Sometimes something a little unexpected gets delivered to your door. This happened to video game blogger David Oxford of Oxford recently attended a media preview event held by Nintendo of Canada and mused about the fate of the many canvases around the room with official game art.

“Would they be taken home by the Nintendo of Canada team?  Sent to the offices of Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime to serve as decoration?  Shipped to E3 in California to get people excited for the game?  Used to make a hobo’s box in a back-alley somewhere the cool place to be?”

It turns out that attendees were sent these nice mementos. Oxford and his wife are grateful to get the gift (as would I) and are trying to find a good spot in their house to hang it up with all of their various video game memorabilia and away from their cats. They sincerely hope the other canvases got good homes and thank Nintendo of Canada for the wonderful artwork.
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