The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has received its very first review, from GamePro Germany! Check out the video above to hear what Nino Kerl from GamePro had to say about his experience with the game. That is, if you’re lucky enough to understand German.

“But Zelda Universe! I don’t understand German!”

Fear not, Legend of Zelda fans! Hit the jump to see GamePro Germany’s comments on the game translated into English. Of course, the video above still shows some awesome gameplay footage, so you might want to check it out.

GamePro's review of Ocarina of Time 3D


  • Impressive 3D effect
  • Pretty light effects
  • Loveable characters (complete with funny facial expressions)


  • Familiar (grandiose) themes
  • Very rich in variety
  • Typical Zelda jingles and sound effects

Pros and Cons

  • Long playtime
  • Many side quests
  • Varied dungeons and boss battles
  • Perfect use of the touch screen
  • Partial motion control (camera)
  • Contains the unlockable Master Quest
  • The prettiest 3DS game to date

Bottom Line

Brillian remake of one of the most brilliant games of all time”

GamePro finished the review by giving The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D a final score of 93%, which, considering the review doesn’t actually mention anything negative about the game, seems a little odd. It seems like this score is due to the fact that despite being a remake of such a classic game, nothing particularly revolutionary has been introduced to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. If it had included more new features, the score probably would have ended up closer to the 100% mark.

Still, 93% sounds pretty good to me. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Source: GoNintendo, NeoGAF
  • Lazer_Falcon

    Looking forward to playing it myself now, I was worried about the touch screen controls – but the developers seem to have done a good job of it.

  • Scrivs


  • starwebs1


    Anyway, THAT IS SO COOL! Too bad the video is in German, but at least there was the translation. I watched the vid anyway, lol.

  • starwebs1

    ALSO: Comments on vid:

    LOOK AT THE TEMPLE OF TIME! It looks amazing! And it seems from when he played the ocarina that Nintendo has learned from the whole "Spirit Flute" thing from Spirit Tracks.

    Anyway, I absolutely cannot wait (though I sadly have to) for June 19th when this game comes out here in the US.

  • Lucas

    More sidequests? Like What?

  • Link

    Man, does Adult Link look buff with the Mirror shield and Biggoron's Sword now!!

  • I took German for four years and then stopped so I could take art classes. I still regret not being able to do both. I only understood pieces of this video, which makes me sad because I realize how much I've forgotten in the last three years. DX

  • eliot

    today, i dreamed i was playin' it!!!

  • Andy R

    Pumped for June 17th eyooo. Fell sorry for the americans who have to wait 2 extra days though;L

  • bah

    The Kokiri Emerald isn't all block-ish :O! It's going to take a bit of getting used to playing the Ocarina though. I wonder if the Fire Medallion will still be on the platform outside of the Shadow Temple? Too bad I'm waiting for the next model of the 3DS.

    • D.A.

      From what I've heard, there are several ways to play the ocarina. Just go for what you like best. Also, the fire medallion was placed outside the shadow temple on purpose: it is a hint that din's fire must be used to open the door. I suspect it will remain there.

    • Johaun348

      i think you are going to be waiting for a long time for the next model. The 3ds is a really good model atm and I'm not sure it would be worth waiting to get the next one if nintendo actually decides to.

  • Blizzeta93

    is it just me or do the graphics look a tad…cell shaded.

  • TheMaverickk

    A little sad to hear no new optional dungeon or something hidden in there.

    Still in either case the game looks amazing, the world is more fleshed out then the original. Can't wait to play it for myself.

  • OniSkullKid

    No new dungeon? No new sidequests? No fleshing out of the plot? No extra backstory? Why this must be a cash-in folks!

    • GanonZD

      I agree, but I guess this is a game targeted at the – unfortunately – relatively large group of Zelda purists who want the game to be "faithfull", i.e. practically identical to the original. I am truly unable to take GamePro's extremely positive review seriously, and it's not only because it's German (too bad I actually understand that). However, in my opinion, a graphically updated version does not count as a RE-make. What I want is a SM64DS-like package of new content, including dungeons and, preferably, reinterpretations of the original story.

