take note: fans are allowed to criticise… it doesn't make them disloyal, it makes them honest and forever looking to improve the series and wanting it to be great.

    • Zachattack8888

      Very touching. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • #1 Zelda Game Lover

      Brilliant comment. Very impressing. I agree
      I think Legend of Zelda is the most adventurous, epic, graphic stunning, unbelievable stories and enemies, and luring and fascinating endings.
      Legend of Zelda is truly the best series.
      (Don'y get me wrong Mario is cool to but Link kicks Mario's butt)

  • Righteo, how can anyone on ZU want the Zelda series to end. This is what made the website, and the forums to begin with. I think Skyward Sword will be an excellent title, and it won't be the last in the series. If it is, then Ninty will be killing themselves off. What next, Mario not doing so well so they cancel the series.

    • Shora

      Not only ZU…in every Zelda site.

  • BigGoronSword

    I wonder if this was a ploy for Nintendo to use on Zelda fans to buy the game (and try to make it the most sold Zelda game ever). I mean, Nintendo is a business, and they take a look at their success through sales. I say this is more of a threat to the fans than anyone else. If "nobody" bought SS, then Miyamoto would see it as a way to stop making Zelda games. But if "everybody" bought SS, then he'd continue.


    • Ferisan

      Nah, it was for his team, not the fans. If he really was using it as a marketing tool he would've made it more public and not in a secluded roundtable I think. He makes those types of "serious" jokes often but often doesn't mean them like we people think.

  • mathias

    How the fuck is it even possible to not like the graphics in SW?

    The new boss fight's, able to sprint, finally got rid of Epona.
    I honestly can't wait until this (probably) awesome games comes out:)

    • Dom

      Quite easy not to like the SS graphics style. It just doesn't evoke the same emotional awe as TP.

      • Danimus

        I agree. Everything is just too cudly, and Link needs to lose the lip gloss.

    • crackkat

      cant believe ur using the lack of epona as a positive thing :O

  • phantom

    no worries then.

  • The 10th Rider

    I think it's either a joke, or he's saying it because he doesn't see where he could take the Zelda series if Skyward Sword were to fail.

  • AllieVitalis

    PLEASE NO!!!! They.. they cant stop.. They just cant…

  • Zeldo

    they need to cut this crap out!! >:(

    • tlz

      madness?… THIS IS ZELDA!

  • smbmaster99

    Miyamoto wouldn't end the series like that XP I'm confident he's just joking, trying, as @lordtear stated, and is trying to motivate the team. It's sorta like when someone says "If I can't do this, I'll blow up my computer" when they really just mean they'll either be disapointed or upset.

    He always seems to be very optimistic, so this has got to be a joke or sarcastic remark.

  • Ashmic

    I understand their decision, They Bust their butt, who wants to keep on busting theirs if its all for nothing in the ppl's eyes?

  • Dom

    I'm a bit worried because this is the sort of extreme hype we heard before Metroid other M was released to universally mediocre reviews. Extreme statements like this sometimes are intended more to shape fan perceptions than anything else.

    • TheMaverickk

      People were more peeved about the voice acting in Metroid Other M then anything else… and they actually in the end realized that all those cutscenes really didn't add much in terms of gameplay.

      People were hyped for those two things, but in the end they kind of backtracked and realized they didn't actually like those things. The actual gameplay itself is generally enjoyed, except for two things, that their gear is restricted until Adam allows it, and second that the camera angle couldn't ever be adjusted.

      We don't have to worry about those things with Skyward Sword… there's no voice acting, and on top of that it's not overloaded with inner monologue cut scenes. Also a lot of people are being pessemistic about the game because of it's art style.

  • Ferichan

    God, everyone takes everything so seriously. Miyamoto was JOKING! He does this often! He often says "serious stuff" but in reality he is just joking, and yeah, it's mostly to "motivate" his team but he's not being serious, don't take it to heart. ๐Ÿ™ It's just how his sense of humor works.

