We’ve received a news submission from a man by the name of Alex Jaich, letting us know something very important about E3 and Skyward Sword.

Greetings ZU Staff,

I wanted to let you in on some info on Nintendo’s press conference.  My classmate at a southern California university CSUF will be performing with his choir at E3.  Today is a rehearsal at the university.  Monday night is his dress rehearsal.  He has informed me that the music is for Skyward Sword.  That’s all I have.  Enjoy the choir and E3.

Best wishes,

Alex Jaich

Now, remember, this is only a news submission from a random person, so it might not be true.  But if it is, what is the CSUF choir doing?  Recording some of the music for Skyward Sword‘s soundtrack maybe?  Tell us (as always) in the comments.

  • A choir? That sounds badass. The possibilities are endless with an orchestra AND a choir.

  • Yonatesf

    Wow. If this is true Nintendo must be going all out with Skyward Sword…
    This is going to be epic…

  • Ferisan

    If it's true, then we are in for a nice treat. 2 more days to go guys~

  • Poe Princess Mara

    Waiting for E3 is going to be the slowest 2 days of my life (yet). The two days before SS is released may be even slower.

  • Orchestra AND choir? F*ck yeah!

    For the love of God, Time. Please pass faster.

    • Darkstar

      Play the song of double time!

  • ?????

    Skyward Sword? With a choir???? That means this HAS to be epic and jaw dropping. I can't wait!!!

  • Mark

    It's going to be epic Temple of Time music all the way!

  • zeldafan4040

    I wana be in this choir! 😀

  • If this choir thing IS true, then the music for Skyward Sword is sure to be good enough for them to want to show it off! Can't wait!!!

  • Keith

    I cried manly tears of joy, I did.

  • KyleLink

    What a great way to show Zelda's newest game with a choir. Curious to what the song is… :3

  • Paffe

    Now I want to be there even more! If only it wasn't held at the other side of the planet…

  • A choir at E3? Now that will be interesting…

  • Sam

    A choir at E3 would be VERY classy 🙂 I hope this is legit!

  • It's things like this that make me wish I lived in the US |D

    But then the fact that you get crazy weather and stuff makes me glad I live in safe ol' England U:

    I'll just watch it on YT hurr.

    Also, I just found the silliest comment ever on a different forum:
    'I don't think I'll be buying Skyward Sword. It looks confusing.'

    It made me giggle. Clearly they don't know what makes Zelda fun |D

    • Ferisan

      If they think SS looks confusing then they probably wont be buying any mario games or… any game at all! XD considering barely anything has been shown with skyward sword LOL

      • Ahh, Feri! I never thought I'd see you here, nor get a reply from you LOL
        (Cosplay Genesis = <3)

        And, I know right? Honestly, some people can be really silly |D

        • Ferisan

          Oh lol, you know me xD? Who are you at dA? LOL The internet world is indeed small 😛

          • Harrie5 😀 Doubt you know me LOL

            And, you're godly and awesome, of course I know you! |D

          • Ferisan

            Ungh yeah that username is a bit new to me. You the quiet type XD? hahahahha

            And aww you're too kind <3 thanks a lot ;w;

          • I'm the very very quiet type hurr |D

            You're very welcome! <3

          • MELCHDOWENS

            No way! You guys are here? Remember me from that thing?

  • MYKe1217

    Man oh man, anticipating the music in this game is enough to make me water at the mouth to get my hands on it! Ya know, I never cared too much for the music in the Mario series until Super Mario Galaxy. Not that I dislike any of the pre-Galaxy music of the series, but it never grabbed me until Galaxy and Galaxy 2. The Zelda series, meanwhile, has already had amazing music that grabs me. So with the same team who worked on Galaxy's music working on a Zelda game, this soundtrack has unprecedented potential!! OMG IM SO EXCITED!!!

    • Yeah, this is gonna be great for people who make remixes and covers too! 😀

  • robotortoise

    Wow…. Miyamoto wasn't kidding when he said orchestrated music…

    This game is going to be AWESOME!

  • Excited!!


    Just kidding…

  • Derp

    Herp derp lets post every email we get. Herp derp

    • yep

      totally agree

  • Mcconaughey

    Oh wus this lil pisser up to?

  • Picherity

    Plucky boy for giving his full name. o__o If the choir doesn't turn out to be for real, he's gonna have a lot of angry fans turn up at the CSUF…

  • _ZXY_

    I'm Psyched for this man.
    But I think in order for the orchestrated/choir music to be "epic",it has to somehow correlate and connect with the gameplay, or else it's going feel out of place.

  • This is legitimate, because my friend from California also said his friend from this college said this.
    So, yeah.

  • KyleLink

    Today was Nintendo's E3 show and the song was the first thing to play! It was Debbie FABULOUS!!!