You might have heard of Club Nintendo, an online service offered by Nintendo that allows you to register your purchased games online to redeem virtual coins, that can be used to buy rewards through the Club Nintendo site. The service differs a little in different areas around the world; for instance, the Australian version of Club Nintendo uses points, but the service is generally the same in all areas offered.

Nintendo of America have an offer for the US Club Nintendo members, that can be used to add an extra few coins to your account. With the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, it’s definitely something to be paying attention to! All you have to do is sign into your Club Nintendo account and add your ‘intent to buy’ an upcoming game, and complete a short survey. When the game is released, and you register it on Club Nintendo, you’ll nab ten extra coins! A little extra effort can pay off.

What are you waiting for? Ocarina of Time 3D releases in less than a month. Get moving!

Source: Club Nintendo