    • NWar

      Yeah, he was joking when saying this so I don't know why people are taking this serious..

      • Ferisan

        If there hadn't been a slew of news already I'd say a desperate need for news, but now it just seems like people want to create a big, tragic drama out of Miyamoto's words. Maybe even, the fans are the ones trying to use this as a marketing tool to buy Skyward Sword, not Miyamoto? I mean, if that's it, I don't blame them, but I don't really support portraying Miyamoto as a mean, strict man. He IS strict, but he always JOKES a lot during roundtables, he jokes with aonuma and others like this all the the time , threatening, flipping tables, etc, some of those jokes, apparently, go over the heads of his foreign listeners B[ and they take it literally *facepalm*.

    • ZUBlobChuChu

      Is that a opinion of yours or truth.

      I'm wondering if that wasn't true but just to kind of scare his team into making quality Zelda games. Miyamoto is sneaky…

    • WOLFIN

      new to this website but i have been playing zelda since i was in dipers(albeit i was a noob than) i cant imagine my life without zelda i might sound nerdy but i don't care
      evan if Miyamoto dropped zelda the fans would pick it up dust it off and put a spin on it

  • The people in charge of ZU's news should know better.

    • Ferisan

      I agree =_=

    • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

      Probably because he did say it, and meant it as a joke.

  • KyleLink

    Why in the world would Nintendo get rid of Zelda?! WHY?!?!?!


      • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

        Got proof that it's fake, and not a joke by Miyamoto-sama?

  • I think that Miyamoto kinda knows that Skyward Sword will be damn good. He just wants to make sure that no fans are disappointed. I mean, the Legend of Zelda is like his baby…. He wouldn't just cut the whole series out of the market.

  • I sure hope this is just a way to motivate the development team.

  • zelda4ever

    I recall that Miyamoto said he plays the game everyday at his office. This was clearly a joke, because if he was serious (i would have to destroy him) he would of right out told them they were cancelled instead of teasing them.

  • Miyamoto says that because he knows that SS will be the best Zelda game ever, so the series will continue.

  • ?????

    Zelda gone=nintendo screwed

    • No they wouldn't be. They still have Mario, which is a more successful and better-selling franchise.

      • ?????

        I agree. Zelda is another one of their big franchises, they will still lose money from Zelda being gone. I realize now that what I said wasn't completely true, though Nintendo would still have a scar from Zelda leaving. I'm sure Miyamoto wasn't being serious about this. MIyamoto wouldn't just take Zelda away like that. It sounds absurd.

  • Joe

    Purely from a financial standpoint I can't see them just cancelling Zelda if SS isn't the best one yet. Still, I'm kind of worried. Based on what I've seen so far, I honestly don't think I'd pay ANY attention to SS if it wasn't Zelda.

  • TheLegendofNintendo

    Oh my Jesus no more Zelda??? Ill die Ill buy 40 copies if I have to

  • zeldafan4040

    That was in response to lordtear's comment btw.. I was having trouble with the "reply" button and had to post down here…ZU is acting up..must be all the traffic and changes to the site..

  • Moosetracks

    If this were to actually happen… On one side I would be sad to see one of my favorite gaming franchises go, but at the same time I would be excited to see what new franchises Nintendo could make in its place that could POSSIBLY be even better. I want to see something completely
    new that they make.

  • Austin

    all i can say is hopefully he isent serious i have very good memories from my childhood playing the The Legend of Zelda games and to see the day they stop making zelda games, damn that would be a sad day for me and probably for all the other fans of the games

  • Legender

    That's not even fair for Star Fox, since the game is a remake of an old game xD But, I hope this isn't the end for either of them ๐Ÿ™

  • PhantomVII

    Miyamoto is clearly joking. He's saying that SS IS the best Zelda game so far. It's much like saying something like: If Link isn't in SS, I'm going to buy a Master Sword replica online and kill myself with it.

