It was revealed yesterday that Nintendo has fallen victim to an attack by a team of hackers that go by the name of Lulz Security.  This is believed to be the first incident targeting Nintendo, and only the US servers were compromised.  Thankfully, this attack did not compromise any customer or company data, according to Nintendo’s spokesperson for this incident, Ken Toyoda.

Lulz Security admitted to breaching the NoA servers, and posted some sort of system configuration file.  On the group’s Twitter account, they stated that “We’re not targeting Nintendo. We like the N64 too much – we sincerely hope Nintendo plugs the gap.” Then in a later post they confirmed that the hole had been fixed up, but we don’t know if it was by the NoA team or by Lulz, albeit the NoA team.

This group has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on major corporations like Sony (where lots of customer data was stolen), PBS, Fox, and AT&T.  We hope this attack is the last.

Source: Bulbapedia’s Bulbanews Branch


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