We’ve received a news submission from a man by the name of Alex Jaich, letting us know something very important about E3 and Skyward Sword.

Greetings ZU Staff,

I wanted to let you in on some info on Nintendo’s press conference.  My classmate at a southern California university CSUF will be performing with his choir at E3.  Today is a rehearsal at the university.  Monday night is his dress rehearsal.  He has informed me that the music is for Skyward Sword.  That’s all I have.  Enjoy the choir and E3.

Best wishes,

Alex Jaich

Now, remember, this is only a news submission from a random person, so it might not be true.  But if it is, what is the CSUF choir doing?  Recording some of the music for Skyward Sword‘s soundtrack maybe?  Tell us (as always) in the comments.