  • Zachnap

    Good! Zelda games have become total crap filled with puzzles and NPC baggage. No wonder the games aren't selling, no one wants to pay for suck. why didn't they announce a New Legend of Zelda? Because they don't want to make a real Zelda game. According to Aonuma, LoZ was too hard for him, so rather than make a challenging and fun zelda game they fill it with lame-ass puzzles. Zelda didn't sell because it had puzzles in it, it sold because it was a challenging adventure game.

    In the same way that Nintendo refuses to make a real Zelda game, they insist on making crap 3D Mario games that get their asses trounced in sales by low-budget 2D Mario. Why don't they take the money and resources they pour into 3D Mario and make a mind-blowing 2D Mario game. Oh, but they will fill NSMBWii with Miis…

    Miyamoto is no genius, he is an idiot. Aonuma needs to be fired.

    Skyward Sword !?!? Seriously, what is this Fisher-Price Zelda….PuzZelda? Beetle-Buggerangs? Give me a freaking break! I want to puke in disgust all over.

    Earth to Zelda Fanboys! Skyward Sword is going to be a total bomb. Bet it struggles to hit 3 million. I bet a NewLoZ would sell 10+ million

    • Justin

      before a crapload of people respond to this comment, I wish to say this, don't feed the troll. that is all.

  • Soulless Creature

    There are other things to live for; love, happieness, chocolate cake.

  • Soulless Creature


  • Justin

    Zelda is one of the most highly regarded game franchises in the world and the games consistently do well, I think you guys can calm down and stop taking Miyamoto's jokes so seriously. It would be most illogical to think that Zelda would be cancelled.

    • Zachnap

      It used to be one of the mostly highly regarded series in the world.

  • No more Zelda's?

    … Wouldn't be buying any Nintendo system anymore.

  • Soulless Creature

    No they won't.

  • heroofmasks

    probally said that becouse of what happend to st becouse it got littlr sells becouse of the train i still bought though im a real zeldafan

  • Bob

    Actually at the Wii U Demo, they showed a Zelda game in HD. The graphics were to HD to be Skyward Sword's, so the Zelda series won't be cancelled, or if they are going to cancel it they've just wasted a long time working on Zelda HD. If it is going to be cancelled, it will be atleast until after the release of Zelda HD, which in my opinion won't come out 'till Summer 2013 at the earliest. But yeah, no Zelda, no Nintendo for me.

    • TheMaverickk

      Zelda HD isn't a real Zelda game.

      It's a tech demo… much like how Spaceworld 2000 had the Link Ganondorf fight for Gamecube.

      They are just showing what they COULD do with the Wii U's hardware. If you notice the HD tech demo just rips elements from Twilight Princess (although with a greater amount of detail and in HD). It probably didn't take them that long to whip up the small demo… so scrapping it wouldn't be out of the question.

      The truth is they would probably like to have a completely unique Zelda to be released on the Wii U… not a rehashed Twilight Princess.

      • Kalas

        It's not the first time they did that, look between Spaceworld 2000 and 2001 with Zelda on the Gamecube. Spaceworld 2000 trailer was close enough to Super Smash Bros Melee rather than Zelda.

        • Bob

          So you're basically saying that a spin-off Zelda/Nintendo game will be made, where Link just fights monsters ?

          • TheMaverickk

            I don't think he was saying that… I think he was saying that the Gamecube tech demo of Zelda looked like it was a Zelda fighting game as opposed to a real Zelda game.

            And that Zelda HD is really the same kind of thing.

  • mikeypizzalover

    Great. Now I have to buy nine thousand copies. I hope for less zelda games in the future, for less of these warnings.
    What else?

    If you never win a game, you still have a perfict record, man.

    • mikeypizzalover

      Asuming that he WAS serious, naturally.

      ITS DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE< TAKE THIS WITH (The thought of world hunger ): )

  • MYKe1217

    lol, seeing people take this seriously is just too much. All this is is a boast of confidence Miyamoto has in Skyward Sword. That is it. It was basically a "then I'm a monkey's uncle" statement.

