You might remember a while ago we reported on IGN’s Greatest Legend of Zelda Game Tournament, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. This tournament sets all of the Legend of Zelda games against each other (yep, even the CD-i games!) and has fans vote on which game they preferred out of two. Fans have been voting for the past few weeks, and it’s all come down to an epic final battle: Ocarina of Time vs. Majora’s Mask, the two Zelda titles from the Nintendo 64.

In round three, Ocarina of Time came out victorious against The Wind Waker, and Majora’s Mask beat Twilight Princess for its spot in the final round. It’s all come down to this: the first two 3D games set against each other; both regarded very highly by fans. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

Which game do you think deserves the title of the greatest Legend of Zelda game? Let us know in the comments!

  • EDracon

    actualy, Twilight Princess beat Majora's Mask on the vote… So it's OoT VS MM

    • EDracon

      I mean OoT vs TP

      • Silver Scale

        It only beat it by 76 votes. MM would've crushed TP if it hadn't been for all those Wii noobs… -_-

        • Dave

          or maybe its just a better game? 0_0

          • Cereal Bawks

            PFFFFFFFFF yeah right…

          • SonicXXX

            it is, MM was too short

          • Darkwing

            are you kidding? MM had 10X more addition quests than TP. sure TP had more dungeon but it was slightly boring cuz that's all there was, were dungeons -_-

          • Yo!

            Oh yes, and that's what we all hate about Zelda: Dungeons, isn't it? That's the whole point of these games, the dungeons.

          • Darkwing

            the dungeons are just the meat. the side quest and characters are the flavor 🙂 TP was like a big flavorless steak without the BBQ sauce. MM was a glorious rack of BBQ 'd ribs XD

          • Silver Scale

            Sweet, they corrected it.

            Stone Tower Temple forevah! 😀

          • GorCoronSumo

            Side quests are the mashed potatoes, QUALITY is the flavor.

          • GorCoronSumo

            Which sort of makes WW a 100 yard buffet, that game has lots of sidequests.

          • elfwae

            except WW was so annoying at parts, it was like someone went to the buffet table and made it cost $1000 per food item.
            *cough* tingle *cough*

      • Banooru

        Now I'm really disappointed. I heard about this just now, and I was going to vote for MM. OoT follows really close behind as my second favorite though, so thats where my vote is.

    • D.A.

      Yeah,tThat was a glitch. It is OoT vs MM.

  • asdf

    Since OOT was less of a rehash than TP, I'm voting for OOT.

    • EDracon

      they were BOTH rehashes.

      • TheMaverickk

        Yeah OoT is basically a 3D version of Link to the Past.

        Yet no one ever mentions that…

      • D.A.

        Well, he said "less of a rehash." He is right. OoT was a lot more influential to the Zelda series than TP ever was.

  • gabocore

    TP is too easy, appart from boring, MM is the best one and has to win this tournament!! GO MAJORA'S MASK!!!!!

    • EDracon

      it can't win if it was already beaten :V

      • D.A.

        It's the power of the mask…. it will stop at nothing to consume it all.

  • Olympion

    MM actually won the vote, but TP kept getting votes after the earlier poll was supposedly closed (MM did not get even 1 more vote, TP got like 250), so this is either the result of IGN being incompetent or blatant cheating. Either way, TP should not be in the final.

  • LunarMew


    Ocarina of Time VS. Twilight Princess…I am a bit heartbroken that MM lost to TP, (Although I like both games anyways…) And Ocarina of Time might end up beating Twilight Princess. Still, as arrogant as this may make me sound, I don't need a tournament to tell me which game I like best. And it's all from the same franchise too! Silly civil war… =)
    Oh crap! OoT will crush TP! Must…vote…

  • Peter

    Ocarina of Time vs Majora's Mask would have been epic. Those are the 2 best zelda games ever.

  • TheLegendOfNintendoLink

    I’m not gonna lie I enjoyed MM more than TP MM is my favorite game of all time i’m very dissapointed MM lost to TP

  • Squiggy

    This whole tournament is rigged. Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past, both considered to be the best games in the series, were paired up with CD-i games to guarantee them a spot in the second round. Similarly, Twilight Princess was paired with Zelda 2, which is a good game, but considered the black sheep of the franchise, also practically guaranteeing TP's placement in the next round.

