A while ago we posted about the first review Ocarina of Time 3D had received from GamePro Germany, who awarded it with a score of 93%. Now Nintendo Power have weighed in with their thoughts on the iconic game’s 3DS remake, awarding it a 9.5/10, or 95%: the same score they awarded Ocarina of Time back for the Nintendo 64 in 1998.

The review had nothing negative to say about Ocarina of Time, save for Navi being even more of a nuisance this time around, suggesting that the game, to them, still holds the charm it did 13 years ago. Sounds like good news to us!

What do you think about Nintendo Power’s 9.5/10? Do you think Ocarina of Time 3D should have ranked higher? Lower? As always, let us know in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Everything (via Zelda Dungeon)
  • BarnesTheNoble

    Sounds about right. I wouldn't have expected it to be higher.

  • Anomynous

    Fair enough. But if I better not hear anything bad about this game by other reviewers. This is the best Franchise I have ever saw and it will all ways be the best franchise.

    • anus

      Fanboys, what an annoyance.

      • Peter

        Yeah really, it's not like this is a Zelda Fan Website or anything.

      • Megan

        Hey hey, we all aren't fanboys here…we have some girls too! XD

      • Nichyevo

        I believe we're in consensus here; you're appropriately named.

    • EDracon

      "I better not hear anything bad about this game by other reviewers."
      Why not, because it won't be fair to give a fair review on any faults the game may have?

    • Anonymous

      God forbid anyone take off their nostalgia goggles to write a review, indeed.

  • As long as it make the top ten list I'm fine 🙂

    • Alex

      do you not mean the top 1 list

  • ???

    It maybe should get more because it's the same game but with better graphics and a hint that the music is orchestrated by the guy who made Mario Galaxy 2 music.

    • EDracon

      Ocarina of Time 3D doesnt have redone music, it still has its midi-like music. You're thinking of Skyward Sword having music orchestrated by the Mario Galaxy 2 guy.

  • anus

    It's the same game… 13 year later. It was ranked too high.

    • Kitakee

      Not entirely the same. 🙂

  • blas

    Navi is even mor annoying? that's difficult to imagine.

  • starwebs1

    Wait… if Nintendo Power gave it the same score that they did on N64, then I wonder if IGN will give it a perfect score again? They gave the Wii and N64 versions 10/10, and the GameCube version 9/10. It seems very likely that it WILL be seeing another perfect score from IGN.

    • Eh, I wouldn't count your cuccoos before they hatch, there–IGN was the first to report about Navi's new annoyance…well, at least they were the first that I read. Just because 2 out of 3 versions of OoT have had perfect scores doesn't mean we can expect it again. Murphy's Law and all that, right? 😀

  • Pietro

    Deserves lower, definitely the most overrated game of all time and to give it the same rating as on the N64 despite all the innovations that have taken place in the video game industry is a farce.

    • Alberta

      Dont tell me that you are one of the this kind of guys who plays to much of these shooting games…

  • PhantomVII

    Interesting how NP said OoT 3D was significantly better, but it got the same score.

  • ShadowLinkFunnyFan

    higher XD i'm as old as the game!!!

  • Totalretrogaming

    Cannot wait for this console 🙂

  • TropicalMango

    I believe that with today's technology we want a little more. and I think we got that with This new Zelda Game. I wouldn't have rated it any different.

  • Vien

    Rating is the impression of the game based on contemporary time. Mostly based on innovation and final impression. 13 years ago, this game on Nin64 was revolutionary!!!. Now, this game is its first in 3D, also revolutionary. Both having same story and gameplay (easier time this time as they do not have to come up with new story and gameplay). Same rating would only be fair to say if they live up to the hype. However, I truely believe they should put in voice (today's technology) rather than the dumb Zelda and the annoying "Hey" from Navi sound which they couldn't do 13 years ago.