  • Austin

    All i can say is that sucks if they are serious about this i have so many memories of my childhood playing the Legend of Zelda if the franchise ends it will probably be a sad day for me and also Zelda fans everywhere

  • zeldaman69

    End Zelda? WHAT?!

    Look at this, over 100 comments!


  • Kalas

    It's just to make sure that the Zelda series will not go downhill and to maintain popularity. Hope they'll work on a Zelda HD, or Miyamoto should retire.

    • Kalas

      He did this similar thing before with Twilight Princess and it wasn't true.

  • TheMaverickk

    The original Legend of Zelda had puzzles you do know that right?

    Whether you were pushing a block to reveal a hidden path, killing all the enemies in a room (in some cases you have to kill even a specific enemy as well), or playing a whistle in a specific place to reveal a dungeon, or deciphering cryptic hints from old men/women… these are all puzzles.

    The original Legend of Zelda was amazing because it had puzzles like these that made you think. You had to figure out how to defeat Dodongo by using a certain item, and you had to figure out what walls to bomb and how to reveal keys to progress.

    I hope you realize just how silly you sound saying that the original Zelda game has nothing in common with modern Zelda titles.

  • minish

    Nintendo ending "Zelda" is like shooting yourself…


  • Zelda is not the series to stop. Zelda and Mario. Two main Nintendo series. They know they would lose a lot of players if they stop LOZ. I bet he's just doing this to motivate his team.

  • wiiman445

    um when he said this miyamoto was just joking i hope u know that

  • robotortoise

    I KNOW Miyamoto won't stop making more Zelda games. In fact, I think he even favors the series over Mario… Why? Mario's 25th anniversary got a old game ported to Wii with a book, soundtrack, and specially painted DSes and Wiis. Zelda's 25th anniversary gets 2 new console games, 2 new soundtracks (one which is free!) a free multiplayer game, a live orchestra that will be performing around the world, and a special Wiimote.
    Favoritism, anyone?
    …but I'm not complaining… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • wiiman445

      2 new console games?

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Um… without Zelda, more than half my interest in Nintendo goes down the drain, and the best franchise to ever exist would dissapear, I would really, really prefer Zelda to stay, otherwise my interest in gaming overall would just die without a new Zelda to look forward to

  • derp

    I know a good way for Nintendo to make the greatest Zelda game. ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THE FANS FOR A CHANGE!
    Fans know what they want. Casual gamers know what they want.
    Hardcore gamers know what they want.
    Find a compromise between those three groups, and you will be able to make a greater Zelda.

    Hardcore gamers want better sword action, more moves, better and more items, challenges. Zelda fans want the Zelda formula, but need more answers as to the history and the future of Hyrule, including the true timeline.
    Casual gamers want nice sidequests and want to play more songs on the instruments. (More instruments would be nice) and some other features that have nothing to do with actual gameplay, like fishing and possibly hunting.

  • It would change to Mario Universe.

  • IceSage

    Skyward Sword is automatically NOT the best Zelda game to date. The fans have been craving a very specific Zelda game for quite sometime and Nintendo refuses to listen, going on their own tangent of both disappointment and extreme exhilaration and satisfaction at the same time.

    Most Zelda games fail to meet fans expectations while simultaneously end up being decent games to the point where you really can't complain too much.

  • Shay

    A scare tactic, eh? His sense of humor is odd.

  • heroofmasks

    he got to be jking he accually created zelda thats why he favors it more than all the other francizes and i belive zelda beats mario in nintendo

  • LunarMew

    Miyamoto is obviously joking since Zelda and Starfox are two of Nintendo's biggest franchises, two series that brought them a lot of money I may add.
    But still…What a cruel joke… ;____;

  • mehpuppydoglikesfood

    if Nintendo stops making Zelda I will kill myself. . . I mean it Miyamoto. Do you want to be responsible for that? Huh? Do ya? :p

    On a more serious note (no I won't really kill myself) they won't stop making Zelda. Zelda and Mario are Nintendo, just as Halo is Microsoft, and God of War is Sony. No more Zelda is like destroying a part of Nintendo itself.

