What the eShop will eventually look like. Pretty snazzy, right?

So, here’s what we’ve all been waiting for:  some info on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

According to Famitsu Magazine, the virtual shop will be available to Japanese gamers through the system update in June.  The update will also come with some Virtual Console titles, as well as some 3DSWare content, similar to things like Face Raiders that we already have.

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Here’s a list of the content that will supposedly come with the system update:

3DS May Firmware contents:

  • Nintendo eShop
  • 3DSWare – Rockman Dash 3 Prologue (200 yen), Petitcom (800 yen)
  • DSiWare – import DSi Ware from DSi to 3DS
  • 3D Classic – classic titles in 3D, Excitebike, Legend of Zelda and Xevious will be available
  • Virtual Console Game Boy –Ikari no Yousai, Phantasm
  • Virtual Console Game Gear – Sonic & Tails 2, Sonic Drift 2, Dragon Crystal, Columns
  • Virtual Console Game Boy Color – Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda DX (Demo)
  • Virtual Console PC Engine – games TBA
  • Demos – 3D Video Player, 3D Game Trailer/Previews Channel, Fuji TV and Nippon TV Previews

Like with the average rumor, some things don’t add up.  Like how Super Mario Land is for Game Boy, not Game Boy Color, and how nothing has been said before about any Zelda titles being on the Virtual Console, except for Link’s Awakening and Miyamoto’s statement about how ALttP could work on the 3DS.

What do you think about all this?  Rumor or truth?  Tell us in the comments below!

  • Brad

    First comment!
    Wheres the internet browser

  • starwebs1

    It will come too; this is just detailing the eShop, which will come at the same time.

    Also, this should be in Gaming/Nintendo News.

    • Caleb

      Aww dang, thanks. I'll change it.

  • A dro

    If only i had a 3ds…

  • SuperTriforceBros

    Wow,I never thought about game gear games. I was really hoping they would have GBA games but maybe next time.

    • Keimori

      Well this isn't confirmed yet, i suspect there'll be GBA games available on it eventualy.

  • Lol I was just listening to Zelda music on my 3DS and then I wondered about the e shop! What a coincidence 🙂

    • arniexd

      lol I'm glad I'm not the only one who listens to zelda music XD! Downloaded all the zelda music from ssbb O.o

      • starwebs1

        Lol, no, you're not. Most of my iTunes library is Zelda music. =D

        • robotortoise


    • similar here. I finally got around to joining the zu forums after being a member of zu for… 4 years? Maybe less, still here I am – I came to ask via a thread about info for the 3ds d/l store. These forums look pretty neat. I think I'll enjoy this. Good to see some regular posters from the 'other side' of Hyrule, here. 😀

  • zeldafanboy23ify

    6:05 Look closely to the left, Theres a hole in the temple of time!

    • Subrosian

      Maybe that's the place you go to fight Wolfos in the Forest Temple-looking place as young Link…

    • starwebs1

      Wow, there is! Might just be a shadow, but that's interesting!

      EDIT: Actually, I think it might be a "Vision."

  • Kitakee

    I'm really looking forward to playing Super Mario Land again, that was a great game. Lost my copy like 15 years ago so I'm really happy it'll be downloadable. 🙂

  • Keith

    3D Video Player…why do I think they're going to use this to stream their E3 Conference to 3DSes? 😛 I know that on the Nintendo website you can watch it but I think this will be how it streams to 3DSes and the website is for Computers.

  • …Article error. Super Mario Land is for Game Boy, nod Game Boy Color.

  • OrangeRupee_96

    will legend of zelda links awakening DX be a full downloadable game soon??? or just a demo forever????

  • Really, REALLY want to try out the Megaman Legends 3 demo! (aka Rockman DASH 3 Prologue) Been waiting ten years for the sequel, aside from OoT3D I might get a 3DS just for that game alone when it comes out, lol.

  • guest

    yeah i have super mario land for gameboy not gameboy color