    I pointed this out in IGN's own comments, but it seems the comments were removed. HMMMM

    • TectonicImprov


  • ThesePeople…

    This is what I hate about the people on these boards: They love MM FAR too much. MM was a good game, perhaps better than ALtTP, but I personaly loved TP, and so do all of my hardcore gamer friends. MM was for too short for a normal kid just trying to beat the game, and the side quests were either too long or just boring and not worth it. Fierce Deity's mask takes the fun out of the final boss and it can't even be put to good use anywhere else. It was far too messy for me, like the Lens of Truth being in Goron Village. What's up with that? I even saw some people say that MM was way underrated… maybe they should take a look at his board? And what is wrong with TP anyway? That is all.

    • Majorasmaker16

      I really liked TP, too. I think it had one of the best story lines in the series, but I prefer MM because I like side quests, it keeps you playing the game long after you beat the real part of the game, but thats just me.

      • TectonicImprov

        It's just me too. But I think sidequests shouldn't be the focus of the game. They're called SIDEquests for a reason. Besides, I never liked MM that much to begin with.

        • TheMaverickk

          The problem with TP is it's just a retelling of Ocarina of Time, which is a retelling really of Link to the Past.

          TP is loved by the "hardcore" cause it went the more "realistic" style, which some lame gamers think automatically makes a game more mature/hardcore.

          TP also suffers from an anti climatic plot, and waffles in it's identity. Not to mention that Ganondorf feels tacked on just as fan service, not because he actually belongs in the story.

          TP is a solid game, it's pretty, but it's also rather bland. It's really one big piece of fan service to every Ocarina of Time fan.

    • D.A.

      Don't use the term hardcore so haphazardly. There's no need to use it here. We are all fans of The Legend of Zelda.

      With the exception of the game's length (as measured only by the number of dungeons), every one of your comments is entirely YOUR opinion, which makes it neither right nor wrong. Those like me who would challenge your opinion would say that all the side-quests in MM were well thought out and rewarding. Most would agree that the Fierce Deity's mask is the best end-game reward for 100% completion in any Zelda Game. And most would call the game original or unique, not messy (I found that every item in MM was used to it's fullest potential, including the lens of truth).

      What's wrong with TP? As much as I like a good Zelda game, in my opinion (I repeat: my opinion), TP didn't bring a lot to the table. The more original elements (which aren't very original at all since they are reminiscent of LttP or OoT) weren't even executed that well. The wolf form and howling seemed like a last-minute effort to extend the gameplay, which surprised me considering how much they hyped it. Same deal with the curtain of twilight and the whole light tear quests. The only character that came close to being truly unique was Midna. Overall it felt like they recycled several elements from their biggest sellers and the whole experience seemed like a stale, rushed piece of fan service.

    • Darkwing

      ok, just to clarify, NO Zelda game was, is or is ever going to be better than A Link to the Past

    • are dumb…

      YES! thank you so much! these people needed that. TP diserves more credit and MM is only popular because of the visuals! thank you!

  • DFM Marlink

    I'm with you! I honestly suspect that most of these people voting in the poll have never actually played a Zelda game that originally came out before Ocarina of Time. They think Zelda begins with Ocarina of Time and ends with Twilight Princess.

  • Deikios

    I think that Majora's Mask is better solely because the game was completely original. As EDracon mentioned earlier, both OOT and TP were rehashes of A Link to The Past.

  • DekuScrub


  • jameslieb1

    Ocarina should and is going to win.

  • Marty Byers

    Ocarina of Time ALL the way. Hands down. Majora's Mask honestly got on my nerves with the whole running out of time thing.

    • D.A.

      That's the point. It's all about messing with your mind. It's why I love it XD

  • Majora's Mask. Hands down.

    I'm predict that Ocarina of Time will win though. As always. Shame.

    • D.A.

      Nostalgia's a powerful thing. However, they are both great games. I'm happy either way (though I personally root for MM).

      • Astarael

        I've got to admit, it rankles me a little when people infer that the only reason others could prefer Ocarina of Time is the nostalgia factor. Might they not possibly think that it's genuinely the better game?

        • D.A.

          A lot of people started gaming because of OoT, and for those of us that were playing Zelda since the NES days, the flawless transition to 3D was a monumental event. Nostalgia is not the only factor but it is one of considerable influence. That said, nostalgia isn't such a bad thing. Such powerful nostalgia can only be evoked by high quality games. OoT is a GREAT game.