    • Kalas

      Microsoft said the same thing as Miyamoto mentioned earlier about Zelda and Star Fox just before Halo Legends was released and now there are now working on Halo 4. It's just to maintain popularity and extra cash to Nintendo.

  • If this is just a joke, then Miyamoto has a bad sense of humor.

  • Harvey

    A future without zelda? I don't beleive that. Miyamoto has made so many Zelda games and all of them were great. All of them were at the top in video game history. Why would he stop at the top of his game? :] SkyWard sword has to be Great just like all the other games or better. Only Miyamoto knows. Anyway I think he has many other ideas in mind.

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  • GorCoronSumo

    April Fools Day 2012?

  • DoctorYou

    Pani, that image you posted at the top of the article is so sad…

  • LinkOfTheSea

    legend of zelda musnt end! if skyward sword were to fail,(which it wont) he could make another majoras mask style game! with a new villan, new kingdom and everything!

  • stevehead

    hahaha, if you had read the interviews that these comments were made, it was apparent he was joking about both. i can’t believe how many of you took it seriously!

  • Hope Its only a Joke… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nexas

    It was a joke you stupid assholes stop flipping the fuck out.

  • #1 Zelda Game Lover

    I swear if they for some twisted reason they canceled the Legend of Zelda series. first I would have a heart attack and need therapy to get over this but then I would probably try as hard as possible to keep it alive. Or march down to Nintendo and yell at them for 20-60 minutes!
    but they probably will never end this series for at least 10 years and probably much much longer.
    Legend of Zelda live long!

  • My Life from Z to A

    Well, I'm just going to say that if this comment is or is not true, I won't be surprised. Reasons why I believe this can be either way:

    If it's true: Zelda just isn't what it used to be. Back when OoT came out in 1998, it was the highest rated game of all time (according to Wikipedia… still was up to December 2010, and may still be. Now, let's face it; Zelda has passed it's prime. The video gaming industry has moved on; how is Zelda going to compete with Halo, COD, or any of the new and improved graphics games? Zelda isn't going to cater to the majority of the public, which, even though I prefer Zelda the way I've always loved it, isn't going to make cash.

    Zelda fans are almost a dying breed; let's be honest. If you were 5-10 years old, and were to pick up a Zelda game today, instead of OoT or a previous game, would anything even interest you in Skyward Sword? What is there in Zelda that there isn't in another game? The graphics are just okay, there isn't much of a relationship between the characters, and the game mechanics are starting to become outdated. The only people who are going to be left 5 or 10 years from now are the ones that played Zelda when it was more than just a classic. Why bother with a franchise that is made up of a dying fan base?

    If it's not true: Well, I can see this as an advertising ploy. "We'll close down the franchise if you don't buy 10 copies of Zelda!" Pfft, um, no. Also, it might be to threaten the ones working on the game. "If you don't make this game the best they've ever seen, then you will all lose your jobs!" It might even be a translational error, or even a miscommunication.

    Whatever the case is, I'll be sad if Zelda goes; it's been a part of my life for so long. But, the world is changing, and if Zelda moves on, then so will I.

  • BigMan

    I call BS, there is no way that Nintendo would stop Zelda. It's one of two games that actually makes Nintendo a substantial amount of money, the other being Mario. I really don't understand how Nintendo stays afloat, I realize I'm just one person but anything besides Mario and Zelda for Nintendo is basically crap in my opinion. Their consoles suck in comparison to the Xbox 360 and PS3 in both graphics and game diversity. The only other game I have seriously considered buying that wasn't Mario or Zelda was Monster Hunter Tri.

  • real zelda fan.


  • crackkat

    i have no doubt this will be THE BEST ZELDA to date!! they spent 5-6 years!!! and ive done soo much research on it and i conclude from now that it is likely to be everything we ever looked for in our ideal perfect zelda game (exept tp style art if ur like me) but true zelda fans even enjoi the cartoonyness of wind waker so no probs with the art style.