      I am sorry to say that my love for the Zelda series forces me to buy this pseudo-remake, despite my concerns about the lack of new content. I can only hope that Nintendo's first attempts at DLC will reach OoT 3D, though I truly doubt that they want to spend money on that, considering the obviously negative reaction from said Zelda purists on such content as well as the fact that this game will, without a doubt, sell perfectly without them having to create DLC.

      • D.A.

        GanonZD, I agree that SM64DS had plenty of extra content. Changes are completely reasonable since Mario64 is not dependent on a story and/or more complex game mechanics.

        It is far more complicated to alter OoT3D. Any changes have to be implemented with great care and sensitivity: extra dungeons or items would require significant restructuring of the game, which may not be feasible or desirable. A graphical update seems like the wisest choice. That alone may not be good enough for you but many (including myself) appreciate the efforts that went into making Hyrule what it should have been from the beginning. Even a graphical update requires plenty of time, resources and effort, so i don't really see how the term "cash-in" applies, OniSkullKid.

        Also, an absence of change in the main storyline doesn't necessarily imply an absence of extra content. There are plenty of things that can be done to the game without altering its core structure. The boss rush/gauntlet, added difficulty and mirroring in MQ, the vision system… they are all welcome additions that stay true to the original. We may get a few more surprises here and there.

        • D.A.

          Sorry, I meant "It is far more complicated to alter OoT." Slip of the tongue ๐Ÿ˜› I'm just so excited for this game! Every time I write OoT, the 3D just follows instinctively.

          • GanonZD

            Well, 3D is definitely a most welcome change to an amazing game; personally, I prefer that the 3D label do indeed stay attached to OoT forever, instinctively as well as emotionally. OoT 3D should, without a doubt, be the definitive OoT release. However, my concerns are related to the fact that, while impressive, OoT is, in my opinion, not as absolutely perfect as some people tend to claim. First of all, the story is, simply put, stupid: Bad guy comes, takes over the world, good guy saves everyone. Sorry if I offend some Zelda purists, but if you ask me, Zelda games are about as dependent on story as your average Mario game.

            The core of Zelda is – and will always be – its extremely impressive gameplay. Thus, it is pointless to maintain anything from the original simply to keep its story and structure intact. What matters is gameplay, and the more changes to it, the better – even if that means restructuring the entire game. I actually want to feel that this is a new game – and it takes more than new looks, plus the ability to replay boss battles, to convince me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • D.A.

            As an avid fan of Majora's Mask, I agree that OoT was pretty shallow for such a critically-acclaimed game. OoT is definitely all about gameplay, and the (almost) flawless transition of the franchise into the 3D environment.

            From what I've seen, improving the gameplay seems to be a priority in the making of this remake. Grezzo has improved upon almost every major issue I had with the original, including the frame rate, the water temple, the pause menu (now being realtime item selection – good for iron boots), the difficulty (making the game harder for veterans like me yet easier for newcomers through the addition of visions), etc.

            Like I said, extra content would require complete restructuring of the game. It may sound easy, but it requires resources that Nintendo may not have at this time (the fact that they had to co-develop is indicative of this… pretty normal considering the upcoming console release), not to mention that there fans out there who would call heresy on any type of earth-shattering alteration (unfortunately, as you say). Needless to say, Nintendo can't please everyone. I for one AM pleased about the quality and content of this remake (the steep price being the only exception).

            And if Nintendo is indeed willing to stake so many resources on a single project, they might as well just make a new game. As much as I love and respect OoT, I always look forward to the future with much greater anticipation.

            Sorry for the long reply. It is often rare and always nice to have a meaningful conversation with another fan in a forum.
            Though I have to say I've met several well-spoken people in this one ๐Ÿ™‚

          • GanonZD

            No problem… it is, indeed, nice to see people use rational arguments – as opposed to having to deal with the annoying extremist fanboys whose emotional arguments often dictate Zelda forums. You are actually able to partially convince me. ๐Ÿ™‚

            And thanks, though I doubt that I count as relatively "well-spoken", especially considering the fact that English is not my native language. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • A dro

    93% good review i should get the game but first i need the money for a 3ds

  • JW/69

    Why do you guys always post stuff so late? Seriously, I read this on Zelda Informer 3 days ago……..

  • BellaKazza

    I understood a small amount of that, Now I regret not taking those German class's with my Grandmother now.

    • GanonZD

      Why don't you just Google Translate the written review? ๐Ÿ™‚

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