          I personally enjoy MM's atmosphere and uniqueness a little more. That is just personal preference.

  • Justin

    Majora's mask has been one my favorite games since the day it came out, There is not a single thing about it that I don't love. I expect Ocarina will easily win this contest, but i've always liked Majora's mask alot more than Ocarina.

  • That is pretty hard. I LOVE playing Ocarina of Time but Majora's Mask is my fave cause it has three 1. Happy Mask Salesman, 2. Kafei and 3. darkness 😉

    • D.A.

      4. The moon (consume…), 5. Majora's mask (so twisted and evil), 6. Best side-quests ever, 7. Transformations, 8. Fierce Diety/Oni Link, 9. Difficulty, 10. Stone tower and Great bay temples, 11. Everything else.

  • Craziness

    I don't know which game I should vote for, but I feel if I vote for Ocarina of Time, every Zelda game I play from now on will greet me with the sentence: "You shouldn't have done that."

    It's still a tough choice.

  • dark_link121

    ocarina of time all the way

  • D.A.

    But they did! OoT vs. MM it is! Wahoooooo!!!!

  • Kokirininja

    Majoras mask got a little stressful with the whole countdown. I could play ocarina of time to its fullest without worries. I also enjoyed its layout a lot more. Its ocarina of time for me.

    • Kokirininja

      I understand that's probably the direction they were going with but I could play ocarina of time and enjoy every aspect they put into that game instead of getting rushed around.

      • Justin

        I fail to understand how the time limit made you feel rushed, it's a pretty long time limit, and with the inverted song of time there's more than enough time for pretty much anything.

  • TheMaverickk

    The match ups are for the most part completely dumb. Like why weren't the two CDi games pitted against each other?

    I'm pretty sure no one was going to pick a CDi game over Link to the Past.

    Also why are 2D Zelda's being pitted against 3D Zelda's. There's an obvious slant that people who are graphically inclined are going to pick the 3D Zelda's over the pixelated 2D Zelda's.

    Or on that note, people who are younger and likely only played the newer Zelda's are going to pick them over the older ones they may not have played.

    The most practical voting would've been to put the Zelda titles in the same weigh classes together. Which they did for some titles (Like the 2 Oracle games square off against each other, and the 2 DS titles against each other). Put all the 2D titles on one side of the table and the 3D ones on the other side.

    It's a gimped little show down I will say that.

    Either way I voted MM for the final showdown. It's far more deserving of being the best Zelda title. Mind you, I think it's safe to say that OoT will clean up this show down.

  • AbstractReality

    Lol, I don't see a point in comparing the games! They all fall under the Zelda umbrella! And each game can fit whatever mood I'm in! Zelda is just the best.

  • KfdsdLink

    Ocarina For thw Wi! 🙂

  • sakseter

    Ocarina is going to win, no questions. No Majoras mask aint that good of a zelda game, neither is twiligt princess. Ocarina is perfection and should vs either a link to the past or Minish cap, YES minish cap is one of the best zelda games thats been done but needs morre ganondorf

  • ShadowLinkFunnyFan


  • Josiahinnc

    you Wind Waker haters

    • Dondy


  • ryoni93

    majoras mask. It's simply a better game. It got a more "personal" story, it plays on your feelings as they were strings, the gameplay is harder, more ideas popped in and it's not as obvious as in OoT.
    OoT is a great game, but people lets their judgement be clouded by the fact that it was the first 3d-zelda, not the best one. If they made OoT more about the characters around you it would have been a greater purpose to beat the game, not to kick ganondorfs ass, more about saving the people you know and love.

  • MYKe1217

    I can't imagine OoT NOT winning. I don't care what your reasoning against it is, the game's lasting appeal on gamers in general is just to powerful to beat. I'm not trying to say "OoT is the best, and if you disagree, you're wrong." I'll tell you right away that OoT isn't my personal favorite and I think ALttP is the best. But I just cannot imagine OoT not winning this. It's just so predictable.

  • Darkwing

    i love how all the comments for oot and agaist MM are getting thumb downs and all the comments for MM are getting thumbed up XD

  • Astarael

    I'm going to go for the seemingly unpopular option and vote for Ocarina of Time! (Now let's watch as the overzealous MM fans vote me down :P)

    But seriously though, I do honestly think the two games are as good as each other – it really just comes down to whether you prefer the grand scale of OoT's great adventure, or the darker, more personal vibe of MM. Though I greatly enjoy both games (I'd say they're both in my top five), the former just happens to appeal to me slightly more.

