Got an itch to watch some Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D footage? You’re in luck! Here’s nearly 3 minutes of Link running around inside the Great Deku Tree, shooting his slingshot and kicking some Skulltula butt… sort of.

This footage really shows off how beautiful this game looks. You can clearly see that the extra 10 FPS really adds extra fluidity to the game, and the remade Great Deku Tree environment just looks beautiful, especially the walls and floors in the more grassy areas.

The video ends with an epic Queen Gohma battle. Check it out, and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • hey, hey, look, listen!!

  • TepigMaster

    very beautiful indeed

  • adventurer

    it's awesome… but haven't we seen enough footage of Great Deku Tree? 🙁

  • Z U

    Here's a clip from an Interview with GameMaster Triforce conducted by GamerTalkLive. The Full Interview concerns Triforce's experience with the Extended Demo of Ocarina of Time 3DS when he was invited by Nintendo to try it out. This particular clip is about a conversation he had with the Localization Team about The Zelda TimeLine, which you guys might be interested in.

  • KingDodongo1

    I kinda wish they fixed how Link always swings his sword when he draws it.

    Not that big of a deal, but it always kinda bugged me, hehe

  • AwkwardPigeon

    How am I expected to wait for this any longer?! GAH WANT

    • Keimori

      Well look on the bright side, its just a little under a month left.
      It COULD be a longer wait than that. even worse, time could be moving backwards! just be glad its not doing that. XP

  • meh

    hey wow! thats totally same as the n64 one

  • starwebs1

    I love that they changed how Link leaps… anyway, AWESOME! Two videos and a ton of screenshots in just one day? Wow.

  • KyleLink

    STOP MOCKING ME WITH YOUR VIDEOS AND SCREENSHOTS ZELDA!!! I can't take it any more! Must…get…3DS…

  • Jordan Wiley

    You've gotta be critically insane or dead hot to get this! So, I guess I'm insane!

  • goronbot

    Awesome I so wish I could get it.

  • Torkama

    Aww, I just got a nostalgia boner… lol jk. I like the way the game looks, the smoother polygons do add a nice effect, although, I find myself liking the old graphics better. *still looking forward to, and buying this.

  • Casual Vader

    Argh! Can't wait! It looks great. Though I can't decide whether the person playing hasn't played OoT before or if they're sucking that bad to make the video more interesting. I've never timed myself but my battles with gohma must take about 30 seconds. Unless I'm bad at telling time… maybe about a minute.

  • robotortoise

    Beautiful! I love how the Deku Tree's re-textured platforms rise up like they ARE part of the ground and the Skulltula's new death animation. The only thing I'm slightly upset about, though, is that Link lacks a turn animation. I know, I'm nitpicking, but this detracts from the games' overall fluidity, especially considering all the recent Zelda games feature this. Though it really doesn't matter, as this game is and always will be THE best game ever!

  • l0n3r

    Honestly, I hate the animations… Link looks like a little fairy, this game looks like it was made for girls, or gays, or something… What the heck will the Shadow temple look like? The animation looks like wind wakers, but where WW had that as a theme, this just looks bad

  • KevinNorwad

    I just hope they put in some new awesome stuff we haven't seen before!

  • The frame-rate has been significantly improved.

  • bah

    I don't really like the fact that Navi's name flashes near the bottom of the screen… And did they change the sound effect for the Gold Skulltulas?