According to G4TV, news has surfaced about a new Zelda game called “Zelda Universe”. That’s… funny. And confusing. The game appeared on a rating by the ESRB and by the details of it, this might be the 25th anniversary surprise Nintendo promised us at the Game Developers’ Conference earlier this year.

Zelda Universe is rated E for Everyone which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. What is interesting though is that this game is not listed for any particular Nintendo console but rather the platform is listed as “online”. Already fanboys and fangirls alike are jumping with joy, but don’t hold your breath for a MMORPG epic like World of Warcraft. But whatever this turns out to be, we’re sure excited to find out more about it, and why it’s using our name.

We will most likely see Zelda Universe announced at E3 on June 7th, and Zelda Universe will have all the latest updates on… Zelda Universe. Still weird.

UPDATE: It seems as though this is a false alarm; the ESRB rating was filed in 2001 and pertains to Nintendo’s official website for The Legend of Zelda, also called Zelda Universe (though we’d like to think we’re the better of the two). So there’s no game coming out with our name on it. Sorry, folks!

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