  • Siaarn

    We all know OoT will win, but MM was my favourite <3

  • Ferisan

    Well it's pretty clear who is going to win, both because of nostalgia and because well, it's honestly a really good game, but my vote still goes to Majora's Mask, Im a sucker for moving character development/stories :') even if the time constraint stressed the hell out of me, it did give it a more challenging feel.

  • Austin

    Even though I like Majoras Mask, I going too have to say im voting for Ocarina of Time just have more good memories with OOT

  • Josh

    Unfortunately, Ocarina of Time has an enormous unfair advantage over MM. So this is kind of pointless.

  • hyliancandlemaker

    i love both… cant decide AT ALL

  • kaepora21

    This really is an incredibly difficult decision to make.

    Ocarina was so instrumental in bringing about the entire Zelda line we enjoy today. It was the first game of its type, the first perfect 10/10 on IGN's rating system, and revolutionary in all respects. That's before even mentioning the powerful (albeit recycled) plot, intricate 3-D puzzles, and novel combat system.

    Majora, conversely, copied the engine only to completely revolutionize the method by which a gamer approaches a story. A player suddenly felt the rush to defeat an evil but without a distracting timer consuming his focus. Interaction with NPC's and every quest whether pivotal to the ending or not created emotional hooks for a player to latch on to. This game stepped out of the cookie cutter mold and took a unique approach that has yet to be mimicked.

    Two completely revolutionary and historic games for two completely different reasons. Honestly, these two should share the title.

    That being said, I figured most people would vote for Ocarina because Majora receives a lot of flak for no reason, so I actually voted for Majora to offset some of that :-P.

    • gerald4

      …But it DID have a "distracting timer consuming [the player's] focus." So do you consider that a con or not?

  • Lancelot-sama!

    Personally, Majora's Mask is my favorite zelda game. The story was great, and I loved how all the characters had a sort of role in the game with their own little stories. The music was awesome and the dungeons were great. My vote goes to MM.

    For the others I'd pick Ocarina of Time over Wind Waker and A Link to the Past over Twilight princess, if I had the chance to vote. If it was Twilight Princess against Ocarina of Time, I'd have serious trouble choosing which one.

  • oot master

    i vote for Oot because it has the most difficult temples and cause of the happy mask shop side quest

  • Paffe

    My vote goes to MM…

  • GorCoronSumo

    Why does everyone hate on TP? It was actually a pretty good game! The Hidden Skills made sword combat so much fun and bomb arrows actually made bombs useful in combat.

    • GorCoronSumo

      Don't get me wrong, OoT and MM are great games, but you can't just say TP sucked because it had Ganondorf, or whatever.

      • GorCoronSumo

        I'm REALLY happy no one hates on WW, that would be a crime against humanity.

    • Artmgjr

      I hated the game for A LOT of reasons. I literally slept while playing because it was that boring to me.
      1- The game was already easy enough WITHOUT hidden skills.
      2- Auto guard
      3- No magic. Magic was so fun to use in all other zelda games.
      There are VERY few things I like about TP though, and bomb arrows are one of them. I like the spinner too, but TP didn't use the idea of a spinner the best way. Actaully TP used the spinner in a horrible way, but the idea is good.

      • gerald4

        What did you have in mind for the spinner then?

  • Zelda Fan

    This is bull. I think that Ocarina of time should win because it has Zelda and other characters I like in it and the 3 day countdown is annoying as hell to me on Majora's Mask. I don't like those kind of games. I like to take my time. Ocarina of Time wins.

  • Shelby Rhyne

    Everyone voting for that dumb ass timed Majora's Mask game when Ocarina of Time is the best.

  • Heather

    Ocarina of Time simply because it's…Better…And you switch from Link to older Link and more characters are in it that I like. And I missed Navi…Even though most of you hated her but whatever.

  • veeronic

    just realized that majora's mask may as well be the quantum leap of zelda

  • Hime

    I am so not surprised that this is what it came to, MM vs OoT…I say MM, more sides and awesomeness.

  • Astarael

    Ocarina of Time won, by the way – 24563 votes for OoT vs 16599 votes for MM.