It's finally gone portable!

As you guys might already be aware, Nintendo has sent out the first few press copies of Ocarina of Time 3D to certain lucky members of the gaming community – including our very own Jason Rappaport (you can check out his unboxing here). Since the first few copies are out, we can now see what the deal is with Ocarina of Time 3D‘s packaging. Zelda Dungeon has uploaded a very large gallery of scans over at their site, including scans of the manual and the game packaging. Go check them out: the manual looks awesome, and the packaging isn’t bad either!

Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

Source: Zelda Dungeon
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  • Astarael

    Not bad! A shame the cartridge itself isn't gold though, like the original N64 carts.

  • Aivatrix

    Pretty cool. I wish the cartridge was gold like the N64 cartridges were.

  • ssgohanf8

    S-So… beautiful…

  • TTL

    I'm sorry, but I'm pretty underwhelmed by the packaging and manual. I know it's the game that matters, but as a collector this isn't doing it for me. Really, I find the general look of the 3DS boxes and cartridges to be rather lame.

    And I'm going to have to agree with being really disappointed we couldn't get gold carts. Maybe when Nintendo starts seeing the shallow casual market stop throwing money at them they're give the special touches back to the fans like they did when the niche market was their bread and butter.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo and I'm ecstatic that we're getting a portable, 3D re-rendered Ocarina of Time. I just wish North America got some love by way of bonus items or special edition games.

  • Soulless Creature

    Wow magic OOT plastic that can only be used by a 3DS woooooooooooow.(It's the stuff of legend) E:)