Gaming website Destructoid have compiled a list on their top 10 underwater levels featured in video games. Not surprisingly, a Zelda game has made its way onto the list, and for once, Majora’s Mask has come out ahead of Ocarina of Time. Before even starting the list, the author pays tribute to Ocarina of Time‘s infamously frustrating Water Temple, blaming it for the negativity commonly held against water levels in video games.

The list features Majora’s Mask‘s Great Bay Temple in 10th place, praising it for doing what Ocarina of Time did not: creating a fun and innovative water level. The Great Bay Temple offered a challenge in its level design, without bringing the frustration the Iron Boots brought the Water Temple. Majora’s Mask was further praised for including the Zora transformation as an alternative to the sluggish Iron Boots movement, bringing with it more realistic and creative means of attacking and defending. Finally, Destructoid mention that with the mask being tied to a C button, and not in the equipment subscreen, the Great Bay Temple makes for a much more enjoyable experience than the Water Temple.

No other Zelda games featured on the list, leaving Majora’s Mask in the spotlight for once. Do you think the Great Bay Temple deserves to be named the best water level featured in a Zelda game? Would you have placed it higher on the list? As always, don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

Source: Destructoid