It was revealed yesterday that Nintendo has fallen victim to an attack by a team of hackers that go by the name of Lulz Security.  This is believed to be the first incident targeting Nintendo, and only the US servers were compromised.  Thankfully, this attack did not compromise any customer or company data, according to Nintendo’s spokesperson for this incident, Ken Toyoda.

Lulz Security admitted to breaching the NoA servers, and posted some sort of system configuration file.  On the group’s Twitter account, they stated that “We’re not targeting Nintendo. We like the N64 too much – we sincerely hope Nintendo plugs the gap.” Then in a later post they confirmed that the hole had been fixed up, but we don’t know if it was by the NoA team or by Lulz, albeit the NoA team.

This group has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks on major corporations like Sony (where lots of customer data was stolen), PBS, Fox, and AT&T.  We hope this attack is the last.

Source: Bulbapedia’s Bulbanews Branch


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  • Keimori

    I think the other attacks on other companys prove that they are willing to attack ALL companys, Equal opertunity and such.

    • Maxxxxxy

      More like they targeted then pointed out the flaw as a way of helping Nintendo and to help increase there fame.

  • AwesomeSauce

    Haha! It's like Nintendo has their own team of hackers lol. So, basically, the attack was "accidental"? That's what it seems like 😛

  • TheMaverickk

    It sounds like their attack was primarily to test Nintendo's securities. They found a gap with the goal of bringing it to Nintendo's attention so they could fix it.

    It's better to have hackers on your side who break in without taking anything, only to show you that you need some better locks and security in order to keep other threats out.

    A lot of hackers hack simply to show companies that they aren't invincible. Other hackers look to tear companies with big ego's apart.

    Nintendo hasn't done much to piss off hackers… for the most part they play the fair game… they update their systems to keep homebrew and pirate copying out… but they haven't been stupid enough to try and legally take a hacker/pirater to court.

    Most backlashes from hackers happen when these big companies try and take someone to court or go after the little person who really has no money.

    • Sam

      Hear hear!
      Both of my big bros are hackers. One of them actually hacked onto his high school's website to prove that it was a bunch of baloney -vice principal wasn't very happy. The other was hired by a nuclear research and development lab to check for loop holes in the security. The labs, too, were not happy when my bro started screwing around (harmlessly) with one of their sub-websites.

  • x4dennis24

    over on ign theres an article about one of the members of this group being arrested today

  • vick

    thats awesome i hope they take down the whole network

  • Ashmic

    I wish they got all the zelda infor and published it lol

  • Dakota

    XD they like the N64 to much

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