June 17th is creeping closer. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is nearly upon us! What better way to celebrate than with a slew of new screens from the game?

Link playing the ocarina

Hit the jump to see the rest of the new screens!

The Triforce
Phantom Ganondorf battle
Link in the Kokiri Forest
Aiming the bow
Aiming the slingshot
Possibly a Sheikah stone?

Sheik and Link in the Temple of Time

Link in Hyrule Field with the map menu

Showing the new ocarina menu
Source: Nintendo 3DS Blog
  • starwebs1

    PHANTOM GANON! And is that last one Jabu-Jabu's Belly?

    • No, the last one is probably form a great fairy shrine or something.

    • swizzles

      Most likely it's inside one of the fairy fountains.

      • starwebs1

        Oh, oops. I didn't see the giant doorway. It is a fountain; he's playing his ocarina. The Fairy Ocarina, it seems, so that must be before he goes to Hyrule Castle with the three Spiritual Stones.

        Anyone else like the first half of the game better? Where there was, you know, life? And you talked to more people? I did, but Adult Link was really cool too (coughhookshotcough).

        • AbyssBlur

          Agree with that … Adult Part felt just … empty … but still good… Ah, the Longshot…

  • Goronbot

    That is some awesome graphics…..
    I would kill for this game (not literally, actually I would kill a carrot for this game)

  • Rakshael

    Hookshot/Dual Clawshots are arguably the best items ever.

    • Josiahinnc

      The dual hook shot would be better because the clawshot can't hook onto trees

  • John

    Hmmm, while I like the new, brighter and colorful scenes, a lot of it still seems really blocky. I kind of wish Nintendo would have focused more on improving their graphics than going with the gimmicky 3D stuff.

    • Craig

      You do realise, it's the console that's 3D and all these games on this console just have THE ABILITY TO PLAY IN 3D… it's only advertised simply because of that… Otherwise it's Nintendo's brand new next gen console – whether the 3D is used or not.

  • Keith

    Everything looks so amazing. :'D I'll be 100% certain to pre-order this when I get my 3DS next week.

  • Callin

    Gossip stones got an upgrade.

    • Keimori

      I just hope they still blast of into orbit when you bomb them…IN 3D! XP
      and they need to keep ye olde clock function.

    • Ben

      Actually those are the the "Vision" stones. The Gossip stones though are still in this game, and still look the same.

    • Craig

      Yeah there are gossip stones still but in certain places – There are giant stones built into walls. They're called Sheikah Stones and provide visions of the future or the ability go gaze over very small unclear hints on how to do specific things but from different angles than you would be playing – so it's not all just telling you what to do, it makes it like proper visions apparently.

  • Gordon

    Screenshots never look as good as a game in motion. The videos look spectacular.

    • Absolutely agree 😀 These screenshots don't hold a candle to real game footage.

  • Kargaroc

    Give us URA Zelda, not this.
    The REAL URA Zelda, not Master Quest.

  • Jessica

    So I stumbled upon this AMAZING picture and I feel a SEVERE urge to share it but I dont know where to put it or who would be given credit so I thought Id drop a link in here. Seriously go look at it; you will not be disappointed. It is beautiful. http://steam-punk.net/zelda_25th_anniversary.jpg

    • Sarianae

      Your a bit late with this I'm afraid. It was posted back in February on Zelda's 25th anniversary and made speedy rounds around the internet the same day.

      Still, it's spectacular no matter how many times you see it! ^^
      The artist by the way is AG+ on [Pixiv] a japanese fanart site.

    • Hydra

      That was actually posted as news a while ago. But yeah, that is a pretty cool image.

    • prada

      OMG that is awesome..although i wish they would of made link/ the other characters more attractive… 😀

  • Looks great!! 😀 Can't wait to pick it up!

  • Adam

    Is Master Quest coming with Ocarina of Time or only when you pre-order it?

    • It's built into the game. After you beat the original mode you unlock master quest.

    • bark

      Are you idiot?

  • I love seeing all these new screenshots. I don't care if much has changed, it will be fun to at least play it through again in a new light. I'm excited! ^^

  • TrustMe101

    Last one – SPARKLY!! :D. If I ever get the chance to play this, I'll probably stay in the fairy fountain longer than necessary because I'll just want to look at all the pretty colors… Looks amazing!

  • Gah, how many versions of OoT will I get? I already have the original on my Wii. I guess if I owned a 3DS this would do great.

    • Casual Vader

      I know, right? I have the original N64 version, the Wind Waker preview disc with Master Quest, the Nintendo Power Collector's Edition disc, and the Virtual Console version. Each played through at least once or twice.

  • veeronic

    love the fairy's fountain.

  • I hope they do this to Skyward Sword also. Right before the release they release tons of screenshots but I hope they don't give too much of the story away.

  • is it just me or is the triforce much less shiny? lol

  • charliechip95

    Everything looks awesome except Phantom Ganon, which is too bright. Nonetheless, really exciting stuff, can't wait 😀

  • AXBHikaru

    I don't like Sheik's character model, looks exactly the same as the original version.

  • FilipeJMonteiro

    Good Lord, that's beautiful.

  • seba

    i hate how the x,y,b,a buttons look in the musical chart!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    OOT 3DS is by far the best looking Zelda game ever graphically

    • prada

      twilight princess… cough cough