Also confirmed is this: Skyward Sword will be released during this year’s holiday season and a special golden Zelda Wii remote will be available.

Continuing with the spree of Zelda announcements, it’s also been confirmed that Nintendo will have live concerts around the world in at least the US, Japan, and Europe.  There will also be two special music CDs released this year. One is the Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack available as a gift for those who first register the game with Club Nintendo, and the other is for the 25th anniversary symphony concert, released in conjunction with Skyward Sword.

More updates on the way.

  • theONLYzeldaFAN

    i wanted a new zelda for 25th…..but ill wait till christmas for that i guess???? what was all this hype about a newer zelda title…..ive played those games 100 times already quit recycling the same titles ……at least make links awaking hd……and was that TWILIGHT IN HD at the end of wii U movie???????????

    • mini link

      it was a demo of what it would look like in the wii U. ITS NOT A REAL GAME.

    • Link64

      So,Zelda skyward sword will be for Wii
      Yesterday I watched Zelda in Wii u,
      Is that the new zelda in Wii u?coming in 2012?

      • Guest

        The video they showed with Link was just an example of what the Wii U can do, its not a hint of anything or any upcoming Zelda game, unfortunately, the graphics were awesome and it would be sweet if they mad a Zelda game like that. 😀

  • sikaxis

    I'm super excited for the Ocarina soundtrack, that's like a pre order bonus in itself . I'm really dissapointed skyward sword won't be out until Christmas, but not as dissapointed as i was when kid icarus wasn't even given a time frame for a release date other than " later this year". I probably won't be too crazy about getting the orchestra cd, but maybe i will if it comes with some zelda swag like the Twilight Princess soundtrack.

  • cloverplayer

    I knew it! totally getting this!

    • cloverplayer

      also, for all who missed the trailer: (zu please post it soon)

  • SS looks better than ever!

  • Rose De Nose

    Early 2011? My ass.

    • Um… No. You just assumed that.

      • Mugen K. I. Kagemaru

        Actually they did say that. But now it's been confirmed for Holiday 2011.

  • Jasper

    Will the gold controller come bundled with skyward sword, or will be separate?

    • Chad

      Preorder bonus

  • Lucas

    No seriously Im confused will it come bundled with the game or not?

  • lockx

    You might want to update that the CD is only available to US and Canada people that register, so long as they're over 13 and while stocks last.

    I know 🙁 Us poor Aussies and the rest of the world

  • Lindsey

    *sigh* I don’t know where I heard think, but I thought skyward sword was coming out next month……my heart is shattered, I was sooooo excited because I thought it was going to come out that soon…..I guess I will have to wait a few more months *weeps quietly while watching the trailer*

  • McClayne

    I don't want to wait until Christmas. But, at least it is more of a definite release date.

  • katiebowbatie

    do you need to have wii motion plus for skyward sword?

    • Aaron

      Yes, you do. Motion+ is now integrated in the controllers now, so check yours. It will say something like "motion+" at the bottom. If not, just buy the attachment or a newer controller. They're pretty cheap now.

  • Nai

    Christmas. is. so. far. away.

  • Lozoot 3ds

    I really wish the game would come a little sooner like at least mid september or so but that is not gonna happen…

  • Lozoot 3ds

    I have ocarina of time 3ds and am about to go into ganons castle, at least that will hold me off until skyward sword comes out, and after that I still have master quest.

  • link1421

    i cant wait for skyward sword i mean why does it have to be Christmas i dont think stores are even open Christmas.and nintendo kept changing there date for wen it was going to come out.first they said late 2010 then early 2011 then april 1 or 2 then november 2 and finally they admit its really going to be Christmas.for a litte while stopped believeing the game would even release.but now i defintely know it WILL release.

  • serious zelda fan

    i'm guessing that skyward sword will be delayed untill the wii-U comes out next year. I really don't trust nintendo no more when they say a zelda game is gonna be released at a certain point in the year. Untill i see an official release date, i kinda stopped taking nintendo's word on stuff.