Gaming website Destructoid have compiled a list on their top 10 underwater levels featured in video games. Not surprisingly, a Zelda game has made its way onto the list, and for once, Majora’s Mask has come out ahead of Ocarina of Time. Before even starting the list, the author pays tribute to Ocarina of Time‘s infamously frustrating Water Temple, blaming it for the negativity commonly held against water levels in video games.

The list features Majora’s Mask‘s Great Bay Temple in 10th place, praising it for doing what Ocarina of Time did not: creating a fun and innovative water level. The Great Bay Temple offered a challenge in its level design, without bringing the frustration the Iron Boots brought the Water Temple. Majora’s Mask was further praised for including the Zora transformation as an alternative to the sluggish Iron Boots movement, bringing with it more realistic and creative means of attacking and defending. Finally, Destructoid mention that with the mask being tied to a C button, and not in the equipment subscreen, the Great Bay Temple makes for a much more enjoyable experience than the Water Temple.

No other Zelda games featured on the list, leaving Majora’s Mask in the spotlight for once. Do you think the Great Bay Temple deserves to be named the best water level featured in a Zelda game? Would you have placed it higher on the list? As always, don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

Source: Destructoid
  • Olympion

    I loved the Great Bay Temple, it’s a very clever, colorful temple with some really cool puzzles and great mini-bosses. The heavy use of the Zora form also counts in its favor, as that transformation was awesome! Great to see this underrated temple finally get some recognition.

  • "Not surprisingly, a Zelda game has made its way onto the list"

    I stopped reading after that.

    Sorry, Pani. It's not your fault but Zelda fanboyism sickens me.

    • starwebs1



        Fan =/= Fanboy.

        • starwebs1

          Well, if you're not a fan of Zelda, which you obviously aren't then just go back to your Gears of War and shut up.

          • Who said I wasn't a fan of Zelda?

          • I'm just not a rabbid fanboy. There's a difference.



          • Also also, I've never played Gears of War. I'm mostly a Nintendo gamer.

        • margar

          Hey now I don't feel so bad about when you waltz into the podcast thread and proclaim that you stopped listening at xyz point and disregarded the rest out of some divine altruisic disgust. *yay*

    • cloverplayer


      • Megan

        Yeah yeah! ^_~

    • lockx

      So… Exactly how much of the news on this site do you read? Because by your reasoning above you should stop reading 98% of the articles part way through.

      One would wonder why you bother to visit the site.

      Also, Mate. Did you ever stop to think that might be just part of her writing style? Especially as she's writing news articles for a site Devoted to Zelda.

  • Astarael

    *shrugs* I preferred the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, personally. Perhaps it was the vibe…it felt natural, serene and yet oddly menacing (the music contributes to this a lot), whereas the Great Bay Temple was overly mechanical and claustrophobic. And of course, the Water Temple had Dark Link.

    I can understand why some people would prefer the Great Bay Temple though. It did have a great design, and admittedly Zora Link was a better mechanism for underwater movement than the Iron boots (although the upcoming Ocarina of Time 3D should ease the Iron boot frustration quite nicely).

    • dark_link121

      i agree completely

  • SheikfreakIvan

    People need to stop bitching about the Water Temple. Seriously, it’s not even difficult. As for the Iron Boots, who cares if you need to press pause a few times to use them GET USED TO IT!

    • D.A.

      The fact that you have to get used to it means it wasn't working right from the start. The Iron boots were definitely annoying, even Nintendo admits it and have corrected it.

  • Rakshael

    The Great Bay was my favorite Zelda water temple of any of the games I've played. It was more fun than the TP temple, much more interesting than the ALTTP temple, well thought-out, and although not easy at all, far less frustrating than the Oot water temple. I don't know if it deserved a higher spot on their list, but it's another reason MM is an awesome game. And I LIKED the music alot. Gave it individuality.

  • Margar

    I actually don't really like Great Bay. I thin it's a pain in the butt to mess with the gears and stuff. However, I've only played through it about 3 times. I could do the water temple with my eyes closed, and perhaps the sands of time are rosey-ing up my memory of the OT water temple 😛

  • Soups

    Did anyone even actually read this article? The author complained about the lack of realism in allowing Link to use his sword and shield underwater, which we here all know isn’t possible anyway. Also, the screenshot shown for Dire Dire Docks was actually for Jolly Roger Bay. I haven’t played any of the other games mentioned – aside from Majora’s Mask – so I can’t say how accurate the other bits are. Just wanted to point those errors out.

  • Paffe

    Great Bay Temple is seriously one of most awesome temples I've ever played in a Zelda game! Mainly because it looked so weird and mechanical (and I know from experience that weird is awesome!), but also because it was so fun swimmin' around in them tubes! 😀

  • D.A.

    What I loved most about this dungeon was the clever use of the ice arrow. This item went from useless in OoT to mind-blowing in MM. Overall this dungeon had fantastic design. It was challenging, interesting and had some of the most unique enemies ever. A+

  • robotortoise

    True, the Water Temple WAS annoying, but you have to admit that anytime something gets annoying or humurous in a game, it's always a fun thing to joke around with other Zelda fanboys/fangirls about. (ex. Navi, Water Temple, King Zora's butt, Majora's Incarnation, etc.)

  • Megan

    I appreciate both temples for their differences. It just shows that the idea of a "water temple/dungeon" can have many interpretations. While in Ocarina of Time, the temple had more of a sacred/religious vibe to it (at least to me), Majora's Mask I felt an undertone of haunting and uneasiness. The Water Temple felt like a place that was used more for worship (it's elegant design and serenity). It goes along with the idea that you use the best materials for a place of religion because of its importance. But The Great Bay Temple has that mechanical look, which when thinking about water and the ocean, can be very cold/merciless/unfeeling, but still beautiful in its own right. And again, a location made of metal isn't likely to bring a sensation of contentment. Perhaps that was the goal…

  • TectonicImprov

    "No other Zelda games featured on the list, leaving Majora’s Mask in the spotlight for once."
    You're kidding, right? It's always in the spotlight.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    Heh. I hated the Great Bay Temple more than the Water Temple – or any other water-themed Zelda dungeon. But I also agree that it was the best water level of the entire series. And it's entirely possible that the Zora Mask was a huge contributor. 🙂

  • Ozzy

    The author doesn't like TP that much.

  • Jeff

    Great Bay Temple is one of the best in the series.

    It's boss and miniboss fight, however, are about as crap as you can get.

    • TectonicImprov

      I actually love the mini boss fight. Because It's a 3D Arrgrus fight.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I think both the Water Temple and Great Bay are, well, great, but overall I just like MM more than OOT

  • RPH1

    I liked using the Zora mask better than the iron boots, but it didn't annoy me to pause the game to switch boots. I play the game slowly, anyway. I always take in the scenery, so to speak. How can this guy not care for Twilight Princess, though?

  • djoftime

    Dude, maybe the water temple wasn't exactly the easiest or the best temple ever, but I gotta say the boss was legit. I REALLY hope they make something like that for ss. Like this coment if you agree 😀